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Bretzer, Travis [Waxing Romantic]

February 24 street date. Waxing Romantic is the debut album from Canadian artist Travis Bretzer. Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, 24-year-old Bretzer has an appropriately singular, off-beat take on guitar pop. On Waxing Romantic, Travis has stepped up the production in a big way, graduating from the bedroom to a full studio environment. Recorded at Gary's Electric in Brooklyn and produced by Jorge Elbrecht (of Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti and Lansing-Dreiden fame) the new environment has allowed for Travis' songs to be taken to new, fully-realized heights. The album also features a solid crew of players, including members of Haunted Graffiti, James Richardson of MGMT and Regal Degal's Josh da Costa, who was key in shaping drum arrangements. As the title indicates, Waxing Romantic is thematically concerned with love. For Travis, the album reads like a storybook of the first couple of years of his current relationship, with each song acting like a totem for different events and moments. For this reason, the album is very personal - it navigates the giddy and elated feelings of falling in love, and the process of looking back and reflecting on it. In keeping with the album's '70s pop mode, the lyrics are kept simple and sweet, but never cloying. LP Includes download. "Catchy as hell; it has the mark of someone who knows his way around a hook" -Stereogum // "Contagious' aptly describes Bretzer’s work. Each song’s instrumentation glows front to back, and never does he close the door on his sensibilities." -Consequence of Sound
Brian Jonestown Massacre [Tepid Peppermint Vol. 2 (2LP/180g)]

February 24 street date. This comes for the first time on 180g vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. Re-mastered for vinyl.This 22 track compilation spans the years 1995 - 2004 featuring key tracks from all their albums as well and live recordings and many unreleased tracks.
Butler, Will [Policy]

March 10 street date. Will Butler has been a member of the band Arcade Fire for over 10 years. This is his first release under his own name. Policy is American music - in the tradition of the Violent Femmes, The Breeders, The Modern Lovers, Bob Dylan, Smokey Robinson, The Magnetic Fields, Ghostface Killah. And John Lennon (I know, but it counts). Music where the holy fool runs afoul of the casual world. Policy was recorded in one week in Jimi Hendrix’s old living room (upstairs at Electric Lady Studios). Jeremy Gara played drums; other musicians contributed woodwinds and backing vocals. Most everything else was played by Will. LP includes a coupon for a full download.
Feature Film [The Door]

March 10 street date. Unemployed and broke, Owen (Sam Kantor) is having a terrible week. It's not until he saves a wealthy Japanese businessman from a couple of thugs that Owen's luck begins to change. He's promised an easy job with very good pay. $500 a night. 5 nights a week. All Owen has to do is wear a uniform, sit in a chair and make sure that an ominous door is never opened. Following an unexpected late night visit, Owen soon finds himself stepping into the darkness, unsure if he will survive the night or escape the fate that waits for him behind The Door. From the director of the Trish Stratus action film "Bounty Hunters". Reviewed in major print and online horror publications. Supported by an annual convention tour that exposes the branding to over 300,000 horror fans across Canada. "Both unexpected and wholly gratifying" - Scribehard Film.
Hansard, Glen [It Was Triumph We Once Proposed..Songs Of Jason Molina]

March 17 street date. In his short time here on earth Jason Molina aka Songs: Ohia cut a large swath. Upon hearing his debut 7", Glen Hansard was so moved that he tracked Jason down and invited him to Dublin for a handful of shows. Those early visits led to friendship and mutual admiration of each other’s work. Jason and Glen shared ideas, songs, philosophies, artwork and laughter. In the days that followed Jason’s passing many grieved by listening to and playing his music. Glen commenced his commiserating by gathering friends Jeff Panall, Jennie Benford and Dan and Rob Sullivan, who had recorded and toured with Jason for years and were the core musicians on the Magnolia Electric Co. album. For one afternoon, in a recording studio, they all forgot about the pain and plowed through a number of their favorite Molina originals, serving as both therapy and tribute to their fallen friend.
Iron & Wine [Archive Series Volume No. 1 (2LP)]

