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Bird, Andrew [Weather Systems]

March 31 street date. 150 GRAM VINYL! Described by Pitchfork in 2003 as "music for the ages that demands to be heard", the songs on Andrew Bird's second solo album reveal themselves at a confidant, unhurried pace reflecting the thoughtfulness with which they were conceived. Weather Systems originated in a barn converted to studio/living space in remote western Illinois, as creating music was becoming central to Bird’s everyday life. The virtuoso instrumentalist employs violin, glockenspiel, organ, whistling, and tape loops to set the scene for the intimate, haunting stories he tells through his lyrics. It’s a lush, gorgeous collection of seven original songs plus Bird's own adaptation of a Galway Kinnell poem and a Handsome Family cover "Don't Be Scared" (which Andrew recorded again on his 2014 covers album, 'Things Are Really Great Here, Sort Of"), showcasing his gift for conveying subtle emotional states purely through music. Originally released in 2003, Weather Systems is now available on vinyl for the first time (150 gram/re-mastered for vinyl) through Wegawam Music with reimagined art by Jay Ryan.
Bloodshot Bill [Shook Shake]

March 31 street date. New long player on Norton from the fifth hardest working man in show business! 16 brand new killer recordings from Canada's contemporary King of Rockabilly n' Roll! Dig in! Tracklisting: When My Baby Passes By / We'll Always Have Each Other / Lookin' Back / Come Inside / Jill / Tear It Apart / Billy Is A Bully / The Prowl / Bloodshot / Don't Hang Around / Baby Crazy / Gone Gone Gone / Same About You / Shook Shake / Gumboot Cloggeroo / My Poor Heart Flips.
Butler, Will [Policy]

March 10 street date. Will Butler has been a member of the band Arcade Fire for over 10 years. This is his first release under his own name. Policy is American music - in the tradition of the Violent Femmes, The Breeders, The Modern Lovers, Bob Dylan, Smokey Robinson, The Magnetic Fields, Ghostface Killah. And John Lennon (I know, but it counts). Music where the holy fool runs afoul of the casual world. Policy was recorded in one week in Jimi Hendrix’s old living room (upstairs at Electric Lady Studios). Jeremy Gara played drums; other musicians contributed woodwinds and backing vocals. Most everything else was played by Will. LP includes a coupon for a full download.
Calexico [Edge Of The Sun]

April 14 street date. For the better part of two decades, the acclaimed band Calexico has crossed musical barriers, embracing a multitude of styles, variety in instrumentation, and well-cultivated signature sounds. With their forthcoming record Edge of the Sun, out April 14th, they take inspiration from a trip to a place surprisingly unexplored by the band before in Mexico City, and with the benefit of many friends and comrades to help guide the way. The first outside invitation came when the band’s Joey Burns was writing the track 'Bullets and Rocks' and recognized space for a former Calexico collaborator. "When putting vocals on that song, it immediately reminded me of the Iron & Wine feel," says Burns. "So I texted Sam (Beam), who wrote back quickly and got it going." Encouraged by the experience, the guest list grew to include Ben Bridwell (Band of Horses), Nick Urata (Devotchka), Carla Morrison, Gaby Moreno, Amparo Sanchez, multi-instrumentalists from the Greek band Takim, and Neko Case. Burns’ brother John Burns lent a hand to some lyrics and songwriting, and the band’s keyboardist, Sergio Mendoza, stepped up to co-write and arrange certain songs, ultimately co-producing the album along with Burns, John Convertino, and longtime associate Craig Schumacher. Negotiating borders and the spaces within, then inviting others inside those edges: may be the recipe for Calexico’s success. As its empire expands and the familiar pieces join with fresh ideas and a new cohort to pass under wires and across fields and time, the band now finds itself here in 2015 on the solar precipice, navigating the edge and trying to find hope in that balance of darkness and light. "The ‘edge of the sun’ could be coming from the direction of darkness seeking light, or riding the line between both," says Burns. "All in all, this album is about pushing through the blue to brighter days. Calexico has always had that element of hope, going back and forth between a positive outlook and embracing desperate or dark themes that I think we all share."
CURSED [Two (gatefold/poster)]

