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Anti-Flag [A Document Of Dissent (20 years on compilation)]

July 22 street date. After more than 20 years writing smash hits about smashing the state, ANTI-FLAG have complied a comprehensive best of album. Aptly titled A Document of Dissent, this collection houses two decades of material that thoroughly represents ANTI-FLAG’s strong blend of music and message. Originally aimed at toppling oppression, it wasn’t long before ANTI-FLAG’s songs were topping the charts. Eventually ANTI-FLAG landed as the premiere political punk band around with an unparalleled ability to write high-energy, riffy, fist-pumping, sing-along anthems that never lose sight of the band’s anti-war, anti-imperialism, pro-human rights ethos. Comprised of 26 tracks, culled from 9 full-length albums spanning 6 labels, A Document of Dissent showcases the evolution of the band’s sound with hit after glorious hit, each accompanied by in-depth liners notes from the band illustrating the songs’ history and significance. In addition, the packaging includes a biographical timeline of the band cross-referenced with world events. A Document of Dissent is the quintessential ANTI-FLAG collection for diehard and casual fans alike. Vinyl includes download.
Black Angels [Clear Lake Forest]

July 22 street date. 7 NEW SONGS on CLEAR VINYL AND CD - Vinyl package includes MP3 download card. The Black Angels are excited to reveal Clear Lake Forest, featuring 7 entirely new tracks, hot on the heels of their acclaimed album Indigo Meadow released last year. Guitarist Christian Bland invites listeners to accompany the band on a sonic odyssey: "After roaming through the Indigo Meadow, the time has come to journey to the Clear Lake Forest, where 7 tales of diamonds, executioners, and other strange occurrences await underneath the crystal waves lapping in the lake." - "[E]qual parts visceral and sweeping, it’s perfect for shindigs in the desert or as the soundtrack to your mescaline-fueled escape from heartache." - Consequence of Sound
Brown, James [Love Power Peace (3LP)]

July 22 street date. First release of 3-LP set as envisioned by James Brown. Includes deluxe jacket with rare photos and liner notes by Alan Leeds. Mastered from Brown’s 1971 mixdown reels, unused until now! James Brown’s magnum opus! Love Power Peace is the sound of the Godfather and his youngblood J.B.’s (including Bootsy and Catfish Collins) electrifying a crazed Parisian audience on March 8, 1971. Sequenced and mixed by Brown himself for a planned triple album, the set was shelved when key band members departed before it could be issued. Here, for the first time, are the sides as intended, exactly as delivered by James Brown Productions to his label in 1971 - a 3-LP set with each disc mastered from the original mixdown reels, and each with a unique name, Love, Power and Peace! Brown and band rip through recent singles like 'Sex Machine', 'Super Bad', 'Give It Up or Turnit a Loose' and 'Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved' with a metronomic precision laid down by bassist Bootsy Collins and drummer Jabo Starks. 'Ain’t It Funky Now' - formerly a slow, simmering groove - is transformed into a fast, funky tour de force in which newbie Catfish Collins unleashes one of the most badass guitar solos ever, while a medley of three other Brown standards ('Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag'/'I Got You (I Feel Good)'/'I Got the Feelin’ ') blazes by faster than the Godfather of Soul’s personal Learjet. Interspersed with just the right amount of slow numbers like 'Georgia on My Mind', and including tracks from the show’s supporting acts that were not included on the 1992 CD (which was a remixed, incomplete show), this document of the funk revolution features rare photos and liner notes by tour director Alan Leeds. The way to jump on board for a trip through James’ world at the height of his career!
Clean [Anthology (4LP)]