February 24 street date. 16 Previously Unreleased Early Home Recordings! Iron And Wine’s ‘Archive Series Volume No. 1’ is the first in a series - Sam Beam will be gathering otherwise unreleased home recordings, covers, live sets, and curiosities from his entire career as Iron And Wine and releasing them on his own label - Black Cricket Recording Co. ! ! This first release taps into a set of songs created before Sam was Iron And Wine, when he was making music without the public in mind. The songs on ‘Volume No. 1’ came to life at the same time as those selected for Iron And Wine’s debut album,’ The Creek Drank The Cradle’ (Sub Pop, 2002, 197K Sales To-Date). Performed and recorded at home on a 4-track cassette - the songs on ‘Creek’ were only 11 of the many crafted by Sam prior to his debut. Some of this material has been widely bootlegged, but has never received a wide-spread or proper release.! ! ’Archive Series Volume No. 1’ collects 16 of these unreleased early home recordings for the first time.! ! This initial chapter in the ‘Archive Series’ has been digitally transferred from the original cassettes and packaged in gatefold artwork featuring the Bird of Paradise Quilt (licensed from the American Folk Art Museum). Vinyl edition is 2xLP + DOWNLOAD CODE !
King Khan & BBQ Show [Bad News Boys]

Please Note: New street date is March 17. After a five-year hiatus, rock ’n’ roll’s renegade-angel savior The King Khan & BBQ Show returns with a brand new album of high-energy, low-brow rockers! Known as the hottest duo from Montreal to come out of Berlin, the King Khan & BBQ Show is dirty, funny, irreverent and always a good time. Their raw, stripped-down mix of doo-wop, early rock ’n’ roll, soul and punk is drenched in pure energy. Known to their mothers as King Khan and Mark Sultan, these guys make this stuff sound simple, but make no mistake - it takes serious talent as well as balls to pull this off. Bad News Boys takes its title from the original moniker the duo gave themselves when they first started over ten years ago. They recently threatened to revert to this name before deciding that it might make things too confusing. Bad News Boys serves twelve sizzling slabs - from the beautifully soulful 'Buy Bye Bhai' to the juvenile and obnoxious 'D.F.O.' (which stands for 'Diarrhea Fuck Off') - with all the rocking lunacy that their legion of fans has come to expect. In their storied, sordid career, these guys have endured a roller-coaster of successes, trials and tribulations that would’ve buried lesser men: They’ve played with some of the coolest names in rock. Their relentless touring schedule has included countries where few bands venture. They’ve been kicked off tours. They’ve headlined and sold out some of the most prestigious venues in the world. They’ve played some of the worst dumps imaginable. They’ve been busted and jailed for shrooms mid-tour. They were handpicked by Lou Reed to play the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival. They were ejected from the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival. They’ve suffered mental and physical exhaustion. They’ve enjoyed dizzying highs and suffered crushing lows. They’ve broken up. They’ve gotten back together. Through it all, they continually make incredible and real rock ’n’ roll music like no one else, always with smiles on their faces, always with middle fingers held high. (Vinyl includes digital download card)
Leadbelly [The Smithsonian Folkways Collection (5CD/book)]

February 24 street date. 5 hours of music, historic photos, extensive notes, & 140-page book. 5 Discs, 108 tracks (16 unreleased). Lead Belly is "the hard name of a harder man," said Woody Guthrie of his friend and fellow American music icon who was born Huddie Ledbetter (c. 1888-1949). From the swamplands of Louisiana, the prisons of Texas, and the streets of New York City, Lead Belly and his music became cornerstones of American folk music and touchstones of African American cultural legacy. With his 12-string Stella guitar, he sang out a cornucopia of songs that included his classics 'The Midnight Special', 'Irene', 'Bourgeois Blues', and many more, which in turn have been covered by musical notables such as the Beach Boys, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Van Morrison, Nirvana, Odetta, Little Richard, Pete Seeger, Frank Sinatra and Tom Waits. Lead Belly: The Smithsonian Folkways Collection brings us the story of the man as well as the musician.
MF Doom [Special Herbs Vol. 9 & 0 (LP + bonus 7"/Ltd)]

