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Booker T [Note By Note (orange vinyl)]

Please note new street date: August 14. Orange vinyl pressing of this late 2019 release. In an emotional musical journey, Booker T explores new takes on the songs that make up the fabric of his musical identity. Largely mirroring the chapter titles from his forthcoming memoir "Time Is Tight", "Note By Note" serves as a musical companion. Stax staples like "Cause I Love You" and "These Arms Of Mine" are woven into defining musical moments from Booker's journey after Stax, when he produced and recorded with artists as diverse as Willie Nelson and Carlos Santana. Booker T & The MG's fans will enjoy a new ending to the song "Time Is Tight", a Romanesque coda that has been played live yet never recorded. The album culminates with new original music, highlighting the soaring guitar and vocals of Booker's son and collaborator Teddy Jones. Booker T is a 4 time Grammy Award winner (including the Lifetime Achievement Award), Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, and arguably the most famous Hammond B3 player in history.
Bright Eyes [Down In The Weeds, Where The World Once Was (2LP)]

August 21 street date. Sometimes it feels like you hear a Bright Eyes song with your whole body. From Conor Oberst's early recordings in an Omaha basement in 1995 all the way up to 2020, Bright Eyes' music tries to unravel the impossible tangles of dissent: personal and political, external and internal. It's a study of the beauty in unsteadiness in all its forms - in a voice, beliefs, love, identity, and what fills up the spaces in-between. And in so many ways, it's just about searching for a way through. 2020 is full of significant anniversaries for Bright Eyes. "Fevers And Mirrors" was released 20 years ago this May, while "Digital Ash in a Digital Urn" and "I'm Wide Awake It's Morning" both turned 15 in January. And while 2020 is a year of milestones for the band, it's also the year Bright Eyes returns, newly signed to Dead Oceans. Amidst the current overwhelming uncertainty and upheaval of global and personal worlds, Bright Eyes reunited under the moniker as both an escape from, and a confrontation of, trying times. Getting the band back together felt right, and necessary, and the friendship at the core of the band has been a longtime pillar of Bright Eyes' output. For Bright Eyes, this long-awaited re-emergence feels like coming home.
Burke, Solomon [The King Of Rock 'N' Soul (3CD): The Atlantic Recordings (1962-1968)]

August 28 street date. This 3 CD SoulMusic Records' set celebrates the recordings that Solomon Burke made for the legendary Atlantic Records label between 1960 and 1968. Solomon is generally acknowledged as one of the greatest soul singers to emerge during the genre's golden days. He signed to Atlantic before "soul music" became a bona fide sub-genre of African-American music and it was Solomon who helped define this new movement and he was, in fact, one of the first artists to use "soul" to describe his music. He would eventually be known the world over as ‘The King of Rock and Soul’. His Atlantic recordings are presented in chronological order of recording across the three discs and each session is identified by date, location and all the musicians present are identified (where known). This celebratory definitive collection includes the content of all six of the LPs released during Solomon's tenure with Atlantic plus all non-album tracks for a total of 79 soulful cuts.
C418 [Minecraft Volume Beta (2LP-black vinyl/standard cover)]

August 14 street date. As C418, composer and producer Daniel Rosenfeld designs sounds to resonate in both physical and pixelated realms. Best known for his original soundtracks to "Minecraft", the single best-selling video game of all time, he's developed a discography of instrumental music over the last decade that traverses electronic pop patterns, neo-classical dreamscapes, and sparse ambient motifs. The latter element has broken from the "8-bit" pigeonholing of game music and earned him accolades that reference artists like Erik Satie (The Guardian) and Brian Eno (VICE). Now, following several restocks of "Alpha" to fervent fan response, it is time for the soundtrack's second installment to shine. For the legion of listeners and players to, at long last, have "Minecraft Volume Beta" in tangible formats. The double LP arrives in May 2020 on standard black and fire splatter colored vinyl, available in regular sleeves as well an exclusive limited-edition jacket with a lenticular cover which gives depth and movement to its 3D-rendered image.
Carcass [Necroticism - Descanting The Insalubrious]