July 15 street date. 4LP includes download. Anthology serves as a celebration of The Clean, a band whose influence extends so far beyond their New Zealand home that even if you have never heard of The Clean before, you have surely heard of some of the bands (Pavement, Yo La Tengo, and Superchunk, to name a few) who have been influenced by their unique blend of homemade garage rock, hook-filled melodies, and psychedelic experimentalism. The album is a compilation from across The Clean’s legendary career, which began in 1981 and continues today. Merge originally released the 2-CD Anthology in 2003, but in celebration of our 25th anniversary, we felt the time was right to release this essential collection on quadruple LP. Anthology kicks off with The Clean’s call-to-arms debut 'Tally Ho!'; the story of the infectious track’s $60 recording bill is now legendary. It continues with the early Eps Boodle Boodle Boodle and Great Sounds Great in their entirety. The hits - 'Billy Two', 'Anything Could Happen', 'Beatnik', and 'Getting Older' - and live favorites like 'Point That Thing Somewhere Else' and instrumentals 'Fish' and 'At the Bottom' all serve up memories of the joyous noise that characterized The Clean of that time. These recordings, mostly made by the band with Chris Knox and Doug Hood at the helm of the 4-track, capture the bright, raw sound of a classic garage band. After a brief breakup, the band recorded Vehicle in 1989. Vehicle was made in three days and engineered by Alan Moulder (Smashing Pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails, My Bloody Valentine). The sounds of Vehicle and the two albums that followed it, Modern Rock (1994) and Unknown Country (1996), make up the bulk of discs 3 and 4 of the vinyl Anthology. In addition to selections from these full-length recordings, Anthology includes two songs released only on an American 7-inch and two that appeared on a bonus flexi-disc with the Modern Rock LP.
Ding Dongs [Rang Tang Ding Dong]

July 8 street date. Mark Sultan and Bloodshot Bill rock like mad on this howlin’ set of 16 original numbers! Also available: Ding Dongs - S/t (ED357).
Earthless Meets Heavy Blanket [In A Dutch Haze (2LP)]

July 8 street date. After an impromptu heavy psych jam at SXSW left the crowd stunned and breathless, J Mascis and Earthless were asked to play the main stage of the Roadburn Festival in Holland. When Earthless’ guitarist Isaiah Mitchell had to back out at the last minute due to other commitments, Graham Clise from Heavy Blanket (who also plays with J in Witch) stepped in on second guitar. Backed by the best rhythm section out there - Mario Rubalcaba and Mike Eginton from Earthless - we are left with an incredible one-time happening, almost a full hour of some of the most mind bending heavy psych imaginable. J Mascis has a fanatical fanbase, both as a solo artist and with Dinosaur Jr and Heavy Blanket. Earthless’ breakthrough record, 'From The Ages' continues to fly off the shelves. With absolutely insane artwork from Tim Lehi, 'In a Dutch Haze' is a single CD or a lavish double LP with a gatefold sleeve, pressed on limited edition yellow haze vinyl!
French Style Furs [Is Exotic Bait]

July 8 street date. French Style Furs is Nathan Willett & Matt Maust (from Cold War Kids) & Nathan Warketin (from We Barbarians). Is Exotic Bait LP came to fruition through a combination of fate, artistic vision and the spontaneity of three longtime friends. The inspiration of Is Exotic Bait came from Willett’s idea to use the poetry of Thomas Merton as the lyrics. These poems opened a door of possibilities for Willett to sing unhinged and gave vision and direction to the album. Produced by Nick Launay (PiL, Grinderman, Nick Cave, and Yeah Yeah Yeah’s) Album Features Guest Appearances By Percussionist Stephen Hodges (Tom Waits, David Lynch), Vocals from Haley Dekle (Dirty Projectors), Zina, and Marika Dahlin and horn arrangements from Nick Kinsey and Wyndham Boylan-Garnett (Elvis Perkins in Dearland).
Interrupters [The Interrupters (LP+CD)]