February 17 street date. MF DOOM is the man in the iron mask. The most mysterious figure in hip-hop has also become one of the most popular, supplying beats and rhymes for Gorillaz, De La Soul, Madlib, Danger Mouse, and Wu-Tang Clan, and drawing praise from heavyweights like Just Blaze, Nas, and Mos Def. Since 2002, DOOM has released numerous volumes of Special Herbs, one of the longest-running instrumental series in hip- hop history. Now, the ninth and tenth volumes in the acclaimed series are available on vinyl for the first time in years. With obscure loops and dusty samples galore, Special Herbs Vol. 9 & 0 is a must-have for any DOOM fan or hip-hop head. Also includes a limited-edition bonus 7", featuring two beats from DOOM’s days as a member of 90s hip-hop trio KMD. Limited edition!!
Parquet Courts [Live At Third Man Records]

March 10 street date. Parquet Courts brought a sweltering performance to the hallowed grounds of Third Man's Blue Room on June 5th of last year--and very fortunately, TMR was able to lovingly capture it with their one-of-a-kind, direct-to-acetate recording process. The set included a dynamic selection of songs from last year's critically acclaimed album Sunbathing Animal, as well as the 2013 EP, Tally All The Things That You Broke. The end result? A record that will have your feet stompin' and body rockin' as soon as the needle hits. For a tasty sample, check out clips of ''Sunbathing Animal'' and ''Vienna II'' below: https://soundcloud.com/thirdmanrecords/sets/parquet-courts-live-at-third-man-records-1/s-iFxLW
Public Service Broadcasting [The Race For Space]

February 24 street date. Following the critical and commercial success of their debut album last year and 18 months’ extensive touring & festival appearances, Public Service Broadcasting are pleased to confirm the release of their eagerly anticipated second album, The Race For Space. Recorded at The Pool Studios and Abbey Road in London and, once again working with exclusive archive footage from the British Film Institute, the new record will tell the story of the American & Soviet space race from 1957 - 1972 via the duo’s eccentric mix of guitar-driven electronica, propulsive drumming and spoken word samples culled from this uniquely rich period of modern history. The Race For Space follows Inform - Educate - Entertain, Public Service Broadcasting’s debut album which reached #21 in the UK album charts and was nominated for ‘Best Independent Album’ at the AIM Awards 2013, as well as being The Guardian’s Album of the Week and one of BBC 6Music’s Top 10 albums of 2013. "Adrenalised post-rock and electronics..gripping" 4* Mojo // "Terrific" GQ // "Brilliant" Q Magazine Watch the trailer for the new album here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udKBXoO2e3U
Punchline 13 [Cut the Rope]

February 17 street date. PUNCHLINE 13 is a self produced, pop-punk, DIY band from the south shore with a touch of 50’s rock&roll influence. Their punk ethic, hardworking attitude and determination will always be a central part of the band. Now with Stand Records, Punchline 13 introduce their latest album "Cut the Rope". PUNCHLINE 13 was created as a solo project in 2001 by Sylvain Campeau, after he left the band MEN'O'STEEL (2112 records/Cargo). The song "Mirror" had a huge success on Canadian radio stations when it was released on the 123 Punk Volume 2 compilation put out by MusiquePlus. In 2002, numerous record labels contacted PUNCHLINE 13 wishing to hear more songs. Finally in 2013, after a ten-year hiatus, Sylvain was offered a reunion tour with his former band MEN'O'STEEL. At AMNESIA ROCKFEST, MEN'O'STEEL played in front of over 100,000 fans besides going on to the Vans Warped Tour. Sylvain got back the taste to rock and now he has PUNCHLINE 13. PUNCHLINE 13 was a part of the Canadian Music Week in Toronto, Pouzza Fest 2014 in Montreal & the Vans Warped tour last summer (2014).
Six Organs Of Admittance [Hexadic]