March 24 street date. Features a gatefold jacket, printed inner sleeve and poster. The highly anticipated vinyl repress of "Two", the sophmore album from Cursed. This new superior version of "Two" was manufactured using brand new pressing plates, making the release sound more monstrous than ever before. All of it presented in a gatefold jacket with revamped artwork and packaging. This is the second in a series of singular represses of the entire Cursed full length catalog from Deathwish. Cursed were Canada's metallic monstrosity fronted by vocalist/lyricist Chris Colohan formerly of The Swarm, Left For Dead, and Ruination. The band also featured former Ire and Black Hand members. Originally released in 2005, "Two" was the intense second album from Cursed. Distinctly their own animal, Cursed took the most powerful qualities of the aggressive sub-genres and turned them into something raw and explosive. Ultimately influencing and shaping the heavy music world as we know it today. (A final limited box set of all three albums and a book of Cursed related material by Chris Colohan will be released later down the road via a partnership of Deathwish and Colohan's own label, High Anxiety.)
Death [N.E.W.]

April 21 street date. Since the discovery of Death in 2008 and the release of the archival LP ...For The Whole World To See, the story has been often told. Three African-American brothers, David, Dannis and Bobby Hackney, tapped into the surging energy of their hometown rock-and-roll scene (mid-70s Detroit) to produce a style and a set of songs that, while completely unappreciated in their day, proved later to be a powerful missing link in the evolution of punk rock. All this was predicted by their leader, older brother David, on his deathbed, ten years before their rediscovery. His stubborn insistence on keeping the name Death instead of signing a record contract under a more palatable name is, in itself, a defining act of true rebellion. The power, precision and passion of the music says everything else that need be said. It has been an EPIC time since 2008: Death began playing live again to large and grateful audiences, meanwhile issuing two additional archival records, Spiritual-Mental-Physical, and Death III. The release of the documentary A Band Called Death took the band farther into the public consciousness than it appeared even the music could, and Death followed the paths to more and more listeners, eventually bringing their explosive show all around the world. During this time, the question always asked was, Will there be a new record? Now, there literally is, and Death and Drag City are proud to bring it to you, entitled simply N.E.W. Inspired by the positivity brought to them by ever-increasing numbers of new fans, the current performing Death (Bobby Hackney, Dannis Hackney, and Bobbie Duncan) completed several songs started back in the late 1970s by Bobby and David, as well as composing entirely new songs that continue the timeless vibe, feel and resolve of Death with remarkable drive and vigor. For many years after disbanding the original Death, Bobby and Dannis played different styles of music, but with the same deep spiritual investment. Bringing that spirit back to Death, their ability to make new songs in the same vein is fantastic. N.E.W. surveys the whole Death story, making a statement that screams to the soul, even when reviewing the tracklisting. That statement says: If you want RELIEF, LOOK AT YOUR LIFE, it’s the STORY OF THE WORLD in THE TIMES that we are living in, things moving so fast. It’s PLAYTIME, but remember we are AT THE STATION where we must ask ourselves WHO AM I? Well, YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK, preparing for a RESURRECTION, which will bring about CHANGE. Time once again for DEATH!!
Gonzalez, Delia [In Remembrance (2LP)]