August 5 street date. LP CONTAINS CD OF FULL ALBUM. The Interrupters are the newest signing to Tim Armstrong’s Hellcat label, releasing their debut self-titled album this August. Fronted by singer-songwriter Aimee Allen, the Los-Angeles based ska band began working with Armstrong on his popular Tim Timebomb series of singles. (Before that, Allen sang background vocals on the Armstrong-produced Grammy-winning Jimmy Cliff album Rebirth). Steeped in ska, reggae, and punk, Allen and the Interrupters bring a sly sense of humor to their music and lyrics on songs like 'White Noise' and 'Liberty'. With extensive national touring planned behind the new album, the Interrupters will be bringing their brand of noise to a waiting world this summer. The Interrupters toured nationally with Rancid Blink 182 and the Transplants in 2013, and are regulars at punk festivals like Ink and Iron. They will be on the road again this fall with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and the Aquabats. For fans of Rancid, the Distillers, Streetlight Manifesto, Sublime, Operation Ivy, Two Tone.
James, Etta [Sings For Lovers (LP+CD)]

July 15 street date. This is the fourth album by the Soul Queen Etta James and this is her tribute to love and lovers. Here, also on CD for the first time ever, this rare gem of a collection of love songs in the soul style, is one of the best records of entertainment music ever made. You cannot believe it was recorded more than 50 years ago so clear and real is its message. You can also find the other masterpieces, 'At Last', 'The Second Time Around' and 'Etta James' on Doxy Dig-a-log label, for your pleasure.
Joyce Manor [Never Hungover Again (LP+CD)]

July 22 street date. Joyce Manor was conceived in the back of a car in the Disneyland parking lot - the kind of beginning California dreams are made of. It was the fall of 2008, and over a bottle co-founders Barry Johnson (guitar, vocals) and Chase Knobbe (guitar) decided to team up under the moniker 'Joyce Manor', named after an apartment complex Barry walked past every day. Their first self-titled album in 2011 exploded out of nowhere; across two albums, they discovered what Joyce Manor really sounded like - the speed and sense of melody of fellow South Bay band the Descendents, the artfully bittersweet lyricism of Jawbreaker and the undeniable heart-on-sleeve honesty of the first two Weezer albums. By the close of 2013, they had signed with Epitaph, and now had the experience, the discipline and the inspiration to make one of those rare albums that redefines a young band - Never Hungover Again. Friend and Philly producer Joe Reinhardt took the controls in Hollywood’s analog dreamland the Lair, and they assigned the final mix to Tony Hoffer - the guy who found the definitive sound for Supergrass, Belle and Sebastian, M83 and Phoenix. Together, they made an album of pop-punk in paradox, right down to the title and photo on the cover. It’s something like believing the impossible, says Barry, or at least the too good to be true: "Those people look wasted - yeah, there will definitely be a hangover! There will be pain!" And from the first song, it’s ten precisely put-together songs about how things fall apart, with some of the saddest lyrics you’d ever shout along to from the front row. LP Includes CD.
Kilgour, David & the Heavy Eights [End Times Undone]

August 5 street date. LP is on randomly colored vinyl and includes download. End Times Undone, the latest album from David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights, was recorded in his native New Zealand between 2012 and 2014, but that’s a bit misleading. The album took so long to finish only because Kilgour assembled his bandmates every four or five months, and then only for a couple days at a time. And when they convened, the tape was rolling almost from the start. It’s the perfect way for Kilgour to operate these days, more than 30 years into a career that is equally compelling, consistent, and influential. From his first recordings with The Clean, the iconic band who remain active and whose legend deservedly grows mightier every year, Kilgour has had a distinct sound that has inhabited all of his albums and sounds fresh with every new release. Over just ten songs, End Times Undone offers a robust sampling of all the various styles Kilgour has mastered over the last three decades. For an album that comes so late in one’s career, it’s a surprisingly convenient entry point into Kilgour’s body of work. And to talk about a Kilgour album without talking about the guitar playing would be irresponsible. He has always been an understated guitar hero, playing with an efficient elegance, equally adept at heady drones or twinkling solos. The interplay with de Raad accounts for highlights on every track. End Times Undone will be released shortly after a reissue of The Clean’s Anthology, a 46-track set that serves as the band’s defining document that can attest to their pantheon status. End Times Undone is a perfect companion piece to that collection that left off in 1996, and in many ways feels like it could have simply been the next album helmed by Kilgour instead of one that comes nearly 20 years later. That’s what happens when you have an artist so comfortable with his sound and approach that you just turn on the amps and start playing.
Miriam [Nobody's Baby]

