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Black Moon [Enta Da Stage (2LP/2017 remaster)]

October 6 street date. 2017 remastered edition on double LP. Although commercially overshadowed in a crowded 1993 release schedule that included Enter the Wu Tang Midnight Marauders and Doggystyle. Enta Da Stage is now considered not only a forebear to its more famous counterparts but also equal, if not superior, in the ranks of all-time greatest albums. MC’s Buckshot and 5 Ft. shine on the mic, exuding supreme confidence through their brash delivery and charisma, while on the musical side, DJ Evil Dee and Mr. Walt make their mark with their distinctively jazzy yet grimy lo-fi production as Da Beatminerz. Making their production debut with Enta Da Stage. Da Beatminerz went on to produce the equally classic debuts from Boot Camp Clik members Smif-N-Wessun, Heltah Skeltah, & O.G.C. with Dah Shinin’, Nocturnal & Da Storm, solidifying themselves as one the preeminent production teams of the era.
Burial [Rodent]

September 22 street date. A complete stylistic shift from his last two EPs, ‘Rodent’ marks an emphatic return to the dancefloor with a rolling four minutes of Burial’s hallmark wistful rapture, backed with a crackling remix by Kode9.
Cap'n Jazz [Analphabetapolothology (2LP)]

September 29 street date. Cap’n Jazz are an emo/punk band formed in the early 1990’s in Buffalo Grove, IL by high school friends Tim Kinsella (vocals), Victor Villareal (guitar), and Sam Zurick (bass), along with Tim’s younger brother Mike (drums). The group released their lone LP in the spring of 1995 and broke up while on tour later that summer. Members would continue making music in bands like The Promise Ring, Joan Of Arc and American Football. Fueled by some of the members post-Cap’n Jazz activities, interest in the band grew after their break up and in 1998 Jade Tree Records compiled most of their recordings (which were all out of print) on to a double-disc release. This double LP re-issue will be pressed on 180-gram black vinyl for ultimate sound quality.
Clientele [Music For the Age of Miracles]

September 22 street date. The Clientele return with Music for the Age of Miracles, their first release of new music since 2010’s Minotaur EP. After The Clientele released Minotaur, Alasdair MacLean, singer and principal songwriter for the band, made two wonderful albums with Lupe Núñez-Fernández as Amor de Días, issued a Clientele best-of called Alone and Unreal, oversaw reissues of Suburban Light and Strange Geometry, and played shows. He and Lupe have also been raising a family, so the prospect of a new Clientele record seemed to be diminishing. It seems fitting, then, that a chance meeting with a ghost from the past/future is what led to Music for the Age of Miracles, the first album of new Clientele songs in seven years. MacLean and Anthony Harmer knew one another and played music together in the mid-1990s but had lost touch. “I had often wondered what had happened to Anthony since,” writes MacLean. “It turned out—he told me—he’d studied the Santoor, an Iranian version of the dulcimer, and over decades become a virtuoso, at least by my standards. He suggested we have a jam together. Ant and I now lived three streets away from each other, it turned out. He started to arrange my songs. He let me write and sing them, and he came up with ideas for how they should sound. This carried on until we had an album. I called up James and Mark and asked them if they wanted to make another Clientele record. They did, and this is it.” So, a new collaboration with an old acquaintance led to a new Clientele album. On Music for the Age of Miracles, Harmer joins the line-up of MacLean, James Hornsey (bass), and Mark Keen (drums, piano, percussion), contributing string and brass arrangements as well as guitars, vocals, keyboards, saz and, yes, Santoor.
Destroyer [Ken]