February 17 street date. Six Organs of Admittance’s Ben Chasny’s has a restless intellect, which has regularly guided the progress of his creation. A lyrical mastery of acoustic finger-picking would be enough to build a body of work for most musicians; this is just the stepping-off point for Ben. From the earliest days of private-press psych home recordings, Six Organs of Admittance has sought out alternative spaces in which to make music and has challenged his audience to keep up with his rapid advances into new terrain. Over the last two years, Ben has assembled a comprehensive system of musical composition. Designed to free sound and language from rational order and replace calculation with indeterminacy, THE HEXADIC SYSTEM is a catalyst to extinguish patterns and generate new means of chord progressions and choices. Although it was not his intention upon creating THE SYSTEM, the structures it generated were so compelling, it soon became the bones of the next Six Organs record. This is the longest time between Six Organs records since Ben started making them in 1998. This is also why the Hexadic album sounds unlike anything else made this year, and generally unlike most other things made ever. THE SYSTEM builds all of the tonal fields, chord changes, scales, and lyrics on this record, creating the framework for the songs with which the musicians engage. Yet THE SYSTEM is open; within the framework, Chasny’s own personal aesthetics - such as the production mode of loud guitars, the order of songs, the editing of length - were all conscious decisions made to communicate the pieces. The first thing one notices when listening to Hexadic is how unhinged it all sounds. The album brews and boils with an ominously dark tone in a desolate space, somehow dense with energy, guitar overdriven past the point of sanity, slamming drum accents, vocals cutting through in what seems to be comprised of another, as yet unheard, language. Yet, inside the apparent wild abandon and destruction is a strict internal logic of construction that unveils itself upon listening. This is the majestic dialectic of Hexadic. The Sabbathian opening processional of 'The Ram' is a call to another way of believing, but not the tired old satanic one. Instead, this is a system that gives power back to the people. This was a goal: to make heavy music with as few "heavy" signifiers as possible. The ones that are left: Volume. Distortion. The dynamic pastoral pieces that conclude the album, 'Vestige', and 'Guild', reflect on the possibility of synergistic ecstasy while acting as live demonstrations of the chaotic logic of the combinatorial/stochastic method. Even the slashing hardcore/nihil-wave onslaught of 'Maximum Hexadic', takes a backseat to the system, here operated in its tightest, briefest structure. Employing playing cards with the sense of fun and automatism found in Breton’s surrealist games, THE HEXADIC SYSTEM was inspired by such disparate figures as Renaissance philosopher of the occult Heinrich Agrippa, 13th century monk Ramon Llull, and 20th century French phenomenologist Gaston Bachelard. Recording with Ben on Hexadic as Six Organs Of Admittance is his old compatriot from Comets on Fire, Noel Von Harmonson, on drums, as well as his partner in Badgerlore, Rob Fisk, on bass. San Francisco psych legend Charlie Saufley takes on bass duties as well. In addition to this album, THE HEXADIC SYSTEM will be available for practice via a deck of specially-created cards, as well as a book explaining the workings of THE SYSTEM, to be released in 2015.
Sleeping With Sirens [Madness]

March 17 street date. Wins and nominations for Artist Of The Year (APMAS 2014, Alternative Press 2013), Best International Newcomer (Kerrang!), Album Of The Year and Song Of The Year (APMAS) are all emblematic of the tidal wave that is Sleeping With Sirens. Facebook likes tripled to over 3 million since 2013; each of frontman Kellin Quinn’s social media profiles has 1 million followers; previous album Feel debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200; Alternative Press, Rock Sound, Kerrang!, Outburn and Blunt regularly feature them on the cover; they’ve been a main-stage act for Vans Warped Tour and UK’s prestigious Reading & Leeds. Quinn’s 'King For A Day' collaboration with Pierce The Veil was certified gold. Only a few years ago, SWS was an opening band. Now comes Madness, Sleeping With Sirens debut on new home Epitaph. Madness is an electric summation of all that is SWS and everything they represent. Lead track 'Kick Me' is a defiant finger in the air to the naysayers, showing off the band’s strong roots in the scream and metalcore scene, but radio single 'Strays' speaks to the vaulting ambition of this band; the lyric celebrates the band’s fans, who call themselves Strays, and show a powerful sense of community, while the music, produced by the radio-friendly John Feldman (5 Seconds of Summer) presents a band ready to follow fellow scenesters Fall Out Boy and Paramore into the mainstream.
Staples, Pop [Don't Lose This]