August 7 street date. Available again! Liverpool's legendary Death Metal pioneers Carcass (who still tour extensively to this day) are often credited with shaping the entire death metal genre, pushing boundaries with their shocking imagery whilst evolving and innovating with each new album. "Necroticism - Descanting The Insalubrious" is Carcass' third studio album and the first featuring guitarist Michael Amott. The album was well received by press and fans upon its original release in 1991 and was ranked in Rock Hard magazine's Top Rock/Metal Albums of all time.
Caribou [Never Come Back (Four Tet/MorganGeist remixes)]

August 7 street date. Hot on the heels of Caribou's celebrated album "Suddenly", this limited-edition 12-inch features remixes of album track "Never Come Back" by Four Tet and Morgan Geist. This is what it sounds like when the universe spontaneously synchronizes: the Four Tet remix of Caribou's single "Never Come Back". Kieran Hebden took the track and warped and bent it into a playfully hypnotic late-night earworm that lures you in with its repetitive claps, snares, and synths. Morgan Geist is one of the architects of modern electronic dance music and electronic pop as we know it today. His rework of "Never Come Back" pays tribute to the early 90s transatlantic house phenomenon that stretched from New York to London. Black vinyl in a white dustsleeve housed in a heavyweight cardstock jacket. Does not include a download coupon.
Chesley, Alison/Steve Albini/Tim Midyett [Music from Girl On The Third Floor (2LP)]

Please note new street date: August 14. Music from the film "Girl On The Third Floor"; "creepy instrumental music" as described by co-creator Steve Albini. When director Travis Stevens called about composing music for his new horror film, Steve Albini (Shellac) found himself with a new creative challenge. After meeting with Stevens and Greg Newman from Queensbury Pictures, Steve signed on and recruited Tim Midyett (Mint Mile, Silkworm) and Alison Chesley (Helen Money) to complete the ensemble that would compose and record the soundtrack. Upon completion of the soundtrack, Albini reflected, "Tim and Alison are a joy to work with, very open-minded and eager, and master musicians. Just great. That whole part of it, writing and playing with them, was fucking fantastic and effortless, and I wish I could do it all the time".
Donelly, Tanya & The Parkington Sisters [Tanya Donelly And The Parkington Sisters]

August 14 street date. Tanya Donelly and the Parkington Sisters cover some of Tanya's favorite songs by The Go Go's, Leonard Cohen, Kirsty MacColl, Split Enz, Linda Ronstadt, The Pretenders, Wings, Echo & The Bunnymen, and Mary Margaret O'Hara on this outstanding new album. "When Joe from American Laundromat asked if I'd be interested in doing a covers album, I was hesitant, mainly because most of the songs I truly love are already perfect in their original form. But then I had the idea to ask the brilliant Parkington Sisters to be the band for this project, to bring their gorgeous sound and spirit, and make it something cohesive and centered. Happily, they said Yes. So I chose a handful of songs that have been on heavy rotation in my head and heart from the first time I heard them, and the Sisters took over".
Elevator [August Extra (2LP/colour)]

August 28 street date. Blue Fog Recordings offers a newly remastered version of the final album by Moncton's heavy true psychedelic gem known as Elevator. Originally released as a single LP in 2004, this new version comes with second full album of unreleased tracks from the original sessions! Pressed on fancy coloured vinyl with a nice gatefold jacket and inner sleeves containing lots of additional artwork. Elevator started as a side outlet for Eric's Trip songwriter/singer/guitarist Rick White when he released the first Elevator To Hell LP with Sub Pop in 1995. Soon becoming a full band, they released more albums with Sub Pop and others before creating Blue Fog Recordings for two final albums in 2002 and 2004. The original and only vinyl pressing of "August" remains very rare and sought after, so it's a pleasure for Blue Fog to have created this special new package for fans.
Guided By Voices [Mirrored Aztec]