July 8 street date. Long awaited debut delivers a full-on footlong of throbbers that clobber! Miriam steps out from behind the A-Bones drum kit for her first solo outing-- Produced by Sam Elwitt. Of course!
Pallbearer [Foundations Of Burden (2LP)]

August 19 street date. The vinyl edition of the new PALLBEARER album 'Foundations Of Burden' is a double LP presented on thick vinyl (limited red-black two-sided coloured edition also available), in a gatefold jacket with a printed/designed insert. In the short timespan that they’ve been a band, Little Rock Arkansas’ PALLBEARER have literally defined and set a new standard in the realm of modern-day doom metal. Their 3-song 'The Legend' demo which was first released already had made a huge impression in itself amongst the doom metal scene. Said demo would just be a harbinger for what would become the band’s debut full-length LP, 2012’s 'Sorrow and Extinction' which made a massive impact not only in the doom metal scene but the entire metal scene in itself along with crossing over even within more mainstream territory. In turn 'Sorrow and Extinction' was one of the most praised metal albums of 2012, landing on pretty much every metal best-of year end list and being praised by such notable outlets as Pitchfork, Decibel, SPIN, Rolling Stone, Stereogum, and Entertainment Weekly, just to name a few. The band would do some great tour runs likewise in support of 'Sorrow and Exctinction' touring with the likes of St. Vitus, Boris, and Enslaved, and along with playing such notable festivals as Roadburn, Hellfest, MDF, Scion Rockfest, Fun Fun Fun Fest, and Hopscotch Fest respectively. Now, with their new album 'Foundations Of Burden', PALLBEARER are prepared to take it to the next level unparalleled by creating an album much more advanced, moving, and sonically glorious than their debut. If 'Sorrow and Extinction' created massive waves in the metal scene, 'Foundations Of Burden' will create the stuff of legends. Captured by legendary producer Billy Anderson (Agalloch, Sleep, Neurosis, The Melvins etc.) at Type Foundry studios in Portland Oregon, 'Foundations Of Burden' sees PALLBEARER expand their sound even further and going beyond into an emotionally driven sonic landscape more epic, vast, and ultimately more glorious and triumphant.
Pennywise [Yesterdays (LP+CD)]

July 15 street date. In November 2012 Southern California’s raucous punk heroes Pennywise announced the return of the band’s original vocalist, Jim Lindberg. Now, coming off a sold-out 25th anniversary tour featuring the classic lineup of Randy, Byron, Fletcher and Jim, the same lineup has hit the studio to record Yesterdays, as both a tribute and fierce rebranding of their punk rock legacy. Featuring new songs alongside some never-before-recorded songs written with original bassist Jason Thirsk, Yesterdays is pure prime Pennywise, loud fast and to the in-your-face point. With high profile national touring this summer as part of the Summer Nationals Tour with the Offspring and Bad Religion, Pennywise will reassure their rabid fans that their trademark melodic high energy sound merging melodic surf punk, blistering hardcore and the classic punk of their youth, is very much alive and kicking. LP includes CD.
Raveonettes [Pe'ahi]

July 22 street date. We’re going to let you in on a little secret. The Raveonettes are releasing their eight album, Pe’ahi, featuring 10 new tracks on July 22. Yeah, you read that right - that fact is a secret. Shhh, don’t tell. Not even their fans know yet. In fact, only an elite subset of the band’s sizeable fan base that they have accumulated throughout their 12+ year career, called the 'AAA fans', will be notified the week before the release, and we expect that word will spread like wildfire from there.
Reigning Sound [Shattered]