October 20 street date. (Standard LP is black vinyl in matte jacket with spot gloss detail & die cut Euro jacket. 11 x 11 insert + full album download included // CD is 4-panel matte digipak with spot gloss & 12-page insert (lyrics & credits)) Of his 12th studio album and its enigmatic title, Destroyer’s Dan Bejar offers the following: Sometime last year, I discovered that the original name for “The Wild Ones” (one of the great English-language ballads of the last 100 years or so) was “Ken.” I had an epiphany, I was physically struck by this information. In an attempt to hold on to this feeling, I decided to lift the original title of that song and use it for my own purposes. It’s unclear to me what that purpose is, or what the connection is. I was not thinking about Suede when making this record. I was thinking about the last few years of the Thatcher era. Those were the years when music first really came at me like a sickness, I had it bad. Maybe “The Wild Ones” speaks to that feeling, probably why Suede made no sense in America. I think “ken” also means “to know.” ken was produced by Josh Wells of Black Mountain, who has been the drummer in Destroyer since 2012. The album was recorded in its entirety in the jam space/studio space that the group calls The Balloon Factory. However, unlike Poison Season, ken was not recorded as a “band” record, though everyone in the band does make an appearance.
Four Tet [New Energy]

September 29 street date (date change) / October 13 for LP. Four Tet has announced his ninth album New Energy will be out later this month. It includes the recently released singles ‘Planet’ and ‘Two Thousand And Seventeen’. Also available # TEXT046LP (2LP)
Hiss Golden Messenger [Hallelujah Anyhow]

September 22 street date. Hallelujah Anyhow is the next studio album from Hiss Golden Messenger. Its ten new songs, penned by HGM principal M.C. Taylor, were recorded with Brad Cook, Phil Cook, Josh Kaufman, Darren Jessee, Michael Lewis, and Evan Ringel. Alexandra Sauser-Monnig, Tift Merritt, Skylar Gudasz, Tamisha Waden, Mac McCaughan, and John Paul White provided vocal harmonies.
Iggy & The Stooges [Raw Power (ltd ed Red vinyl)]

October 20 street date. This iconic LP is now unleashed on Raw RED vinyl! This pressing is limited edition! Only 1000! Number 125 on Rolling Stone's "The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time" list! If there’s ever been an album that lives up to its title, this is it—Iggy and the Stooges’ apocalyptic, high-octane bombshell, Raw Power! At times this searing, end-of-the-world death platter—home to such proto-punk frontal assaults as “Search and Destroy,” “Shake Appeal,” and “Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell”—even threatens to surpass its beyond-appropriate moniker. Although this incarnation of the Stooges imploded not long after its release, Raw Power became the LP that launched a million punk rock bands all around the world, leaving its flaming skidmarks on scenes from London to L.A. to Sydney. Sundazed’s high-definition vinyl edition of this primal rock ’n’ roll beast features the legendary 1973 Columbia Records mix and includes its Mick Rock photo-adorned inner sleeve.
Jets To Brazil [Orange Rhyming Dictionary (2LP colour vinyl/inide shop only)]

Please Note: new street date is October 13. Three classic LPS from Jets to Brazil – available on 180 gram black vinyl and limited edition (indie-shop-only) clear vinyl. Jets To Brazil vinyl has been out of print since their original pressings and are in high demand. Consisting of ex-Jawbreaker frontman Blake Schwarzenbach, ex-Texas Is the Reason drummer Chris Daly, and ex-Handsome vocalist/guitarist Jeremy Chatelain, Jets to Brazil could be considered an amalgam of their forefathers with a slightly darker and more mature musical perspective. "With the 1998 release of their first LP, Orange Rhyming Dictionary, Jets to Brazil took the expectations of their peers and turned them on their heads, surprising most with their breed of music that is fresh and excitingly powerful. As the band members continue to move away from their namesakes and become more comfortable with their expanding sound, the world could see something quite intriguing evolve. Jets to Brazil followed up with Four Cornered Night in August 2000. Two years later, the band returned with their darkest, most inspirational material to date; Perfecting Loneliness was released in October 2002 and reflected mega-tight musicianship from the band." - All Music Guide
Joan Of Arc [How Memory Works]

