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A Giant Dog [Pile]

May 6 street date. Forging their friendships in the crucible of their Houston, TX, high school, Sabrina Ellis (vocals), Andrew Cashen (vocals, guitar), and Orville Neeley (drums) first got their start covering AC/DC, The Ramones, Joan Jett, and the finer points of the Back to the Future soundtrack at school dances under the band name Youth In Asia. Reuniting in Austin in 2008, they enlisted their pals Andy Bauer (guitar) and Graham Low (bass) and christened the act A Giant Dog (AGD). AGD is raucous ear candy culled from the hook-driven melodies of Slade, the glammy swagger of Marc Bolan, the morbid fantasy of Killer-era Alice Cooper, and the unpredictable wit of Sparks. These songs are by, for, and about the losers, freaks, and outcasts. The lonely. The terminally horny. Boozehounds and party animals. No band better speaks to the hearts of slackers, burnouts, rockers, sluts, and creeps everywhere than A Giant Dog. Pile, AGD’s third LP and first for Merge Records, shows a band whose years of road-dogging have honed them into unstoppable rock machines. Their second time working with producer Mike McCarthy (Spoon, White Denim, Trail of Dead) reveals Sabrina’s impressive pipes, Andrew’s sweet licks, and a pummeling rhythm section—everything is tighter, more focused, crisper. The album deals with divorce, getting older, dying, frustration, and futility, ultimately transcending those earthly headaches through the power of rock ’n’roll.
Architects [All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us]

May 27 street date. ARCHITECTS are a band who’ve never shied away from challenging the world around them. Long lauded as some of modern metal’s most progressive-thinking minds, for the past decade, the quintet have pushed boundaries, redefined genres, and never feared having to question themselves in order for their art to leave its mark on this Earth. ARCHITECTS, are a band like few others; The quintet all practice a vegan lifestyle, tour with a consciousness about their footprint on the world, and devote time and energies to environmental causes. Their 7th studio album, All Out Gods Have Abandoned Us is the heaviest and darkest work to which the band have ever put their name, both on and below its surface. “To me, All Our Gods… is about getting to the root of the dysfunctions and disillusionment that cause all of this mess, be it personal or political or environmental,” says ARCHITECTS guitarist and principle songwriter, Tom Searle. ARCHITECTS lineup also includes Tom’s twin brother Dan on drums, Sam Carter on lead vocals, guitarist Adam Christianson and Ali Dean on bass. For the follow-up to their 2014 album Lost Forever/Lost Together, ARCHITECTS returned to Gothenburg’s Studio Fredman and the production team of Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd and it was they who would once again be entrusted to help translate the tracks penned by Tom Searle into a reality. (LP includes Download)
Clientele [Strange Geometry (download includes 6 bonus tracks)]

May 6 street date. 2005’s Strange Geometry is the first Clientele album to be recorded in a fully equipped, professional studio with an established engineer/ producer. The album features twelve dreamy folk-pop songs with shimmering psych guitars and string arrangements by Louis Phillippe. The Strange Geometry vinyl repress includes a full album download, plus a six-track digital-only bonus download of songs previously unreleased. Of the six bonus tracks, Alasdair MacClean wrote: These tracks are outtakes from the July 2005 Strange Geometry sessions at Bark Studios in London. “Breathe In Now” is one of my favourite Clientele songs. I wanted it to have a baroque string arrangement but there was no time to put one together, so it was dropped. “Spanish Night” was written in Valencia. It was too hot to sleep at night, so I ended up staying up at night and sleeping all day, when, as it turned out, it was too hot to sleep. “Since We Last Spoke” was abandoned halfway through for reasons now unclear, though I still like the lyrical image of Nero appearing in a crowd. Apparently, Emperor Nero mixed among crowds in disguise, listening to other people’s conversations. “One Hundred Leaves” was a fan favourite and used to be a staple of our live shows, but we couldn’t quite get the live feel down on tape at Bark. “When I Came Through” is a fragment, forgotten until now, a dream of walking home from the railway station to the garden.
Dayglo Abortions [Armageddon Survival Guide (Gatefold/Poster)]