July 15 street date. Shattered will be Reigning Sound’s first album for Merge and the first full LP by the group since 2009’s Love and Curses. The band’s principal songwriter/member is Greg Cartwright, who’s been leading the shifting cast of characters since 2001. You may be familiar with some of the band’s work, as this album is preceded by five studio efforts as well as numerous EPs and live records. Or perhaps some of Greg’s other projects have been on your musical radar: The Oblivians, Parting Gifts, Compulsive Gamblers, 68 Comeback, Deadly Snakes, Detroit Cobras. Regardless, as far as Reigning Sound is concerned, this is as good a place to start as any because through many line-up changes and mood swings, the central, constant feature is the way Greg writes songs. This particular embodiment of the band includes longtime keyboardist Dave Amels, who joined the band seven years ago when Reigning Sound recorded an album, consisting mostly of Cartwright’s songs, with former Shangri-Las lead singer Mary Weiss. The album was recorded at Daptone’s Brooklyn studio (where drummer Mikey works in the office) and masterfully engineered by Wayne Douglas. The recordings are warm and punchy, a mixed bag of rockers, ballads, and something in between. There are only 11 songs on the album, but the band reckons it’s just right. LP version includes download coupon.
Segall, Ty [Manipulator (2LP)]

August 26 street date. THE SEGALL HAS LANDED. And it’s fully loaded, with everything that TY SEGALL (and you and me) are gonna need in the world to come. Heads up! It’s coming down fast. Sticking his hand deeper into the machines all around him, TY is reaching ever further to the outer limits of inner space orbited throughout TWINS and SLEEPER. And now more than ever, the chunks of the world that came before are like asteroids formed in his image . . . picking up speed . . . .Still fighting the power with all the energy that a determined mind-patriot can conjure, Ty’s a fighter who loves, a surfer, a spaceman, and yeah, a casualty - like you, he’ll never be free. But unlike you, he knows it - and when he goes down and his head cracks in two, out pour the multi-colored manias that make up MANIPULATOR. Soursweet declarations featuring freaks and creeps alike: 'The Singer', 'The Faker', 'Mister Main', 'Susie Thumb', the 'Connection Man', and 'The Crawler', to name but a mutant fistful. Three-quarter quartets raising their din in a few key places. Waves of sparkling acoustics with ominous, Love-ly undertones - and then, torrents of filthy git-grunge, exploding into the chorus, washing everything away, fusing the blackness of SABBATH with the grime and grab-ass of the STOOGES and the sweet swinging tones of the STONES. All in the name of getting higher on the music. Why have one guitar solo when you can have a few in the same space? There’s so little time, and a LOT to say. In order to ensure that he got it all out, TY called a few friends to fill in special parts on certain MANIPULATOR songs. He got great touches from CHRIS WOODHOUSE (piano, synth & percussion), SEAN PAUL PRESLEY (vocals), BRIT LAUREN MANOR (vocals), STEVE NUTTING (drums), IRENE SALZER (violin), JESSICA IVRY (cello), MATTHIAS MCENTIRE (viola) and the TY SEGALL band (MIKAL CRONIN, CHARLES MOOTHEART, EMILY ROSE EPSTEIN). Plus, MIKAL arranged the strings - and everyone played awesomely. The clarion call / siren song of his guitar . . . . clouds of guitar billowing, blood rushing to the head, the temperature going from blue to red . . . . TY’s on a mission, working to change chemistry through music with the steam-lined pop and helium-cooled vocals of MANIPULATOR.
Spider Bags [Frozen Letter (red vinyl)]