Please note new street date: February 17. LP contains CD of full album! In 1990, Roebuck "Pops" Staples recorded a final session, capping an illustrious career as leader and patriarch of the Staples Singers. Unfinished at the time of his passing in 2000, the tapes went to his daughter, Mavis, who then waited for the right opportunity to finish the recording in the spirit Pops intended. When she began her series of remarkable collaborations with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, starting with 2010’s You Are Not Alone and continuing with 2013’s One True Vine, Mavis knew she had found the person to work on her father’s record. Mavis Staples: "I chose this title because these were the words my father said to me as he gave me the tape of his final recordings. He was sick and lying in bed and asked me to play the record for him in his room. After listening to it, he called me to his room again. He was weak, but he handed me the tape and in a soft voice said ‘Don’t lose this, Mavis.’ While Pops’ voice and guitar sounded so good on the original recordings [and remain untouched on this record], I knew the songs needed something else to really come to life. Something special. Pops deserved that. So I called on my dear friend Jeff Tweedy to fill out the tracks around Pops and he’s helped to craft this beautiful album."
Strung Out [Transmission.Alpha.Delta]

March 24 street date. LP includes free digital download of the full album. Transmission.Alpha.Delta is the latest blast from the undisputed champs of metal-laced punkrock, STRUNG OUT. True to form, the band continues to evolve their patented sound through 12 new tracks saturated with lightning fast riffs, clobbering rhythms, and fresh vocal melodies. Transmission.Alpha.Delta perfectly tightropes between the catchy essence and energy of STRUNG OUT’s early work and the darker, even more aggressive tenor of their later releases. In an effort to record their strongest album to date STRUNG OUT teamed up with producer Kyle Black and labored for nearly a year in and out of the studio. The result of that effort is incredible. Every song on the album blends a massive charge of sound with numerous intricate elements that each jump right off the page. From the throttling pace of 'Rats in the Walls' to the electrifying melody of 'Nowheresville', Transmission.Alpha.Delta never lets up. Of course, neither does the band. STRUNG OUT is primed to unleash an all-out blitz on the US, Europe, and Australia with a slew of dates lined up throughout 2015.
Tuxedo (Mayer Hawthorne & Jake One) [Tuxedo]

March 3 street date. Mayer Hawthorne (Aquarius) and Jake One (Taurus) - they are descendants of the one-word moniker family of funk, where you will find groups such as Chic, Shalamar, Plush & Zapp. The Tuxedo collaboration began with an exchange of mixtapes back in 2006. The fruits of a long-standing kinship were three tracks that mysteriously showed up on Internet doorsteps nearly two years ago. In between personal projects, these three tracks became a full album’s worth of Tuxedo. The album was mixed by original disco don dada John Morales at his home studio in South Plainfield, New Jersey. "I flew out there," Mayer says. "His wife made me spaghetti and everything." The duo is excited to release the upcoming album on Stones Throw Records, which also marks Mayer’s return to the label since his debut release of "A Strange Arrangement" in 2009. Until then, stay classy.
V/A [Ulta High Frequencies: The Chicago Party (LP/DVD)]

March 3 street date. For 23 straight Saturday nights of 1982, The Chicago Party dance show assaulted Chicagoland UHF eyeballs with Spandex, Southside fly guys, tender tenderonies, magicians, contortionists, prismatic video gimmickry, and lip-synched singles by a rising regime of local postdisco casualties. Unfettered nightlife and outlandish humor poured out of oddball outpost The CopHerBox II and onto TV screens, presented here as a 100 minute video mixtape on DVD. Its companion compilation features five previously unreleased tracks, joined by music culled from a trove of self-released 45s and small-time 12"s. Die-cut cathode-ray jacket and six inpackage stills put the Party at your fingertips. Available on CD or 2LP, each edition of Ultra-High Frequencies: The Chicago Party will arrive in one of six cover configurations, all of which are interchangeable via printed inner sleeves and enclosed booklet. Both editions include our entertaining DVD mix tape, isolating the most absurd and outrageous moments from the original broadcasts. Play functions enable viewers to enjoy 23 unique musical performances, as well as a mini-documentary about the creation and realization of The Chicago Party. For fans of electronic soul with a public access aesthetic, Ultra-High Frequencies: The Chicago Party is the place to be.
V/A [New Orleans Brass Bands: Through the Streets of the City]