April 14 street date. CD+DVD / Limited Edition of 1000 purple colored 2xLPs with a DVD of all four ballet dance films. Includes digital download in .mp3 and .wav. DFA Records is proud to announce the release of In Remembrance, a multimedia project by acclaimed contemporary artist Delia Gonzalez. Delia transplanted from Miami to New York City in the mid-1990s, working in various dance and guerilla theatre troupes. It was around this time that she met synth wizard Gavin Russom, beginning a series of multi-disciplinary collaborations, one of the most notable being their album of cosmic acid-house “The Days of Mars”, released by DFA in 2005. Single “Relevee” is oft-cited as one of the high points of DFA’s early years, especially the monstrous remix by Detroit techno legend Carl Craig. In Remembrance is the next landmark in Delia’s artistic pursuits. In Remembrance originates in a 2010 solo show of the same name at Galleria Fonti in Naples, which was further realized in 2012, with additional films, in the exhibition “I Must Stop Here”. The music was initially inspired by a text by Henry Miller and a theory by spiritual teacher George Gurdjieff, which states that “to play scales is to become more in tune with your inner self.” This coincided conceptually with the music that Delia had been making at the time. Both exhibitions consisted of four 16mm ballet dance films, accompanied by music composed by Gonzalez. In her words, “The film is meant to re-create the fleeting sensation of inspiration - that sacred feeling when suddenly your mind clears and you know exactly what you’re meant to create and become.” The films were exhibited for a third time at the Clocktower Gallery in New York City in 2013, featuring a live electronic adaption of the composition, performed with New York underground musicians Bryce Hackford and Alice Cohen. Bryce later contributed four remixes, which are included on this album.
King Khan & BBQ Show [Bad News Boys]

Please Note: New street date is March 17 (March 31 for LP). After a five-year hiatus, rock ’n’ roll’s renegade-angel savior The King Khan & BBQ Show returns with a brand new album of high-energy, low-brow rockers! Known as the hottest duo from Montreal to come out of Berlin, the King Khan & BBQ Show is dirty, funny, irreverent and always a good time. Their raw, stripped-down mix of doo-wop, early rock ’n’ roll, soul and punk is drenched in pure energy. Known to their mothers as King Khan and Mark Sultan, these guys make this stuff sound simple, but make no mistake - it takes serious talent as well as balls to pull this off. Bad News Boys takes its title from the original moniker the duo gave themselves when they first started over ten years ago. They recently threatened to revert to this name before deciding that it might make things too confusing. Bad News Boys serves twelve sizzling slabs - from the beautifully soulful 'Buy Bye Bhai' to the juvenile and obnoxious 'D.F.O.' (which stands for 'Diarrhea Fuck Off') - with all the rocking lunacy that their legion of fans has come to expect. In their storied, sordid career, these guys have endured a roller-coaster of successes, trials and tribulations that would’ve buried lesser men: They’ve played with some of the coolest names in rock. Their relentless touring schedule has included countries where few bands venture. They’ve been kicked off tours. They’ve headlined and sold out some of the most prestigious venues in the world. They’ve played some of the worst dumps imaginable. They’ve been busted and jailed for shrooms mid-tour. They were handpicked by Lou Reed to play the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival. They were ejected from the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival. They’ve suffered mental and physical exhaustion. They’ve enjoyed dizzying highs and suffered crushing lows. They’ve broken up. They’ve gotten back together. Through it all, they continually make incredible and real rock ’n’ roll music like no one else, always with smiles on their faces, always with middle fingers held high. (Vinyl includes digital download card)
Koski, Darius [Sisu]

April 7 street date. Known for his career with legendary punk band Swingin’ Utters, Darius Koski’s abilities as a song writer and musician are undeniable. Though many fans only associate him with his punk rock success, the realm of his expertise expands far beyond. Darius’ first official solo album, Sisu, is the perfect window into the lesser known side of his song writing. Of course, there were occasional glimpses along the way. Swingin’ Utters classics like "Fruitless Fortunes", "Glass House", and "Shadows & Lies" were originally written as solo material. But now, with the release of Sisu, we get a full view. Comprised of 15 tracks, Sisu is a veritable grab bag of acoustic genres and instrumentation, replete with guitar, piano, banjo, accordion, violin, glockenspiel, vibraphone, melodica and ukulele. From the haunting honkytonk piano on "Paper Tigers", to the galloping rhythm and surf guitar accents on "Howls From the Gale", Sisu weaves its way through country, blues, acoustic indie, bluegrass, and both American and Irish folk. Although every track highlights a unique genre, each song shares the strong sense of melody Darius honed through years of writing hit songs for the Swingin’ Utters.
Mountain Goats [Beat The Champ (2LP)]