August 5 street date. LP pressed to red translucent vinyl; coupon for full album download included. Formed in 2005, Chapel Hill, North Carolina’s Spider Bags were largely a revolving cast, with only Dan McGee (guitars, vocals) persevering through the various incarnations of the band. But during the 2011 recording of Shake My Head, the current lineup consisting of Steve Oliva (bass) and Rock Forbes (drums) was finally solidified. Building upon the foundation laid down by its predecessor, Frozen Letter rocks with the clairvoyance of three musicians who have spent a lot of time recording and touring together over the last few years. "When we started this record, we weren’t even thinking about it being released. We just did it to have fun and keep moving forward," says Forbes. This approach allowed the band to push itself further out into the psychedelic frontier than ever before, aided by engineer/producer Wesley Wolfe. Recorded mostly live over the course of a few days, there’s an exhilarating urgency to the record, as heard in riff-driven rockers like 'Back With You Again in the World' and 'Chem Trails'. The band brings the tempo down a notch for 'Coffin Car', which finds them mining an ominous morbidity over one of their prettier chord patterns. 'We Got Problems' comes on like a true acid trip, alternating between utter terror and unfettered joy. Featuring a heavy and repetitive pattern, a slew of effected guitars, and searing guest leads from Superchunk’s Mac McCaughan, the song encapsulates an entire Spider Bags epoch in under six minutes. Frozen Letter is the band’s fourth full-length record overall and first for Merge Records.
Teenage Fanclub [Shadows (re-issue 180g)]

August 5 street date. LP is pressed on 180 gram vinyl with download coupon. Teenage Fanclub’s Shadows is August installment in the Merge Records 25th anniversary reissue series. Originally released in 2010, Shadows picks up on the introspective, world-weary quality of Man-Made but also delivers a bit of the classic bright pop the band is known for. Where Man-Made found the band struggling with feeling like life was an illusion on the dogged 'It’s All in My Mind', here you get Love’s breezy baroque pop statement of purpose 'Sometimes I Don’t Need to Believe in Anything', with its chorus of layered synth, strings, flutes, and sundry wind instruments. Similarly, Blake’s leadoff single 'Baby Lee' is a romantic ‘60s-styled folk-rocker that veritably shimmers with positive vibes. Elsewhere, Love’s 'Into the City' is a sunshine pop/country-rock love letter to urban days in the sun and McGinley’s 'Today Never Ends' is slow-burn psychedelic country-rock rumination on the past, the present, and a perfect day that never ends. If the day is as sun-drenched and relaxed as the songs on Shadows implies, then may it and Teenage Fanclub go on and on.
Teenage Fanclub [Man-Made (re-issue 180g)]

August 5 street date. LP is pressed on 180 gram vinyl with download coupon. Teenage Fanclub’s Man-Made is August installment in the Merge Records 25th anniversary reissue series. Originally released in 2005, Man-Made is a classic Fanclub record in tone and arrangement, and handsomely demonstrates the 'less is more' maxim--it is both airier and more light of touch than it’s immediate predecessors. Teenage Fanclub made the record in Chicago with John McEntire (Tortoise) at his Soma Electronic Music Studios. Though McEntire’s production is subtle, his unique aesthetics are definitely apparent on Man-Made as odd keyboards and sundry other inevitably electronic apparatuses bubble and bleep just below the surface of fuzzed-out guitars, chugging basslines, and layered vocals.
V/A [Eccentric Soul: The Way Out Label (3LP)]

July 15 street date. Available as both 2CD & 3LP. Fueled by the financial drippings of number runners and boosted by Hall-of-Fame running back Jim Brown, Cleveland, Ohio's Way Out Records offered asylum for a rising crop of rogue soul men, rust-belt vocal ensembles, and trial-by-fire producers. Helmed by a friendly consortium of hustlers, police officers, and gridiron giants, pet project beget obsession as Motown arrangers, gospel choirs, and the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra were all beckoned to the wrong side of the tracks to mint masterpieces for the Sensations, Volcanic Eruption, the Exceptional Three, and Bobby Wade, all beneath the mindful gaze of a wall-mounted shotgun. Reaching their peak in the late '60s, Eccentric Soul: The Way Out Label gathers the brightest moments from the quirky operation's eleven year bid. The 3LP configuration boasts a double gatefold with beautiful photos and ephemera from the label's low-flying promotional department. The 2CD version boasts images unique to this format, plus the same great liner notes, clocking in at 7,000 words. For fans of group harmony, sweet soul, orchestral feats and lo-fi oddities, The Way Out Label is an excellent addition to our already popular and powerful Eccentric Soul series.
V/A [Hyperdub 10.2]