February 24 street date. For more than a century, the signature sound of New Orleans has been the brass band known as "second line", a source of celebration, collective expression, and community pride. New Orleans Brass Bands brings us three musical generations of renowned second liners - the classic sound of the Liberty Brass Band, the tradition-defining Treme Band, and the younger funk musicians of the Hot 8 Brass Band. Together, the three groups paint a stylistic panorama of this life affirming pillar of American music 68 minutes, 36-page booklet with extensive notes.
Wand [Golem]

March 17 street date. Vinyl includes digital download card. Following up their debut full-length on Ty Segall’s God? label, Wand presents their second album, Golem, on In The Red. Recording with Chris Woodhouse at his Hanger studio in Sacramento, Wand summons the dark and heavy power of the riff. Back in September 2013, Wand was quietly dismembered and ritually eaten in the hills near Dodger Stadium. Wand was reborn as "Wand" an obese organ falsely organized as four overjoyous nerds. Four flesh balloons betting on a few aging amplifiers. Rumor has it they listen to Here Come the Warm Jets on loop all day and plot mail fraud. What’s more, they allegedely stole Dale Crover’s car and sacrificed it to the weather near the Los Angeles County Line. A few things, at least, are certain: Wand hears ghosts. Wand prefers serpents. The Sun is the mother of every fiction. All phenomena will be consumed in alphabetical order, but desire will recirculate ad infinitum. If all else fails, Wand will just devour more hands. Wand is coming your way soon.
White, Jack [That Black Bat Licorice/Blue Light, Red Light (someone's There)]

March 3 street date. The 7'' single ''That Black Bat Licorice,'' the third single off Jack White's second album Lazaretto with non-album B-Side ''Blue Light, Red Light (Someone's There),'' a Harry Connick Jr. Cover.
Young Guv [Expect Delays]

March 10 street date. Who's @youngguv? He's still underground, but everyone will know him soon. Right now, he only has 1500 followers, so we need to get this kid a checkmark as soon as possible. Here's the rundown: He's a white boy in a backwards snapback with fake Emoji neck tattoos. He's a ripped bald kid fronting one of the most important and successful hardcore bands in Toronto history. He's a ghostwriter eating pasta as he pens al dente tunes for the likes of Sum 41, Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift, a few Canadian Idols, Snow, a slew of hardcore bands, Maroon 5 and one or two OVO affiliates. He's a tortured artist turning down Katy Perry's edits to his tunes because she didn't like his babies as they were. Do I need to go on? @youngguv is Ben Cook, and he's putting out an album, Ripe 4 Luv, on one of the greatest labels ever, Slumberland Records. Having been around for a minute, Guv has decided to put together a set of pop tunes that shows off his range as a performer, singer, songwriter, style icon and retweet-worthy pop star. Guv got it right the first time with his band No Warning, one of the only Canadian hardcore acts to achieve recognition from major labels in the U.S. He parlayed this experience into a successful career as the creeper peaking through the curtain as better-looking people sing his songs to an appreciative audience. In addition to writing for pop royalty and no-name punk acts, Young Guv has spent the last 7 years playing guitar in fellow Toronto legends Fucked Up, selling 10's of 1000's of singles recorded in various bedrooms, and helping put the East End back on the GTA's music map with his Bad Actors imprint. Guv has been around for a while, and now he's helping new, young talent get around and release classic records. How could you not like this guy? He's got the bone structure to go viral at any moment. Ripe 4 Luv is a beautiful album for beautiful people. Plus, it really shows off his range. There's only one way to describe this record: Guv sings like Prince into expensive audio-nerd mics over power pop backing tracks that evoke Big Star after they got some nookie but before they became depressed about their failure to appeal to the right audience. If that's not good enough for you, then it sounds like Cheap Trick produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Or how about Drake's producer 40 manning the boards for a Hall & Oates session? Any of those will help sell this record to the blogs, just pick one and run with it.

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