April 7 street date. "Beat the Champ is about professional wrestling, which was an avenue of escape for me when I was a kid. Wrestling was low-budget working class entertainment back then, strictly UHF material. It was cheap theater. You had to bring your imagination to the proceedings and you got paid back double. I wrote these songs to re-immerse myself in the blood and fire of the visions that spoke to me as a child, and to see what more there might be in them now that I’m grown." - John Darnielle, Durham, NC (2LP/45RPM - Includes download.)
Now And On Earth [Blacked Out]

April 14 street date. The scene’s first introduction to new Epitaph signing Now and On Earth was on 2014’s Metalcore Summer compilation, where the track “Intoxicated” drew rave reviews, both from kids at Warped Tour (50,000 CDs distributed on the 2014 tour) and online. Now comes their debut full-length, Blacked Out, with 12 tracks of blistering, anthemic metalcore. With the Montreal-based band set to cross Canada and the US in support of Blacked Out, 2015 will be the summer of Now and On Earth. For fans of Bring Me the Horizon,Asking Alexandria, We Came As Romans.
Real McKenzies [Rats In The Burlap]

April 7 street date. Rats in the Burlap is the latest salvo from celtic punks THE REAL McKENZIES. The album opens with a rousing anthem worthy of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and maintains the boot-stomping passion throughout. After 23 years of traversing the globe to spread their festive, high-octane, booze-fueled brand of punk rock, THE McKENZIES show no signs of slowing. With street-punk standards highlighted by traditional Scottish musical elements, Rats in the Burlap is the perfect representation of what the band does best. From the fast paced, ultra-riffy punk classic “Who’d a Thought” to the penny whistle that playfully ambles its way through the catchy “You Wanna Know What”, the sing-along spirit of the album never lets up. THE REAL McKENZIES only feel at home while on the road, so rest assured that they’ll be sweeping across the land in a dust cloud of big riffs, bagpipes, and pint-hoisting revelry. LP Includes Download code !
Sonic Youth [Bad Moon Rising]

April 14 street date. Sonic Youth’s second full-length LP Bad Moon Rising was originally released on Homestead and Blast First in 1985. The album is a fascinating examination of “the junction where hippie idealism [meets] the cold hard world,” says guitarist Lee Ranaldo, “where Woodstock [meets] Altamont—Death Valley, Charles Manson, Brian Wilson, musicians, murderers, heroes and villains.” Its original eight-song tapestry of droning guitar feedback, distant clattering percussion, and sullen vocals, all held together with interstitial noise loops and shadowy haze, ambles through a long, dark night before the feverish “Death Valley ’69,” driven by runaway guitar riffs and a frantic Thurston Moore / Lydia Lunch vocal duet, pounds the capstone into place. Sonic Youth’s big leap forward from Confusion Is Sex and Kill Yr Idols “reflects the spirit of the time,” to quote All Music Guide. Bad Moon Rising views “American gothic through the glassy eyes of willful moonlit paranoia.” Back in print on Goofin’ Records, this reissue includes bonus tracks “Flower” and “Halloween,” both from a 12- inch single of the same era. The sound collage morsels “Sa- tan Is Boring” and “Echo Canyon” are your cue to begin moving toward the exit and get out while you can.
SONICS [This Is The Sonics (2015)]

March 31 street date. “This Is The Sonics” reunites original members Jerry Roslie, Larry Parypa and Rob Lind, backed by the powerhouse rhythm section of Freddie Dennis (The Kingsmen, The Liverpool Five) and Dusty Watson (Dick Dale, Agent Orange). Broken up in 1967, The Sonics legacy remained frozen in time with classics like “Psycho,” “Strychnine,” and “Have Love, Will Travel”, awaiting discovery and directly inspiring generations of garage bands the world over. “This Is The Sonics” picks up where they left off. Recorded in “Earth Shaking Mono” by producer Jim Diamond, known for his work with the White Stripes, and The Dirtbombs.
soundtrack [Birdman - Antonio Sanchez score (2LP)]