April 8 street date (date change). First new album in 13 years!! DELUXE glossy UV coated gatefold jacket, poly-lined black paper inner sleeve, 61cm x 61cm full colour poster. Cover artwork painted on canvas by Chany Pilote of INEPSY notoriety. Produced by Juno Award winning sound engineer Rob Shallcross at Armoury Studio in Vancouver, Canada. The Dayglo Abortions ninth full-length album, Armageddon Survival Guide, proves that Cretin still has what it takes to write legendary punk songs with the same energy that he harnessed when writing their first album released in 1981. This new album combines their unique blend of catchy punk rock, comical humor and pissed off political rhetoric, with lyrical content that challenges and disputes the verities of modern life. Canada’s bad guys are back with their first new record since 2003. Since the departure of their original drummer, The Cretin (guitarist, lead vocals, song writer) is the one original member. Nonetheless, they remain the same as in the old days; fast, humorous, sarcastic & nihilistic, mixing fast HC punk with touch of metal and ugly rock ‘n’ roll. This new Dayglo Abortions record definitely goes back to their roots with song writing and sound both favouring the punk side of the spectrum. Classic Dayglo Abortions style here goes hand in hand with feelings that are not so far from bands like Antiseen, and their anti-social nihilism attitude. In general, Armageddon Survival Guide is their best material since the classic DGA records from the 80’s. (Watch for them on Tour 2016 !!)
Death From Above 1979 [Live At Third Man Records]

April 29 street date. Recorded live-to-acetate in September of 2015 !! Today, Third Man Records announces the release of Death From Above 1979's epic live EP. For over 10 years, these international men of mystery, Jesse Keeler and Sebastien Grainger, have dipped their toes into whatever waters they pleased (MSTRKRFT, Deserts/Bad Tits, Femme Fatale, The Mountains, Black Cat No.13), and created songs that'll get you off your ass and make you feel things. A decade after a sudden break up, following the release of their rich and gritty first record You're A Woman, I'm a Machine, tours with Nine Inch Nails and Queens Of The Stone Age, and one foot in the door of the mainstream, Death From Above 1979 reunited and released their second LP The Physical World last fall. The duo picked right up where they left off and hit the road last summer. Amidst their resurgence, DFA 1979 decided to dip their toes in the water of Third Man Record's Blue Room. The room which is home to the 1953 Scully Lathe that previously cut James Brown singles at King Records, and where they decided to record the epic live performance to master and be reproduced for generations to enjoy. United Record Pressing has completed the pressing of these records and they are officially ready for release. ''We've always been wary of live recording experiences because they can end up so sterile and flat sounding and they hardly ever translate the feeling of the actual show. The feeling of the moment,'' DFA 1979 said of the experience. ''When we were asked to record Live At Third Man Records we agreed without hesitation. If there is one person who knows about feeling the moment, it's Jack White. He's the patron saint of vibes. We cut two twenty minute long sets straight to acetate. No second chances. Terrifying but alive.''
Greys [Outer Heaven]

April 22 street date. Outer Heaven is a massive leap forward for Toronto post-punks Greys. Delivering on the promises made on 2015’s Repulsion EP, the band tempers their trademark onslaught of discordance with new textures and subtle dynamics, building a more spacious and melody-driven environment atop their noise rock foundation. They fearlessly explore every extreme, simultaneously delivering their most intense and accessible moments, often within the same song.
Guided By Voices [Please Be Honest]