July 22 street date. After Hyperdub's first compilation of 10th anniversary dancefloor heaters, ‘Hyperdub 10.2’ features some of the label's best songs of the last five years or so. Hyperdub is often associated with dark and brooding instrumental music, however, this mid-summer collection sheds some sunlight over that dread filled reputation, showcasing an underrated cast of talented songwriters, vocalists and producers. The album is laced with brand new cuts from Kode9, Cooly G, Morgan Zarate feauring. Eska and Ghostface Killah, Jessy Lanza, Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland, and DVA featuring Zaki Ibrahim. Ranging from melancholy R&B, garage, funk, footwork and icy pop, ‘10.2’ covers this overlooked side of the label's back catalogue. The album opens with Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland’s grime lullaby 'Signal 2012', one of their final collaborations, moving into Burial's dubbed-out R&B on 'Shell Of Light' from his seminal album 'Untrue', and Jessy Lanza's stand-out cut '5785021', before sliding into the digi dub meets R & B slow jam of South London's Cooly G with 'Obsessed'. King Britt features next, with his Fhloston Paradigm project, on the deeply emotive 'Never Defeated’ featuring Rachel Claudio. After their collaboration on his 'Pretty Ugly' album, DVA is joined again by South African singer Zaki Ibrahim with their brand new summery mutant garage track 'Solid'. Dam Funk jumps on Ikonika's funk bomb ‘Mr. Cake’, adding a fun, party vocal. Continuing the ‘80s funk vibe is Morgan Zarate and Roses Gabor's ice cold Prince-influenced 'Pusher Taker', the lead track from his 2013 EP. Jessy Lanza contributes some more sparkling R&B with the brand new 'You and Me', followed by another track from Morgan Zarate, a lost dub featuring the soulful Eska and Wu Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah. The tempo raises in the final stretch of the album with DVA's and Fatima's collaboration 'Just Vybe', Terror Danjah & Meleka's shimmering R&G cut 'You Make Me Feel' and the 160 bpm soul of the late DJ Rashad's 'Only One' from his acclaimed 'Double Cup' album. The CD closes with the lo-fi, bashy mutation of Kode9 & copeland's 'Lies Lies'. 10.2 calls on Hyperdub's sirens to balance the moody energy of 10.1 with fourteen slices of hyper soul. Let them lead you astray.
White Fence [For The Recently Found Innocent]

July 22 street date. White Fence emerge from their high aerie to display a shining array of royal jewels each time they unveil a new pop album to the world. The gliss and glitter that sounds forth from For the Recently Found Innocent has a shine all its own, and for Reasons too. For the Recently Found Innocent is many things - the fifth White Fence album, the first White Fence album to be recorded outside the bedroom fence (with live drumming!), the first White Fence record to be produced for Drag City. Plus also, a sophomore pump: the second time that Tim Presley and Ty Segall have met to record music (does anyone remember Hair?), this time pure and simply committed in the name of White Fence. Inevitably, the collision at the intersection of all these winding roads is a beautiful pileup of deep impacts, graceful lines and open space embodied in sound, White on White, compacted for your eyes and ears to believe. For the Recently Found Innocent surges forth with fresh set of elaborately crafted songs, harmony vocalizations and trippin’ guitar tones that strike the face and viscera with an equal (easy) blow. White Fence conjure a fantasy about reality, of the world as it is and should always be; their songs are alterna-hits played out in green sun, in blue air, on repeat, relentless, RIGHTEOUS in the privacy of front-parlor and yes, bedroom - White Fence, full-circle, from the cradle to the grave!

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