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Street Date  Artist  Descending Title  Genre  Barcode  Label  Format Catalogue 
Doldrums Acupuncture Alternative 796441801626 KRANKY CD KRANK016
1999/11/01 Doldrums Desk Trickery Alternative 796441804023 KRANKY CD KRANK040
Doldrums Secret Life of Machines 000000000000 VHF CD VHF21
1998/04/27 Doldrums Feng Shui 783881003222 VHF CD VHF32
2010/09/07 Drums S/T Rock/Pop 602527369099 ISLAND CD 2736909
2014/09/23 Drums Encyclopedia Alternative 827590990029 ARTS & CRAFTS CD AC099CD
2014/10/07 Drums Encyclopedia Alternative 887158927515 ARTS & CRAFTS LP AC099LP
2017/06/16 Drums Abysmal Thoughts Alternative 045778752324 ANTI CD 87523
2017/06/16 Drums Abysmal Thoughts (2LP) Alternative 045778752317 ANTI LP 87523
2017/07/14 Drums Abysmal Thoughts Alternative 705911352438 LOLIPOP CASS LPOP290
2011/09/06 Drums Portamento Alternative 602527786346 MOSHI MOSHI CD 0252778634
2019/04/05 Drums Brutalism Alternative 045778764921 ANTI CD 87649
2019/04/05 Drums Brutalism Alternative 045778764914 ANTI LP 87649
2019/04/05 Drums Brutalism (indie shop colour vinyl version) Alternative n/a ANTI LP 87649INDIE
2017/03/01 Drums And Tuba Vinyl Killer Rock/Pop 748731702328 RIGHTEOUS BABE CD 74873170232
2017/03/01 Drums And Tuba Mostly Ape Rock/Pop 748731702823 RIGHTEOUS BABE CD 74873170282
2017/03/01 Drums And Tuba Battles Ole Rock/Pop 748731704728 RIGHTEOUS BABE CD 74873170472
1999/10/25 Drums And Tuba Flatheads & Spoonies Alternative 63705100332 MY PAL GOD CD MPG033
2000/09/05 Drums And Tuba Box Fetish Alternative 637051003621 MY PAL GOD CD MPG036
2000/09/05 Drums And Tuba The Flying Ballerina Alternative 637051003720 MY PAL GOD CD MPG037
2017/09/22 Drums Off Chaos Compass EP Instrumental 4018939321321 NONPLACE 12"EP NON043EP
2018/03/09 Drums Off Chaos Centre Electronic 673799364617 NONPLACE 12"EP NON046EP
2011/03/01 Drums Off Chaos & Jens-Uwe Beyer s/t Electronica 880319507014 MAGAZINE CD MAGAZINE003LP
2011/03/11 Drums Off Chaos & Jens-Uwe Beyer s/t Electronic 880319504822 MAGAZINE CD MAGAZINE003CD
2013/10/08 Kickdrums Thinking Out Loud Alternative 790692078615 HOPELESS CD HP7862
2013/10/08 Kickdrums Thinking Out Loud Alternative 790692078615 HOPELESS LP HP7861
Not Missing Drums Project The Gay Avantgarde Jazz 5024792033324 LEO CD LEO333
2018/09/07 Talking Drums Courage Alternative 794811514756 DARK ENTRIES 12"EP DE229

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