September 22 street date. Four classic LPS from Joan Of Arc available on 180 gram black vinyl, all of which have been out of print and in demand. Chicago’s Joan of Arc blend post-rock’s atmospherics and punk’s volume and dynamics. Three members came from the emocore band Cap’n Jazz; when that band broke up, the trio wanted to change their musical direction, removing the boundaries and structures of punk and including more experimental elements like tape loops and electronics. Calling themselves Joan of Arc, the group went on tour with their friends the Promise Ring (who also featured ex-Cap’n Jazz members) in August 1996. After spending the fall of that year writing and recording, the band re-emerged in 1997 with A Portable Model of Joan of Arc, their full-length debut. The album continued Joan of Arc’s evolution into an equally hard-hitting and progressive outfit that appealed to emo and post-rock fans alike. The following year they returned with How Memory Works, a more clearly stated version of their ambitious style. Joan of Arc rang in 1999 with the release of Live in Chicago 1999. In February 2003, the band returned with So Much Staying Alive and Lovelessness.
King Khan [Murderburgers]

October 13 street date. King Khan, master of psychedelic R&B, used all of his magic to reunite one of his all time favourite bands "The Gris Gris" from Oakland, California to back him up on this long player. Produced by Greg Ashley at his Creamery Studio which has since disappeared because of the unfortunate gentrification of Oakland. This album shows a more singer/songwriter side to King Khan, while mixing in his classic garage punk swagger and many more subtle influences here and there. You can taste alot of Stooges, screaming saxes in full Steve Mackay style, pounding pianos, some Bakersfield California Country swing, some haunting desert sunset vibes and most of all the classic rock n' soul that has become King Khan's genuine signature sound. The resulting gumbo is as tasty as ever and even has the Oakland Taco King, Oscar "El Tacoban" Michel on Bass and legendary Oakland drummer for hire Garrett "with an A in the O" Goddard bashing the skins. King Khan starts a world tour this month to support.
Lewis, Jerry Lee [Jerry Lee's Greatest!]

October 13 street date. Jerry Lee’s Greatest! is the second album from rock & roll’s first great wild man, originally released in 1961 by the legendary Sun Record Company. The album includes Lewis’ biggest hit, “Great Balls of Fire,” which had been left off of his debut LP. The album has been remastered for vinyl and is presented true-to-form, with original artwork and liner notes.
Loveless, Lydia [Boy Crazy & Single(s) (180g yellow vinyl)]

October 13 street date. A new collection of Lydia Loveless's summery 5-song EP Boy Crazy, on vinyl for the first time, plus six non-album singles and B-sides, including original songs in addition to inventive and bare-bones covers of Prince, Elvis Costello, and Kesha. The recordings span from 2012 to 2015, many of which are on CD and LP for the first time. These songs see Lydia and her band roping in their signature twangy pedalsteel- laden rock beat-em-ups and tying them tightly with the crisp Southern air of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' Damn the Torpedoes and the snarling-but-sweet delivery of Juliana Hatfield's heyday. It's a summer set that arrives a little tardy this year just in time to prolong those long buzz-chasing July days when you hang out where you know you aren’t supposed to. This time you just don't care about getting caught.
Monolord [Rust (2LP/Colour vinyl)]

September 29 street date. Monolord encompasses and transcends genre — a vortex of heavy rock density that consumes all others. Their thunderous, tuneful heft has built a rabid international fanbase since their 2014 debut. But Rust, the band’s third full length, truly justifies why some refer to them as the Nirvana of doom. The band’s enveloping, syrupy sludge is a vibe, a state of mind. Not riffs for riffs’ sake, but a collective buzzing, rattling and rumbling that’s more total environment than collection of songs. Guitarist / vocalist Thomas Jäger, drummer Esben Willems, and bassist Mika Häkki create a massive, dynamic sound with ultra-low frequencies serving as a fourth member. Album opener “Where Death Meets the Sea” perfectly exemplifies their mastery of dynamics and hooks: a driving, infectious buzzsaw riff that lesser bands would ride off into the sunset, but they use to subtly spur the skull rattling core ever onward. This tight rhythmic unit sounds like an early ZZ Top record played at half speed. “Dear Lucifer” squeals and hums with slow deliberation as Willems summons Dale Crover with chasm-like low-tuned toms and syncopated cymbal crashes. The album’s title track is also its centerpiece, opening with a dramatic, shimmering Hammond organ intro followed by the band kicking in with a bellowing line downtuned to B that nosedives as the drums hammer down for the kill.
Motorhead [What's Words Worth (recorded live 1978)]