April 22 street date. Robert Pollard wrote and recorded and played all the instruments on Please Be Honest, and when he finished, it felt to him like a Guided By Voices record. He’s not wrong. The songs are compact and tuneful, the playing expertly slack, the production raw and unpolished: sounds pretty much like every review of Bee Thousand. A better cognate, however, might be Vampire on Titus, Pollard’s 1993 pre-Bee Thousand (somewhat overlooked) lo-fi tour de force. On that record, Pollard similarly played every instrument—though his drumming skills then were so rudimentary that he had to record the bass drum and the snare parts separately, which is no longer the case—and as with everything he does, it’s about the songs, man. Of which Please Be Honest has no shortage, fifteen of them clocking in at just over 33 minutes. The point being there’s precedent for a GBV record where Pollard plays everything, and maybe more importantly there’s a reason for that precedent. Robert Pollard is Guided By Voices. This has never not been true, certainly, and is now more true than ever. He delights in confounding expectations, and you have to at least suspect that after over 20 years of making records under any number of pseudonyms, of which Guided By Voices is just one, and maybe not even his favorite one, he chafes at the notion that there exists some Platonic ideal of “Guided By Voices” that isn’t just Bob writing and recording the songs with whatever musicians he wants to use. Guided By Voices’ new live line-up reflects not just a possibly subconscious desire to prove that unalterable fact, but fits with Pollard’s unchanging changeability. He does what he wants. He is who he is.
Hagerty, Neil Michael & Howling Hex [Denver]

April 15 street date. The Howling Hex have spent over a decade tilting at the windmill of the New Border Sound, a new-model rock and roll hybrid that imagines that the beats south of the Rio Grande were just as important to the essence of rock as the southeastern variant of the blues had been instead. It's just an idea you have when you live the western states and the polka bounce blares from every neighboring car and house. It's 21st-century thinking, but instead of just churning forth with another collection, Neil has stepped forth from his collective to grip tightly on the guitar neck, dialing up to 11 and covering the proceedings with layers of his classical bombast.
King Creosote & Michael Johnston [The Bound Of the Red Deer]

May 27 street date. Mercury-Prize Nominee King Creosote and Skydiggers’ Michael Johnston have forged a unique musical partnership. “The Bound Of The Red Deer," their ten-song collaborative debut, is informed by ten years of change, friendship, travel and long-distance correspondence. Recorded in Toronto by Chris Stringer (Timber Timbre), “The Bound Of The Red Deer” is a collection of heartfelt songs anchored by acoustic guitar, piano, ambient textures and an endearing vocal blend of Scots/Canadian accents. King Creosote (Kenny Anderson) and Michael met in 2006 at a songwriter's retreat in Scotland. They hit it off quickly, and wrote two songs in as many hours. Along with six of the other musicians at the retreat, they formed a band called The Burns Unit. The Burns Unit released one album, named #2 folk album of the year by MOJO magazine, and performed on the Jools Holland show. After the band amicably split in 2012, Kenny and Michael set to completing songs that would become “The Bound Of The Red Deer." Included on the album the earliest songs they wrote together, alongside collaborations with Karine Polwart and Emma Pollock (of the Delgados), and musical contributions from Texas musician Gurf Morlix (Lucinda Williams). In May and June 2016, King Creosote and Michael Johnston will perform their first duo shows in over four years to celebrate the long-awaited release of “The Bound Of The Red Deer." “I love the deep humour and harmony, the pathos and the charm. These songs stand out like beams of light on a misty dark night..." – Chris Difford, Squeeze -About King Creosote- Based in the small fishing village of Crail (Fife) in Scotland, King Creosote is one of the UK's most powerful and influential voices of the 21st century. King Creosote's 2011 recording, "Diamond Mine" (recorded with Jon Hopkins) was nominated for the 2011 Mercury Prize, the UK's most prestigious music prize. King Creosote has attracted celebrity fans including Coldplay, Elton John (who once bought six copies of his new album to give out to friends) and author Ian Rankin. His 2014 album, "From Scotland With Love," was the soundtrack to a feature documentary film of the same name, and reached #21 on the UK charts. -About Michael Johnston- Based in Toronto, Ontario, Michael Johnston is one of Canada's best loved musicians: an enthusiastic collaborator, gifted performer and dedicated teacher. Michael has appeared on over 45 recordings as a keyboardist, vocalist, songwriter and/or producer. He has toured, written and recorded with Juno-winning group the Skydiggers since 2006, and has worked with a who's who of the Canadian scene including Joel Plaskett, Serena Ryder, Ron Sexsmith and Jim Cuddy.
Le Bon, Cate [Crab Day]