August 21 street date. When we last heard from Guided By Voices, they had released an astonishing four albums in just over 12 months. Now here is a sunny summer reprieve, a relentless barrage of hooks - "Mirrored Aztec: is the latest stop on this runaway train. Like its immediate predecessors, "Mirrored Aztec" is both its own entity and unmistakably GBV. It's also their most immediately welcoming and inviting offering in years - there's nothing a fan of The Who, Big Star, or Wire wouldn't love. It also contains some unprecedented GBV moments, too, like "Math Rock", an apparent tribute to the titular subgenre featuring classroom instruments and a children's choir. If Robert Pollard's discography - 107 albums and counting - seems intimidating, do not fear! With a brand-new, high-quality, all-the-waythere album every several months, it's abundantly clear that no band's fanbase has more fun.
Lanza, Jessy [All the Time]

July 31 street date. ‘All The Time’, Jessy Lanza's first album since 2016's ‘Oh No’, is the most pure set of pop songs that she and creative partner Jeremy Greenspan have recorded, reflective and finessed over time and distance. Innovative juxtapositions sound natural, like rigid 808s rubbing against delicate chords in ‘Anyone Around’, subtle footwork flutter giving a nervous energy to ‘Face’, unusual underwater rushes underpinning ‘Baby Love’. The songs also sound more "live" than ever before. Jessy's voice is treated, re-pitched and edited on songs like ‘Ice Creamy’ and gestural sounds seem to respond to her lyrics in songs such as ‘Like Fire’, which reward the listener on repeated plays. More than previous albums, the lyrics on ‘All The Time’ became an important focus for Jessy too, channelling the negativity of anger and frustration arising from some significant changes in her personal situation into the text. These lyrics sometimes process raw feelings, which aren't obvious to begin with, but are soon felt, standing in stark contrast to the cushioned settings of the music. ‘All The Time’ has ended as a triumph and an abstracted diary of a sometimes difficult, but enduring friendship and creative relationship, and it's their best work yet.
Lemon Twigs [Songs For the General Public (indie shop/red vinyl)]

Please note new street date: August 21. The D’Addario brothers will return this Spring with their third Lemon Twigs album, Songs For The General Public written, recorded and produced by the D’Addarios at their Long Island home studio, Sonora Studios in Los Angeles and New York City’s Electric Lady. The 12-track album will be released on 1 May digitally and on CD, limited translucent red vinyl and standard black vinyl. The prodigiously-talented duo first emerged as The Lemon Twigs in 2016 with their debut LP Do Hollywood, whose show stopping melodies mined from every era of rock quickly earned fans in Elton John, Questlove, and Jack Antonoff. Go To School, the ambitious 15-track coming-of-age opus, followed in 2018 and solidified the band’s reputation for building grand walls of sound around an audacious concept. The Lemon Twigs will tour North America around the release of Songs For The General Public including shows in Toronto (May 12th), Montreal (May 13th) and Vancouver (June 12th)
Marling, Laura [Song For Our Daughter]

August 7 street date. Laura Marling's exquisite seventh album 'Song For Our Daughter' arrives almost without pre-amble or warning in the midst of uncharted global chaos, and yet instantly and tenderly offers a sense of purpose, clarity and calm. As a balm for the soul, this full-blooded new collection could be posited as Laura's richest to date, but in truth it's another incredibly fine record by a British artist who rarely strays from delivering incredibly fine records. Taking much of the production reins herself, alongside long-time collaborators Ethan Johns and Dom Monks, Laura has layered up lush string arrangements and a broad sense of scale to these songs without losing any of the intimacy or reverence we've come to anticipate and almost take for granted from her throughout the past decade.
McEntire, H.C. [Eno Axis (Peak Vinyl indie shop version/colour)]

August 21 street date. Narratively, H.C. McEntire's "Eno Axis" is about finding direction in the natural world, and following love. Sonically, it's an album shaped enormously by the atmosphere it was recorded in - the crew's synergy and positivity, the proximity and presence of a band in a room playing with intention. Structurally, it's a group of songs inspired by the colours and tones of open tunings, by the sacrality of space and instinct. Stylistically, it's folk-rock leaning into its curious experimental side and moved by the spiritual rawness of classic soul and the simplicity of earnest pop. "Eno Axis" feels like a confident and mature step forward from her debut album "LIONHEART" - in tone, arrangement, production, and spirit.
Molina, Jason [Eight Gates]

