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Bailter Space [Wammo (translucent orange/25th Anniversary remaster)]

February 12 street date. Bailter Space's "Wammo" is back in print for the first time since the album's release 25 years ago. The LP is pressed onto limited transparent orange vinyl and features newly remastered audio from the original session reels. Formed in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1987 as Nelsh Bailter Space, the band's musical family tree touches on some of the nation's most revered weirdo luminaries - including Flying Nun mainstays like the Skeptics, the Clean, and the Gordons. Bailter Space embraced chaos, but celebrated precision, finding melody amid networks of brooding noise and feedback. After relocating to New York City, the band - who by then included Alister Parker, John Halvorsen, and Brent McLachlan - arrived on Matador in time for the US release of "Robot World" (1993). "Wammo" was the trio's third and final full-length with the label (their fifth album overall) and was among its most tuneful efforts (relatively speaking!). At the time, music scribes were a bit puzzled by the record's "accessibility". In the rear view, though, we can recognize "Wammo" for the perfectly melancholy and drone-laced brain-zap that it is.
Baker, Julien [Little Oblivions (golden yellow ltd.)]

February 26 street date. Julien Baker will release her third studio album, "Little Oblivions", on February 26 via Matador Records. Her first full length since 2017's "Turn Out The Lights", "Little Oblivions" was recorded in Memphis, TN between December 2019 and January 2020. The record weaves together unflinching autobiography with assimilated experience and hard won observations from the past few years, taking Baker's capacity for storytelling to new heights. It also marks a sonic shift, with the songwriter's intimate piano and guitar arrangements newly enriched by bass, drums, keyboards, banjo, and mandolin with nearly all of the instruments performed by Baker.
Besnard Lakes [The Besnard Lakes Are the Last Of the Great..(2LP)]

January 29 street date. "The Besnard Lakes Are The Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings" is the group's sixth album and the first on Flemish Eye. After 2016's "A Coliseum Complex Museum" - which saw Jace Lasek and Olga Goreas attempting shorter, less sprawling songs - the Besnards and their label decided it was time to go their separate ways; with that decision came a question of whether to even continue the project at all. What use is a band with an instinct for long, tectonic tunes - rock songs with chthonic heft and ethereal grace, 5 or 10 or 18 minutes long? How do you sell that in an age of bite-sized streaming? How do you make it relevant? Despite all its grandeur, "...The Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings" honours the very essence of punk rock: the notion that a band need only be relevant to itself. At last the Besnard Lakes have crafted a continuous long-form suite: nine tracks that could be listened together as one, overflowing with melody and harmony, drone and dazzle, the group's own unique weather. In late 2020, as the world burns, there might be nothing less trendy than an hour-long psych-rock epic by a band of Canadian grandmasters. Then again, there might be nothing we need more.
Blessed [iii (EP)]

February 19 street date. The cover art for "iii", the upcoming EP from Canadian art-rock band Blessed, depicts a wall of wooden blocks, all different shapes, jumbled messily and precariously high against a softly-coloured background. It's an image that captures Blessed at their most essential: experimental, asymmetrical, and interdependent, all the more remarkable for their marriage of those three qualities. The EP's four tracks expand on Blessed's already-idiosyncratic vision: cavernous post-punk electronics and measured drum work pave under guitarwork that trips and sways from chiming and sunny, to serrated and snarling, to frigid and stiff. Vocalist Drew Riekman's lithe tenor flickers in and out across tracks, an extra texture rather than a spotlit focus. Rather than aim for one uniform mix, the band pursued four separate ones: Corin Roddick (Purity Ring), John McEntire (Tortoise), Graham Walsh (Holy Fuck), and Riekman. The result is four tracks with distinctly different palettes and trajectories.
Buzzcocks [30: Live In London (2LP-red vinyl)]

Please note new street date: January 29. Join Buzzcocks as they celebrate the 30th anniversary of the band's formation in front of a ravenous London audience. Recorded in December 2006, and never before released on vinyl, ‘30’ captures the band on excellent form, performing twentyeight songs from across their back catalogue, including their seminal late 70s hits and highlights from the rest of their career. Still wired, still buzzing with punk energy and still playing loud, fast and unapologetically, this is the sound of a band on unstoppable form, led, as ever, by the inimitable combination of Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle. Limited to 1000 copies, this red vinyl edition promises to be a must-have for die-hards and collectors, and a brilliant primer for those not yet in the know.
Carcass [Swansong (FDR audio)]

January 29 street date. Liverpool's legendary Death Metal pioneers Carcass (who still tour extensively to this day) are often credited with shaping the entire death metal genre, pushing boundaries with their shocking imagery whilst evolving and innovating with each new album. "Swansong" is their sixth album, originally released in 1996.
Carpenter, John [Lost Themes III: Alive After Death]