April 15 street date. Crab Day is the lastest model of Cate Le Bon's sharp-cornered, high-wire pop sound. Definitely picking up where side one of Mug Museum left off, Cate and producer Noah Georgeson have driven to somewhere more refined where the textures of her guitar work align with the fine-lined arrangements of the material - spare, yet blooming, and with a fat, time-freezing thump woven in. “Crab Day was lovingly formed in the mouth of the Pacific Ocean, as it quietly mocked us with its magnitude. It’s the sound of the ‘accidentally on purpose’ coming together of the right people at precisely the right time in an environment that furnished and fueled the abandonment we felt effortlessly. It’s a coalition of inescapable feelings and fabricated nonsense, each propping the other up. Crab Day is an old holiday. Crab Day is a new holiday. Crab Day isn’t a holiday at all.” — Cate Le Bon
Lyrics Born [Greatest Hits (2LP) : Now Look What You've Done, Lyrics Born]

April 15 street date. 2LP gatefold on clear red vinyl. Tom Shimura was one of a star-crossed group of freshmen who arrived at the University of California, Davis in the fall of 1990, soon after joining forces with the artists who would come to be known as DJ Shadow, Chief Xcel and the Gift of Gab (Blackalicious) and Lateef the Truth Speaker. Hip-hop was the new Bay Area counterculture. It was the sound of the future, and Lyrics Born was already living in that future. After his first record, “Send Them”, he took to the stage like he had been born to be there. With his first solo album, “Later That Day…”, LB captured the perfect balance between his avantgardist concern for exploration and his populist desire to rock the crowd. It became one of the biggest indie records of the era, and he found himself rocking sold-out houses around the globe, including a hat trick of Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, and Coachella all in a single year. What followed was a career spanning 8 full-length albums, 7 mixtapes and guest appearances with hundreds of artists as well as production duties for bands like Poets of Rhythm and Galactic. It only makes sense that nearly 30 years later LB comes full circle with a compendium of his best material showcasing a body of work that reflects a career of hit songs and classic jams.
Mean Jeans [Tight New Demension]

April 22 street date / May 20 for LP (date change). Since forming in 2006, Mean Jeans have become one of the better-known bands of the Pacific Northwest punk scene for their chaotic but relentless attack, raucous live shows, and fierce commitment to the art of partying. With two full-lengths under their belt on Dirtnap Records, and a slew of 7"s; Fat finally landed these party animals for their much anticipated third album. Tight New Dimension furthers the band’s absurdist party-punk agenda. The music is tight, Ramones-influenced pop-punk with garage-rock attitude. The song titles are gloriously literal, positing such deep thoughts as "Michael Jackson Was Tight" (about the King Of Pop), "4 Coors Meal" (sure to be the new liquid diet craze) and "Are There Beers In Heaven?" (an existential question everyone will likely face at some point in their lives). When it comes to lyrics, Mean Jeans is happy to keep it simple.
Orton, Beth [Kidsticks]

May 27 street date. BETH ORTON has been one of the most unique and beguiling voices in music for the past two decades. Her “folktronica” sound, mixing elements of folk and electronica, has re-emerged as she began experimenting with a series of electronic loops that would eventually come together in this career- redefining new album, Kidsticks. Co-produced by Beth and Andrew Hung (Fuck Buttons), Kidsticks reframes Beth’s unmistakable voice inside ten pure, audacious, playful and kinetic songs. A resolutely focused album, it represents a rare chance to hear an established artist get plugged in and completely rework the songwriting process with wide-eyed, open-minded glee. Kidsticks is the follow up to Sugaring Season (2012), described by Pitchfork as “ten songs of sweet resilience delivered by a voice of seemingly effortless expression”.
Prism Tats [Prism Tats]