October 6 street date. Continuing our reissue programme of Motorhead’s Chiswick albums on vinyl, September sees the release of “What’s Words Worth?” on lobster red vinyl. A live album, it was recorded on 18th February 1978 at a benefit organised by Wilko Johnson to raise money to preserve some William Wordsworth manuscripts. The Rolling Stones mobile had been hired to record Chiswick labe-lmates the Count Bishops, but they also recorded Motorhead’s set. For contractual reasons they were billed as Iron Fist & the Hordes From Hell. Includes an illustrated inner sleeve with a full note by Chiswick boss Ted Carroll.
Motorhead [Motorhead (40th anniversary/white vinyl)]

Please note: new street date is September 15. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of its original release, we present a special facsimile edition of Motörhead’s first album. The silver logo and white vinyl release echoes Chiswick’s original 1977 release. Includes a fully illustrated inner sleeve.
Propagandhi [Victory Lap]

September 29 street date / October 13 for LP (date change). VICTORY LAP IS THE BAND’S SEVENTH STUDIO ALBUM (Their first in 5 years!! Rejoice!!) The first thing to know, if you want to know about Propagandhi, is that they came here to rock. Right from the snarling opening riff of their seventh album, Victory Lap, that much is clear. For everything else that swirls around the band now, and for the last 31 years — the politics, the people and, lately, a gnawing sense of despair — the sheer volume of it all hasn’t changed. Frontman Chris Hannah and bassist Todd Kowalski experienced a big change in the band when after nine years with Propagandhi, guitarist David “The Beaver” Guillas left the band for a teaching position and the band added a new member , Sulynn Hago, a seasoned guitar-slinger from Tampa, Florida. (That said, Guillas is still all over Victory Lap, contributing licks to four songs.) So what do you do, when you’re an unapologetically political band in a time when political speech seems more fractured than it has been in years? When the darkness looms and the rapacious maws of power seem to devour more by the day? You can’t stop the violence; you can’t save the world. But neither can you stand to sit back, and just watch it all burn. So here’s what you do: you strap up a guitar and get ready to rock.
Roach, Steve [Structures From Silence]

Please note new street date: October 20. Deluxe 1st time reissue of Steve Roach's game-changing 1984 ambient album!! Includes bonus download for 3 hours of unreleased material!! - In 1984, electronic composer (and Motocross racer) Steve Roach released a cassette that went on to change the face of modern ambient music forever. That album is "Structures From Silence" and Telephone Explosion will be reissuing it on vinyl September 29. "Structures From Silence" marked a significant change for Roach and his approach to making music. Gone was the sequencer-driven trance of his earliest ambient releases, replaced entirely with tracks devoid of percussion. The result is an album that breathes and sways with exquisite gentleness. "Structures From Silence might be less trumpeted than, say, Eno’s Ambient records, but in terms of emotional affect and textural flair, it more than trumps them." - Fact Magazine. // "The three extended compositions that comprise Structures arise out of such quiescence; the loops and gentle melodic refrains spire upwards and suggest vistas." Pitchfork's "Best Ambient Albums Of All Time"
Shout Out Louds [Ease My Mind]