August 7 street date. Sometime in 2006 or 2007, Jason Molina moved from the midwest to London. Separated from his bandmates and friends and never one for idleness, Molina explored his new home with fervor. His adoration of The Great American Tall Tales like John Henry and Paul Bunyan's blue ox Babe stretched across the Atlantic, where he created his own personal Tall Tales. And when he learned of the London Wall's seven gates (itself a misconception), Molina went ahead and called it eight, carving out a gate just for himself. The eighth gate was Molina's way into London, a gate only passable in the mind. Fast forward to 2008, Molina set off on an experimental solo tour through Europe. While in Northern Italy, Molina claimed to have been bitten by a rare, poisonous spider. A debilitating bout of illness ensued. Molina also claimed that during this time, he fed several bright green parrots that would gather in his yard. Only once Molina was officially on the mend and re-exploring the streets of London would he learn that those parrots had their own fabled tale. "Eight Gates" is the last collection of solo studio recordings Molina made before he passed from complications related to alcoholism in 2013. Recorded in London around the time of the supposed spider bite, some of the songs are fully-realized - dark, moody textures that call to mind his earlier work on "The Lioness".
NOFX/Frank Turner [West Coast Vs. Wessex]

Please note new street date: August 14. How often does the leader of one of your favorite bands ask you to do a split album? Where his band covers your songs? Singer-songwriter Frank Turner found himself in that situation last year, when Fat Mike of NOFX asked if he wanted to do a split covers album. "West Coast vs. Wessex" shows NOFX filtering five of Frank Turner's songs through their singular sensibility, with Turner doing the same on five NOFX songs. But these aren’t simply double-time versions of Turner's folk-punk tunes or slow, acoustic reworkings of NOFX's iconic SoCal punk anthems. Both NOFX and Frank Turner took time to play with the possibilities each other's music presented. They also put a lot of thought into the songs they chose to cover. Both groups really wanted to songs that presented an opportunity to create something unique, and bring something to the song that really made it their own. The Frank Turner-Fat Mike Mutual Admiration Society has produced 10 hooky reimaginings of each other's music. The novelty may pique listeners' curiosity, but the songs will keep them coming back.
Olsen, Angel [Whole New Mess]

August 28 street date. The time had come, Angel Olsen realized in the fading summer of 2018, to take her new songs out of the house. Olsen's 2016 marvel, "My Woman", had been a career breakthrough, but it catalyzed a period of personal tumult, too: a painful breakup, an uneasy recovery, an inadequate reckoning. At home in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains, Olsen penned songs that finally grappled with these troubles, particularly love - how forever is too much to promise, how relationships can lock us into static versions of ourselves, how you can go through hell just to make someone else happy. These heartsore explorations shape "Whole New Mess", an emotional portrait so intimate and vulnerable you can hear her find meaning in these crises in real-time. At least nine of the eleven songs on "Whole New Mess" should sound familiar to anyone who has heard "All Mirrors", Olsen's grand 2019 masterpiece that earned high honors on prestigious year-end lists and glossy spreads in stylish magazines. They are all here, at least in some skeletal form and with slightly different titles. But these are not the demos for "All Mirrors". Instead, "Whole New Mess" is its own record with its own immovable mood, with Olsen working through her open wounds and raw nerves with just a few guitars and some microphones, isolated in a century-old church in the Pacific Northwest.
Owens, Kelly Lee [Inner Song (2LP)]

Please note new street date: August 28. Opening with a winding take of Radiohead's "Arpeggi", Kelly Lee Owens' masterful second album "Inner Song" finds the convention-blurring techno producer and singer/songwriter diving deep into her own psyche, excoriating the struggles she's faced over the last several years and exploring personal pain while embracing the beauty of the natural world. It's a leap in artistry from a musician who burst forth on the scene with a confident, rich sound, and "Inner Song" is endlessly enticing when it comes to what Owens is capable of. Owens has indeed come a long way from her background as a nurse; since then she has remixed Bjørk and St. Vincent, released an indelibly clubby two-tracker, 2019's "Let It Go" b/w "Omen", and teamed up with likeminded auteur Jon Hopkins on the one-off "Luminous Spaces".
Pale Saints [2020RSD - Mrs. Dolphin (green marble vinyl)]