April 15 street date. Prism Tats front man Garett van der Spek knew from an early age that rock and roll was not only his calling but his window - and rocket ship - to the outside world. While proud of his South African origins, it was through his parents record collection that he was spoon fed western rock ‘n roll, pop and R’nB, and it left it’s mark. Although Prism Tats began as a one-man band with a drum machine keeping beat for van der Spek’s quite modestly self-described "yelping and noodling", it has quickly gained momentum: after enlisting a live drummer, local performances at the Bootleg, the Echo and the Growlers 3rd annual Beach Goth Party have begun to turn Angelenos’ heads. Some of the songs recalls the ghostly throwback groove-stomp and fuzzy warmth of bands like The Jesus & Mary Chain and The Raveonettes, with Van der Spek flexing his vocal chops in different registers.
Rodier, Roger [Upon Velveatur]

May 6 street date. Canadian folk-rock from Roger Rodier, featuring acoustic guitar, lush orchestral arrangements, and fantastic female backing vocals. Drawing inspiration from British contemporaries such as Al Stewart and Nick Drake as well as a major talent to the south in Crosby, Stills, & Nash, Rodier is a talented crafter of songs, ranging from lilting to eviscerating, and all points in between. Fetching outrageous sums in the online market, this Canadian singer-songwriter rarity is finally back in print on LP.
Saosin [Along the Shadow]

May 20 CD street date / June 17 LP street date. Reunions are a beautiful thing, and for Saosin it’s been a long time coming. After a successful run of reunion concerts in 2010, the band have been working on the idea of recording together and it has finally come to pass. Saosin formed and released their first EP, Translating the Name, in 2003. Anthony Green parted ways with the band after they signed with a major label, and vocalist Cove Reber stepped in as front man. The band went on to release two major label albums without Green, Saosin (Capitol, 2006), and In Search of Solid Ground (Virgin, 2009). Anthony Green has been a part of the band Circa Survive since leaving Saosin. Chris Sorenson, Saosin bassist explains “We have known Brett Gurewitz/Epitaph was interested since our second show in 2003 but the timing wasn’t right. I am stoked to see our almost 13 year courtship come full circle in 2016. We’ve been working on the idea of recording a new Saosin record with Anthony since 2010. It’s great to be back, playing gigs, and writing the music we never had the chance to write from the beginning.” (LP includes Download)
soundtrack [The Terminator (2LP Brad Fiedel score)]

April 22 street date. Nicolas Winding Refn and Milan Records are proud to announce the vinyl release to the soundtrack of James Cameron’s acclaimed 1984 classic, THE TERMINATOR – featuring the timeless score by composer Brad Fiedel. The LP release features two 180 gram pressed red and blue splattered vinyl in a double tip-on jacket coating in a reflective UV wrap. 2000 units available! The Terminator is a cult 80s action movie that needs no introduction. Directed by Oscar-winning maverick James Cameron (Titanic, Avatar), The Terminator stars Arnold Schwarzenegger (Predator, Conan the Barbarian) as the unstoppable Terminator, a ruthless killer sent to the past by machines in the future to kill a young woman (Linda Hamilton) who will one day give birth to humanity’s last hope. Released in 1984, The Terminator was a landmark film that spawned a multi-billion dollar franchise with numerous sequels and spin offs, and cemented Schwarzenegger’s place as a Hollywood action legend. The score to The Terminator, composed by Brad Fiedel (Fright Night, True Lies), is as striking as the title character. Punctuated with erratic electronic jolts and rapid fire drums giving the impression of pursuit or gunfire, Fiedel’s work has been used in each subsequent Terminator film has spent many years out of print. Now available on CD and vinyl, The Terminator has been remixed and remastered from the original tapes and sequenced for the first time as the composer intended. This soundtrack will transport you back in time to the terrifying streets of Los Angeles on one bloodsoaked 80s night.
soundtrack [Deadpool (2LP) Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL score]

April 22 street date.RED AND BLACK STARBURST 180 GRAM VINYL. Deadpool is the smash hit super hero film based on the Marvel character of by the same name. Tom Holkenborg (aka Junkie XL) delivers a robust, pulsing score that is as energetic and reletless as Deadpool himself. It ties in seamlessly with the eclectic mix of songs featured prominintely in the film, including tracks by DMX, Wham!, and Salt-N-Pepa.
White Stripes [Complete Peel Sessions: BBC (2LP/coloured vinyl)]