February 5 street date. Much has changed in the musical life of renowned composer and director John Carpenter since 2016's "Lost Themes II". Following the release of that album, he went on his first-ever concert tour, performing material from the "Lost Themes" albums, as well as music from his classic film scores. He re-recorded many of those classic movie themes for 2017's "Anthology" album, working alongside son Cody Carpenter and godson Daniel Davies. The following year, he was asked to executive produce and compose the music for the new "Halloween" movie directed by David Gordon Green. Now, he returns with his first album of non-soundtrack music in nearly five years, "Lost Themes III: Alive After Death". Underpinning Carpenter's renaissance as a musician has been his collaboration with Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies. They've composed and performed as a trio throughout this entire run, on studio albums, on soundtracks, and onstage. Here, the trio reaches a new level of creative mind meld. Richly rendered worlds are built in the interplay between Davies' guitar and the dueling synthesizers played by the Carpenters.
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah [New Fragility (black vinyl)]

February 12 street date.  Black vinyl edition. What are we to make of the world? In many ways, the title "New Fragility" perfectly sums up our collective state of unease and anxiety, but it's particularly apt for singer songwriter Alec Ounsworth aka Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and the trauma he's spent the best part of three years processing. Yet it also showcases what Ounsworth has become so masterful at - couching a certain level of seriousness in something fun. Something danceable. It's what's powered some of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's most memorable moments, and what makes "New Fragility" such an accomplished, affecting record. Powerful too, taking aim at what Ounsworth calls "the failed democratic experiment that is the United States of America" and the supine hypocrisy of those currently in government. Trace the arc of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's evolution and it shows an accomplished musician and composer sounding ever more confident, constantly refining and broadening his sound and indulging an ever wider set of influences. Few have been as consistently brilliant, eclectic, and intimate; fewer still have done so while being defiantly, 100% independent, refusing to sign deals that compromise artistic vision.
Fleet Foxes [Shore (2LP)]

Please note new street date: March 19. Fleet Foxes fourth studio album "Shore" is a collection of 15 new songs, available on double-gatefold 2LP vinyl and CD. Fleet Foxes' Robin Pecknold shares, "Shore feels like a relief, like you’d feel when your feet finally hit sand after getting caught in a riptide. It's a celebration of life in the face of death, honoring our lost musical heroes, from David Berman to John Prine to Judee Sill to Bill Withers, embracing the joy and solace they brought to our lives and honoring their memory. "Shore" is an object levitating between the magnetic fields of the past and the future". "Shore" was released digitally in its entirety on the fall equinox (9/22) alongside an album length Super-16mm landscape film captured and edited in Washington State by the filmmaker Kersti Jan Werdal. The album was recorded in upstate New York at Aaron Dessner's Long Pond Studio, in Paris at Studios St. Germain, in Los Angeles at the legendary Vox, in Long Island City at Diamond Mine, and New York City's Electric Lady.
Fraites, Jeremiah [Piano Piano (he of Lumineers)]

Please note new street date: January 29 street date. The Lumineers co-founder, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Jeremiah Fraites' solo debut album "Piano Piano" will be release on January 22nd through Dualtone Records. A collection of songs that's been in the works for the better part of a decade, "Piano Piano" features gorgeous, intimate piano-centric instrumental songs capturing Fraites' reflective moments from his Denver home.
Goat Girl [On All Fours (2LP)]

January 29 street date. Goat Girl are delighted to announce their new album "On All Fours", released via Rough Trade Records on January 29th. The new album was produced by Dan Carey (Kate Tempest, Black Midi and Franz Ferdinand). The album will be available on black double LP, transparent pink double LP, and CD. This new record sees the band veer away from the confrontational lyricism of their debut and indicates Goat Girl's maturing perspectives in discussing the world's injustices and social prejudices, using the music to explore global, humanitarian, environmental and mindful wellbeing.
Karijord, Rebekka & Jon Ekstrand [I Am Greta O.S.T. (green swirl vinyl)]

February 5 street date. Unique composer duo Rebekka Karijord & Jon Ekstrand create compelling, hybrid score to intimate portrait of teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg. ‘I Am Greta’, the intimate Hulu documentary by Swedish director Nathan Grossman, tells the story of teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg through compelling, never-before-seen-footage. To musically accompany Greta and the children of the Fridays for Future movement on their journey, composers Rebekka Karijord and Jon Ekstrand spent time searching for the right balance when it comes to how much emotional triggers the music should offer: Their dynamic score is huge and intimate, uplifting and melancholic, and manages to carry the emotional nuance of Greta's story. The score forms a musical parallel to Greta's journey and narrative voice throughout the film. Its energy, urgency and emotional depth reminds us that the time for climate action is now.
Krol, Mike [Mike Krol Is Never Dead (3CD) the first 2 albums]