April 7 street date. Part comedy, part tragedy, part fantasy, "Birdman" tells the story of a washed-up movie star (Michael Keaton) who used to play an iconic superhero, and must now overcome his ego and family trouble as he mounts a Broadway play in a bid to reclaim his past glory. The film features a wonderful cast with the likes of Zach Galifanakis, Edward Norton, Naomi Watts, Emma Stone, Amy Ryan playing alongside the one and only Michael Keaton. It was lensed by Oscar-winning cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki (Gravity) in a way that gives the appearance that the entire film is one continuous shot. Music plays an important role in "Birdman". The non conventional, drum-only score is composed by acclaimed drummer Antonio Sanchez - one of the players behind Pat Metheny in his new Pat Metheny Unity Group. It is the first time a score to a film features drums as the sole instrument. Antonio Sanchez’s music brings rhythm and movement to this unique visual experience. The soundtrack features alongside Antonio’s score a selection of classical music pieces by composers such as Ravel, Rachmaninoff, Mahler and Tchaikovsky.
Strung Out [Transmission.Alpha.Delta]

March 24 street date. LP includes free digital download of the full album. Transmission.Alpha.Delta is the latest blast from the undisputed champs of metal-laced punkrock, STRUNG OUT. True to form, the band continues to evolve their patented sound through 12 new tracks saturated with lightning fast riffs, clobbering rhythms, and fresh vocal melodies. Transmission.Alpha.Delta perfectly tightropes between the catchy essence and energy of STRUNG OUT’s early work and the darker, even more aggressive tenor of their later releases. In an effort to record their strongest album to date STRUNG OUT teamed up with producer Kyle Black and labored for nearly a year in and out of the studio. The result of that effort is incredible. Every song on the album blends a massive charge of sound with numerous intricate elements that each jump right off the page. From the throttling pace of 'Rats in the Walls' to the electrifying melody of 'Nowheresville', Transmission.Alpha.Delta never lets up. Of course, neither does the band. STRUNG OUT is primed to unleash an all-out blitz on the US, Europe, and Australia with a slew of dates lined up throughout 2015.
This Is The Kit [Bashed Out]

April 7 street date. This Is The Kit (TITK) is the much beloved musical project of Kate Stables, born in England and based in Paris. Bashed Out is the result of an extended period of collaboration with the record’s producer Aaron Dessner, a member of The National well-known for bringing a warm, starmaking touch to his work with Sharon Van Etten, The Lone Bellow and Local Natives. The backing band gathered for Bashed Out combines the talents of TITK’s touring members alongside a number of session players drawn from the Brooklyn music scene: Bryce Dessner, Thomas Bartlett (Doveman, The Gloaming), Matt Barrick (The Walkmen) and Ben Lanz (Beirut, The National) all made key contributions. The Line of Best Fit has the band an "essential fixture of British folk music for the past 10 years" one of a handful of truly innovative songwriters working with the British folk template today." We expect this album to carry music to the wider world.
Too Close To Touch [Nerve Endings]

March 24 street date. Too Close To Touch are still in their infancy as a band, but the Lexington, Kentucky, quintet already have a clear understanding of the music they want to make and the message they hope to convey. Although their sound flows easily from alternative to theatrical rock to post-hardcore, one thing remains consistent from song to song: each one leaves an impact. For their Epitaph debut, Nerve Endings, Too Close To Touch have found the one thing many bands spend years searching for: balance. Dark and light. Soaring vocals and guttural screams. Dark lyrical content and pop-ready melodies. All combine to create a sound that is unique and exciting yet relatable. Taking cues from the 1975, Walk The Moon and the Neighbourhood, they’ve refined it to a look that’s mixes indie and classic cool, all while remaining 100-percent them.
Toro Y Moi [What For? (indie only gatefold/poster/coloured)]