September 22 street date. Ease My Mind, the fifth full-length by Shout Out Louds, is a welcome return from these Swedish pop masters. Recorded with Fredrik Swahn (from the band The Amazing) who filled the band with such new energy that they were willing to commute to the ’burbs during the darkest months of the year. He was joined by Måns Lundberg who produced the song “Souvenirs” and Axel Algmark who produced “No Logic” and “Angel.” The band recruited Lars Skoglund for drums, known for his work with Lykke Li. Adam and Bebban in the band write: “The world is a different place now than it was in the beginning of the 2000s. We didn’t grow up very aware of political messages in music and probably didn’t feel much of an urgent need to understand the world around us, in that sense. However, that has changed over the years. The world has seemed extremely dystopic and frail for quite a while now, and having children and getting older forces you to open your eyes to issues more devastating than heartbreak and feeling lost. But in our music, we still allow ourselves to address things the way we always have: through emotions rather than analysis. Music as a means of escape, a need to take a break from feeling petrified with fear. Ease My Mind is a lot about that for us.”
V/A [Warfaring Strangers: Acid Nightmares (2LP)]

September 22 street date. As the hippie movement hurdled towards its emanate demise, bad vibes infiltrated the rock world. Tainted LSD, loud motorcycles, and a series of brutal deaths spawned inspiration for guitar-wielding teenagers across the globe. Implementing deafening fuzz and satanic screams to create their protometal monstrosities, short-lived stoner bands pressed their lysergic experiments in microscopic quantities before blacking out entirely. Lifted from the ashes of the acid rock hell fire are 18 distorted tales of dope fiends, pill poppers, and the baddest of trips. Deluxe 2LP comes housed in a blacklight poster-style jacket, replete with flocking and lysergic neon. 24 pages documenting the creeping existential dread of the hard rock underground are tucked into the gatefold pocket alongside two dead dinosaur-heavy LPs. Compact disc is packaged in standard Numero slipcase, with digipak and 40-page book, limited to 2000 copies.
Wand [Plum]

September 22 street date. Wand are all set to release Plum, coming to the world September 22nd! They've got a video for its titular track which you can scope right now, you lovely impatient music lover, you. And the world over is Wand's oyster, "plum" fresh with ripe new tour dates taking us into the new year! Plum is Wand’s fourth LP since the band formed in late 2013, but their first new album since 2015. After a whirlwind first two years of writing, recording, and touring, their newest document focuses teeming, dense, at times wildly multichromatic sounds into Wand’s most deliberate statement to date, with a long evening’s shadow of loss and longing hovering above the proceedings. Oh..Also.. In late winter of 2016, the band — Cory Hanson (guitar, vocals), Lee Landey (bass) and Evan Burrows (drums) — expanded their core membership to include two new members -- Robbie Cody (guitar) and Sofia Arreguin (keyboards, vocals)!!
White Stripes [Complete Peel Sessions: BBC (2LP)]

September 22 street date. (Long awaited 2LP black vinyl edition!! Replaces out of print colour vinyl edition.)  Capturing Jack and Meg at the precipice of international renown in the hubbub of ''White Blood Cells'', their two live sessions with famed BBC DJ John Peel are arguably the best document of the White Stripes at that time. Having been widely bootlegged since their initial broadcast in 2001, these recordings are enjoying their first official and authorized release in celebration of their 15 year anniversary.
Wolves In The Throne Room [Thrice Woven (2LP/Gatefold)]

September 22 street date. Available on 2LP or CD. First proper studio album since Celestial Lineage (2011, Southern Lord) Guest vocal appearances from Steve Von Till (Neurosis) and Anna Von Hausswolff. Wolves In The Throne Room re-imagined black metal as an ode to rain storms, wood smoke and the wild energies of the Pacific Northwest. Their first studio album, Diadem Of 12 Stars (2006), was a genre-dissolving classic that created a melancholy and psychedelic Cascadian atmosphere. Since that time they have become one of the most potent and highly regarded bands in extreme music. The listener encounters crystalline metal riffs that slowly collapse and shift into ritualistic laments, singing of endless rain falling upon ancient cedars. Their music is a doorway into a mythic ethereal heathen landscape entered through music, magic and dreams. Now, a portal into the dreamworld of the band opens again with Thrice Woven. It is a glorious return to the blazing and furious black metal that they alone can create!

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