January 29 street date. Most listeners were introduced to Mike Krol in 2015 with the release of his Merge debut, "Turkey". Few knew at the time that "Turkey" was actually Chapter 3 of the Krol saga, and that he had self-released two records years earlier. To the delight of his new legion of fans, Merge reissued those early albums as the 2017 collection "Mike Krol Is Never Dead". With that release, "I Hate Jazz" and "Trust Fund" found new life, and the inclusion of digital-only rarities led to fresh demand for this CD reissue. The 3-CD edition of "Mike Krol Is Never Dead" includes the first two albums housed in miniature-sized reproductions of the original album tri-fold wallets, and an additional disc filled with an illuminating selection of outtakes, demos, and B-sides from that era.
Lamarr, Delvon Organ Trio [I Told You So]

January 29 street date. Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio specialize in the lost art of "feel good music". The ingredients of this intoxicating cocktail include a big helping of the 1960s organ jazz stylings of Jimmy Smith and Baby Face Willette; a pinch of the snappy soul strut of Booker T. & The M.G.'s and The Meters; and sprinkles of Motown, Stax Records, blues, and cosmic Jimi Hendrix-style guitar. It's a soul-jazz concoction that goes straight to your heart and head makes your body break out in a sweat. The band features organist Delvon Lamarr, a self-taught virtuosic musician, with perfect pitch who taught himself jazz and has effortlessly been able to play a multitude of instruments. On guitar is the dynamo Jimmy James who eases through Steve Cropper-style chanking guitar, volcanic acid-rock freak-out lead playing, and slinky Grant Green style jazz. From Reno, Nevada is drummer Dan Weiss (also of the powerhouse soul and funk collective The Sextones). Dan's smoldering pocket-groove drumming locks in the trio's explosive chemistry.
Milk Carton Kids [Live From Lincoln Theatre (2LP)]

January 29 street date. The Milk Carton Kids are releasing the live album "Live From Lincoln Theatre" for the first time, on vinyl. Founded in 2011, The Milk Carton Kids swiftly emerged as a major force in the American folk tradition, blending ethereal harmonies and intricate musicianship with a uniquely powerful brand of contemporary songcraft. Comprised of singers and acoustic guitar players Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale, The Milk Carton Kids both filmed and recorded their set at this Columbus, Ohio theatre in October 2013 during their tour in support of the Grammy-nominated album "The Ash & Clay". "Live From Lincoln Theatre" is the truest representation of what Joey and I have been up to for the last decade," Pattengale explains. "The set list is like a greatest hits album of Milk Carton Kids songs. I've never played guitar in the studio quite the way that it comes together on stage. Our voices also communicate something extra for the occasion. And, of course, Joey doesn't ramble about our master recordings, but there's no stopping him once the lights are dim and the mics are hot".
Mogwai [As The Love Continues (2LP)]

Please note new street date: February 26. Mogwai have advanced without a plan since they were teenagers, there have been no secretive meetings to work out the master plan. It is rare to hear a band that has been going for this long, and have this many albums behind them - ten records in and still no disappointments or mistaken creative left turns. You may know what to expect, but you will never get the same. Both transcendent and surprising, "As The Love Continues" shows that Mogwai are still offering solace from the mundane, supplying the soundtrack to whatever movie you are making in your head. Produced by Dave Fridmann, the album features contributions from Atticus Ross and Colin Stetson, and will arrive almost exactly 25 years after the release of their debut single, "Tuner"/"Lower".
No Use For A Name [Rarities Vol. 2: The Originals]

February 12 street date. When it comes to classic Fat Wreck bands No Use For A Name certainly need no introduction, but here's the scoop: they were one of the first bands on Fat Wreck Chords and remain a cornerstone of the label roster. Their unique take on California punk emphasized equally innovative and catchy melody, paired with top-flight musicianship. Despite the tragic passing of singer and songwriter Tony Sly in 2012, their presence can still be felt today, as their influence is evident in the work of many other artists. Fat Wreck recently unearthed some demos and early versions of some of the best No Use For A Name songs. The response was unanimous - people must hear these! So alas, we bring you "Rarities Vol. 2: The Originals". Side A gets the listener hooked immediately with rare versions of songs that have only appeared on compilations. The B-side contains never-before heard demos from the classic NUFAN album "Hard Rock Bottom".
Parks, Arlo [Collapsed In Sunbeams (deep red vinyl)]