Please note new street date: August 29 - RECORD STORE DAY DROP. * Record Store Day 2020 will see 4AD press the Pale Saints singles compilation Mrs. Dolphin on vinyl for the very first time. Previously only available on CD in Japan and released in 1991, Mrs. Dolphin rounds up the tracks from both early 4AD Eps Barging Into The Presence Of God and Half- Life, plus another that featured on the 1990 Melody Maker compilation Gigantic! 2 and ‘The Colour Of The Sky’, a track exclusive to this release that has, until now, been unavailable on vinyl. Coming hot on the heels of the 30th Anniversary deluxe edition of their debut album, The Comforts of Madness, the sleeve for Mrs. Dolphin has been reconfigured by Timothy O’Donnell with collaborator Roy Burns III, who have based their new design on the original CD art whilst also incorporating new photography by Dominic Davies. Pressed on 140g green marbled vinyl, this new edition pays further homage to its roots as it has an obi strip for the tracklisting and will come housed in a Japanese-style mylar bag. This release is exclusive to independent record stores via Record Store Day Drop on August 29.
Pixies [Bossanova (30th Anniversary/Red vinyl)]

August 7 street date. 2020 marks the 30th Anniversary of "Bossanova", the third studio album by Pixies. To celebrate, 4AD are releasing a limited red vinyl edition with the original 16-page booklet being reinserted, having previously only been available with the initial UK LP pressing. Featuring the singles ‘Allison’ (a tribute to jazz and blues pianist Mose Allison), ‘Dig For Fire’ and ‘Velouria’, plus the first cover to feature on one of their albums ‘Cecilia Ann’ (originally by The Surftones), "Bossanova" showed a less primal side to the band, with surf and space rock rising to the fore. Lyrically, Black Francis is even more cryptic with a recurring sci-fi theme running throughout, which in turn influenced Vaughan Oliver's classic planet design for the sleeve.
Rosenstock, Jeff [NO DREAM]

August 21 street date. "NO DREAM" is the fourth full-length from Jeff Rosenstock. It comes at a time of unparalleled chaos and confusion, division and despair, the depths of which would have been impossible to predict when much of it was being written over the course of the last few years. And yet the record feels prescient, unexpectedly and uniquely suited for this moment. After building a devoted cult following with the acerbic ska-punk of the Arrogant Sons of Bitches, the DIY heroics of Bomb The Music Industry!, and three increasingly celebrated solo albums, "NO DREAM" arrives with an entirely new set of expectations in an entirely new era. Jeff's previous album, "POST-" debuted at #54 on Billboard's Top 200 chart. Vinyl edition is on seafoam coloured vinyl and includes a download card.
Spoon [Kill the Moonlight]

August 14 street date.  Spoon have confirmed their celebrated back catalog will be returning fully to print and become widely available worldwide for the first time on vinyl and CD in 2020 on Matador Records. The Slay On Cue series will see the reissue of the band's early records in original editions, encompassing classic albums Telephono (1996), Soft Effects EP (1996), A Series Of Sneaks (1998), Girls Can Tell (2001), Kill The Moonlight (2002) and Transference (2010). "Some of these albums haven't been available on vinyl or CD in years, and in some places they never actually came out", says frontman Britt Daniel.
Whitney [Candid]

August 14 street date. Following their acclaimed sophomore album "Forever Turned Around", Whitney have returned with "Candid", a 10-song collection boasting covers of artists like Kelela, David Byrne, John Denver, Labi Siffre, and more. Covers have always been an integral part of the band's ethos, with renditions of classics by Allen Toussaint, Dolly Parton, and Neil Young a highlight of their setlists for half of a decade. But for "Candid", Whitney decided to challenge themselves finding their favourite songs that also fell outside of musical comfort zone. Marking the first time the full touring band was in a recording studio together, they hashed out these covers after a tour over sessions in Chicago and Portland.

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