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Biafra, Jello/D.O.A. Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbours Alternative/Punk 721616007824 ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES CD VIRUS78
2007/04/10 D.O.A. Punk Rock Singles 1978-1999 Alternative/Punk 652975007326 SUDDEN DEATH CD SDR0073
2007/11/06 D.O.A. The Black Spot Alternative/Punk 652975007623 SUDDEN DEATH CD SDR0076
2008/08/26 D.O.A. Northern Avenger Alternative/Punk 652975007920 SUDDEN DEATH CD SDR0079
2008/10/21 D.O.A. Human Bomb/ Crossfire Alternative/Punk 652975008026 SUDDEN DEATH 7" SDR0080
2009/11/03 D.O.A. Kings Of Punk, Hockey And Beer Alternative/Punk 652975008521 SUDDEN DEATH CD SDR0085
2010/03/23 D.O.A. Let's Wreck The Party Alternative/Punk 652975008620 SUDDEN DEATH CD SDR0086
2010/05/11 D.O.A. Talk - Action = 0 Alternative/Punk 652975008828 SUDDEN DEATH CD SDR0088
2011/06/07 D.O.A. Hardcore '81 (30th Ann. Ed.) Alternative/Punk 652975004912 SUDDEN DEATH LP SDR0049LP
2016/04/22 D.O.A. Something Better Change (2016 Remaster/Digi) Alternative/Punk 652975002529 SUDDEN DEATH CD SDR0025
2011/06/07 D.O.A. Something Better Change (30th Ann. Ed.) Alternative/Punk 652975002512 SUDDEN DEATH LP SDR0025LP
2002/02/19 D.O.A. Greatest Shits Punk 652975003526 SUDDEN DEATH CD SDR0035
2008/10/21 D.O.A. Northern Avenger Punk 652975007913 SUDDEN DEATH LP SDR0079LP
2006/09/12 D.O.A. Bloodied But Unbowed (Pic Disc) Punk 652975006619 SUDDEN DEATH LP SDR0066LP
2003/10/07 D.O.A. War and Peace Punk 652975005124 SUDDEN DEATH CD SDR0051
2004/09/07 D.O.A. Live Free or Die Punk 4260030882083 SUDDEN DEATH LP SDR0056LP
2010/06/22 D.O.A. Talk - Action = 0 Punk 652975008811 SUDDEN DEATH LP SDR0088LP
2012/07/31 D.O.A. We Come In Peace Alternative/Punk 652975009917 SUDDEN DEATH LP SDR0099LP
2012/07/31 D.O.A. We Come In Peace Alternative/Punk 652975009924 SUDDEN DEATH CD SDR0099
2013/10/15 D.O.A. War On 45 - 30th Anniversary Reissue Alternative/Punk 652975006411 SUDDEN DEATH LP SDR0064
2013/09/17 D.O.A. Welcome to Chinatown: D.O.A. Live Alternative/Punk 652975010029 SUDDEN DEATH CD SDR0100
2013/12/10 D.O.A. Welcome To Chinatown: D.O.A. Live (2LP) Alternative/Punk 652975010012 SUDDEN DEATH LP SDR0100
2014/03/11 D.O.A. To Hell 'n Back (DVD+CD) Rock/Pop 760137619192 MVD DVDAUDIO MVD6191D
2014/11/25 D.O.A. Positively DOA - 33rd Anniversary Reissue Alternative/Punk 652975010111 SUDDEN DEATH 7" SDR0101
2014/11/25 D.O.A. Positively DOA - 33rd Anniversary Reissue Alternative/Punk 652975010425 SUDDEN DEATH CDS SDR0104
2015/06/23 D.O.A. Don't Turn Your Back (On Desperate Times) - John Peel Sessions Alternative/Punk 652975010616 SUDDEN DEATH 12"EP SDR0106
2015/06/23 D.O.A. Don't Turn Your Back (On Desperate Times) - John Peel Sessions Alternative/Punk 625975010623 SUDDEN DEATH CD SDR0106
2015/07/10 D.O.A. Hard Rain Falling Alternative/Punk 652975011026 SUDDEN DEATH CD SDR0110
2015/10/23 D.O.A. Hard Rain Falling Alternative/Punk 652975011019 SUDDEN DEATH LP SDR0110
2016/08/12 D.O.A. World War 3 (Ltd) Punk 652975011316 SUDDEN DEATH 7" SDR0113
2017/02/10 D.O.A. Murder (1990) Punk 652975011521 SUDDEN DEATH CD SDR0115
2017/01/27 D.O.A. Murder (1990) Punk 652975011514 SUDDEN DEATH LP SDR0115
2018/05/04 D.O.A. Fight Back Punk 652975012122 SUDDEN DEATH CD SDR0122CD
2018/06/22 D.O.A. Fight Back Punk 652975012115 SUDDEN DEATH LP SDR0122LP
2018/06/22 D.O.A. Fight Back (White Vinyl) Punk 652975012214 SUDDEN DEATH LP SDR0122REDLP
2019/04/12 D.O.A. 1978 (Unreleased Tracks/Singles/Demos) Punk 652975012320 SUDDEN DEATH CD SDR0123CD
2019/05/10 D.O.A. 1978 (2LP/Unreleased Tracks) Punk 652975012313 SUDDEN DEATH LP SDR0123LP
2020/07/31 D.O.A. Treason Punk 652975012429 SUDDEN DEATH CD SDR0124CD
2020/07/31 D.O.A. Treason Punk 652975012412 SUDDEN DEATH LP SDR0124LP
2002/02/25 D.O.A. Just Play It Over And Over Alternative/Punk 652975004721 SUDDEN DEATH CDS SD047
2003/10/07 D.O.A. War & Peace - 25th Anniversary Anthology Alternative/Punk 652975005124 SUDDEN DEATH CD SD051
1998/03/01 D.O.A. Festival of Atheists Punk 652975000228 SUDDEN DEATH CD SDR0002
2003/05/27 D.O.A. Greatest Shits DVD Alternative/Punk 022891435981 SUDDEN DEATH DVD SDR0021
2003/10/28 D.O.A. Win The Battle Alternative/Punk 652975004820 SUDDEN DEATH CD SDR0048
2002/09/01 D.O.A. Win The Battle Alternative/Punk 000000000000 SUDDEN DEATH LP SDR0048
2002/09/24 D.O.A. Hardcore '81 Alternative/Punk 652975004929 SUDDEN DEATH CD SDR0049
2004/09/07 D.O.A. Live Free or Die Alternative/Punk 652975005629 SUDDEN DEATH CD SDR0056
2005/10/04 D.O.A. War On 45 Alternative/Punk 652975006428 SUDDEN DEATH CD SDR0064
2014/02/04 D.O.A. Bloodied But Unbowed Alternative/Punk 652975006626 SUDDEN DEATH CD SDR0066
D.O.A. Dawning Of A New Error Alternative/Punk 721616010626 ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES CD VIRUS106

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