April 7 street date. Indie-store-only! - Deluxe limited gatefold edition of 2000 on blue and white starburst vinyl with exclusive poster and sticker. Incl. Download. Opening to the scream of F1’s speeding around a racetrack, and maintaining that intensity with booming guitar riffs and psychedelic effects throughout, the forthcoming album from Toro Y Moi is definitely making a statement. Or maybe a few statements. But Chaz Bundick, the frontman and songwriter, is leaving it up to you to figure out what they are. While it is obvious that each song is crafted around a personally meaningful experience, Chaz seems to purposefully leave the lyrics just vague enough to let each listener mold it into something unique. Chaz presents you with a few themes: love, beauty, nature; and gently lets go of your hand so you can wander off on your own. A feeling of searching for something threads its way through every song on the album, which is aptly named What For? It feels contradictory in a very human way, like Chaz is swinging between waiting for something and not being able to wait anymore. But the swinging isn’t panicked or frustrated, it’s just a situation that he’s reflecting on. The songs are heavy with nostalgia, too, for simpler times, better music, more fulfilling relationships. Chaz references Weezer to warn you that “there is no one to destroy your sweater” and, in another song, recalls Big Star to declare that “rock and roll is here to stay.” It feels like he misses everything (even things he wasn’t around for yet), but is somehow excited for what comes next. What For? is a glimpse into the life of a guy trying to figure out what it all means. The music is influenced by bands like Big Star, Talking Heads, Tim Maia, Todd Rundgren, but it doesn’t quite sound like any of them in particular. And it isn’t trying to. It has that special something that Chaz imbues in every Toro Y Moi album, his personal filter on the world he experiences. So whatever message you take from the album, don’t forget that it’s good. As Chaz himself so candidly believes, “Good is good. Good finds its own audience.”
V/A [Classic American Ballads From Smithsonian Folkways]

March 24 street date. Born of the British ballad, its American offspring was the blank canvas for all type of tale, the more calamitous or scandalous, the better. Jesse James and Billy the Kid, train wrecks and hurricanes, the Titanic and Tom Dooley, fatal lovers’ quarrels and foiling the devil, all and more were normal fare, served up in a song. Classic American Ballads is 25 tracks of time-worn tragedy drawn from the deep fount of the Smithsonian Folkways archives. 74 minutes, 40-page booklet.
Westerberg, Paul [Suicaine Gratifacation (180g)]

April 7 street date. "Suicaine Gratifaction" is the third solo album by the former Replacements front man and songwriter Paul Westerberg and was originally released in 1999. Suicaine is an introspective, somber recording with a relaxed vibe, even on the few rockers that sprinkle the album, while the simple and low key production by Paul and Don Was puts the focus on another great batch of songs by PW. Highlights include "It's A Wonderful Lie", "Born For Me", "Lookin' Out Forever" and "Sunrise Always Listens". On 180 gram vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with an insert. First time ever released on vinyl!
Whitmore, William Elliott [Radium Death]

March 31 street date. William Elliott Whitmore returns with his seventh album and it's a fuller sounding release. After the stripped-down sound of 2011's 'Field Songs,' Whitmore was willing to bring drums and other musicians, including David Zollo on piano and organ, into the studio for the new material. The songs assembled, while not a concept album, present a cohesive look into those recurring Whitmore themes of respect, protection, sustenance and survival. The blazing (even by William Elliott Whitmore's standards) opener, 'Healing To Do,' pulls no punches, kicking in immediately with the rhythmic shuffle of a full band, an organ, and Whitmore's upbeat rasp. The pace continues with songs like 'Trouble in Your Heart,' '1000 Deaths' and 'Don't Strike Me Down,' preaching patient hope, rebirth, renewal, and revolt over stomping drums, acoustic strumming and even an electric guitar solo.

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