January 29 street date. 20 year old British musican and poet Arlo Parks has been very steadily climbing the ranks of an artist to watch since the release of her confessional debut single "Cola" in 2018. Arlo has received praise from artists such as Billie Eilish, Wyclef Jean, Florence Welsh, and Phoebe Bridgers during the last year while growing her fan base exponentially. She was also named the BBC Introducing 2020 Artist Of The Year. Arlo describes her debut album "Collapsed In Sunbeams" as "a series of vignettes and intimate portraits surrounding my adolescence and the people that shaped it. It is rooted in storytelling and nostalgia - I want it to feel both universal and hyper specific". Parks struggled with her identity growing up; a self-confessed tomboy who was super sensitive and "uncool", she says "I'm a black kid who can't dance for shit, listens to emo music, and currently has a crush on some girl in my Spanish class".
Pinegrove [Amperland, NY (2LP)]

February 26 street date. "Amperland, NY" is a collection (and feature length film) that features 21 brand new studio recordings spanning Pinegrove's career and catalogue, captured upstate in the house where the band lived and recorded for 4 years - a place they lovingly referred to as "Amperland". All good things (and leases) come to an end, and before they bid adieu to the space permanently, they gathered together for one last performance with friends and family. Featuring original member and keyboardist/vocalist Nandi Rose (Half Waif) on many tracks, this collection will thrill old and new listeners alike, with the band breathing new life into fan favorites and deep cuts. From acoustic versions to unique arrangements featuring piano, pedal steel and organ, "Amperland, NY" touches on notes of folk and progressive rock previously unheard on their studio albums. This will be an essential addition to the Pinegrove catalog and encompasses all of the earnest and ecstatic live energy the band is known for. The beautiful double album will be housed in a heavyweight matte gatefold package and comes with a fully annotated script and behind the scenes photos from the film.
Rhye [Home (2LP)]

Please note new street date: January 29. Please note: due to an error at the pressing plant, the pressing was on black vinyl instead of the "sunset" coloured vinyl originally solicited.  Double LP gatefold with an etched D-side.  Rhye, the project of Los Angeles-based, Toronto-born musician Michael Milosh, announces his new album, "Home". Following 2018's JUNO-winning "Blood", "Home" is centered around the idea of home as the core of creativity and community. It's familiar in its synthesis of propulsive beats, orchestral flourishes, piano ruminations and sultry, gender-nonconforming vocals, but never have they sounded more cohesive or alive. Written throughout 2019 and early 2020, "Home" was recorded at United Recording Studios, Revival at The Complex (Earth, Wind & Fire), as well as Milosh's home studio, and mixed by Alan Moulder (Nine Inch Nails, Interpol, My Bloody Valentine). For Milosh, the home is the center of creativity and community. It transcends conventional understandings of walls, stairs and hardwood floors. A culmination of a wayfarer's journey, the home is a balm for a restless spirit - a place to simply be.
Schultz, Wesley [Vignettes]

February 26 street date. "Vignettes" sees Wesley Schultz, the 2x GRAMMY® Award-nominated singer-songwriter-guitarist and co-founder of The Lumineers, exploring his myriad influences and early inspirations with a series of starkly beautiful cover versions spanning such legendary artists as Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits, Sheryl Crow, Jim Croce, Derek and the Dominos, and Warren Zevon.
Swift, Richard [Even Your Drums Will Die: Live At Pendarvis Farm 2011]

January 29 street date. Recorded in 2011 in a dusty, beloved barn, "Even Your Drums Will Die" is a time machine, a real one, to a moment packed thick with Richard Swift's singular, crackling liveliness. Swift is known to many as a producer moreso than a songwriter, but these songs! This voice! They are machete-sharp here, his voice clear as a bell and slicing wry, expert wordplay on its blade. Where Swift's studio recordings are marked by texture, tone and mood, "Even Your Drums Will Die" puts an indelible spotlight on Swift's voice, his lyrics and his songwriting. If you know these songs, you will find them set alight here. If you don't, "Even Your Drums Will Die" is an incomparable snapshot of both art and artist. It is a genie, a real one, let loose from the lamp with Richard Swift's explosive energy, imagination and mischief.
TV Priest [Uppers]

February 5 street date. Unsurprisingly, there isn't a precedent for launching a band during a global pandemic, but among the general sense of anxiety and unease pervading everything at the moment, TV Priest's entrance in April with the release of debut single "House Of York" - a searing examination of the Monarchy set over wiry post-punk and fronted by a Mark E. Smith-like mouthpiece - served as a breath of fresh air among the chaos, its anger and confusion making some kind of twisted sense to the nation's fried brains. It's the same continued global sense of anxiety that will greet the release of "Uppers", and it's an album that has a lot to say right now. Taking musical cues from post-punk stalwarts The Fall and Protomartyr as well as the mechanical, pulsating grooves of krautrock, it's a record that moves with an untamed energy. Over the top of this rumbling musical machine is vocalist Charlie, a cuttingly funny, angry, confused, real frontman. "Uppers" sees TV Priest taking musical and personal risks, reaching outside of themselves and trying to make sense of this increasingly messy world. It's a band and a record that couldn't arrive at a more perfect time.

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