Please note date change: May 6 street date. 2LP, Red & White Vinyl, download, old-school tip-on gatefold, first-ever official release, limited. Capturing Jack and Meg at the precipice of international renown in the hubbub of ''White Blood Cells'', their two live sessions with famed BBC DJ John Peel are arguably the best document of the White Stripes at that time. Having been widely bootlegged since their initial broadcast in 2001, these recordings are enjoying their first official and authorized release in celebration of their 15 year anniversary. The standard black vinyl version of this release will be available later this year.
Williams, Andre [I Wanna Go Back To Detroit City]

June 3 street date. “An attitude bad enough to redefine that term and a hustler’s life story that Elmore Leonard couldn’t invent.” --JIM DEROGATIS, SOUND OPINIONS - At 79 years old, Andre“Mr Rhythm” Williams has been a singer, writer, producer, star-maker, showman, cult hero and hustler for six decades. He’s been high, and he’s been low. He’s toured the world in snazzy suits and lived on the streets asking for change. For I Wanna Go Back To Detroit City, his fifth album for Bloodshot Records, he wanted to return to his adopted hometown of Detroit - a town that’s seen peaks and valleys just like Andre; from hustle and bustle to bust, from drinking out of crystal to drinking out of brown paper. Here, the living legend is joined by a who’s-who of Detroit’s finest, including Dennis Coffey (Funk Brothers), Matthew Smith (Outrageous Cherry, Rodriguez), Dan Kroha (Gories, Demolition Doll Rods), and Jim White (Dirty Three, Cat Power) for a study in slow burning, slinky, psychedelic soul.
Wire [Nocturnal Koreans]

Please note: new street date is April 29. Having completed a preliminary round of work on their eponymous 2015 album at Rockfield Studios,Wire found themselves with 19 tracks. Among them, there was a critical mass of 11 aesthetically unified songs. In typical Wire fashion, however, the remaining material was something other: it had the sound of a band already moving in a different direction, beyond the album project in which they were engaged at that time. These tracks were the basis for Nocturnal Koreans.
Wyatt, Olivia & Bitchin Bajas [Sailing A Sinking Sea (LP+DVD)]

May 13 street date.  Last year, filmmaker Oliva Wyatt (Sublime Frequencies) invited Bitchin Bajas to add incidental music to the climatic sounds of her feature-length experimental documentary on the nomadic Moken people, Sailing A Sinking Sea. This new album release packages the soundtrack LP with a DVD of the film, thus opening several windows to the eternal questions posed on both formats and providing two distinct pieces of art coming from the same source. The Moken people of Burma and Thailand are a seafaring community and one of the smallest ethnic minority groups in Asia, traditionally spending eight months out of the year in thatch-roofed wooden boats. Wholly reliant upon the sea, their entire belief system revolves around water. Sailing A Sinking Sea weaves a visual and aural tapestry of Moken mythologies and present-day practices. As a viewer you will swim under the sea past fishes and mermaids, sail boats across turquoise waters, land on 13 different islands, step inside sea shanties on stilts, delve into the minds of shamans, become possessed through the worship of sea gods, dance between lovers and emerge drenched in Moken mythology. Bitchin Bajas were tapped to add to the already-existing raft of water sounds and other field recordings captured in the film. They were shown scenes, and with subtle directions from Wyatt, laid down music in the vibe of the environment, making particularly satisfying use of auto-harps in the process. Mark McNeill at Dublab did a mix compiling film sounds and soundtrack pieces that gave the album an aquatic flow, with waves of water, Moken voices and songs and cascades of autoharp, synth, bells and flute lapping up against each other, producing a sense of time passing in its ultimate way — somehow timelessly; today twined with the epic tail of history and the million forgotten days stretching behind. Executive-produced by Will Oldham, Sinking a Sailing Sea was premiered at SXSW in the 2015 Visions Catgory, and it went on to receive its international premiere at Hot Docs.

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