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Street Date  Artist  Descending Title  Genre  Barcode  Label  Format Catalogue 
Bennett, Duster Jumpin' At Shadows Blues 766126401021 INDIGO CD IGOCD2010
Bennett, Duster Blue Inside Blues 766126404923 INDIGO CD IGOCD2049
2000/11/02 Bennett, Duster Shady Little Baby Blues 766126412621 INDIGO CD IGOCD2126
2018/07/27 Bennett, Duster The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions (2CD) Blues 0805772636729 RETROWORLD CD FLOATM6367
2019/02/01 Bennett, Duster Smiling Like I'm Happy (180g) Blues 5060149621462 PURE PLEASURE LP 763208
Capital City Dusters Forest Fire 000000000000 DISCHORD DIRECT 7" DIS110.5
Capital City Dusters / Most Secret Method split 000000000000 DISCHORD DIRECT 10" DIS117.5
2002/04/01 Capitol City Dusters Rock Creek Alternative 718751962729 DISCHORD CD DIS127
2002/04/01 Capitol City Dusters Rock Creek Alternative 718751962712 DISCHORD LP DIS127
2012/06/12 Cookie Duster When Flying Was Easy Alternative 823674654320 MAPLE MUSIC CD MRCD6543
2012/07/03 Cookie Duster When Flying Was Easy Alternative 852914001020 SQE MUSIC LP SQE114
Crotchduster Big Fat Box Of Shit Metal 790168512728 WILLOWTIP CD WTR0322
2019/06/14 Duster Stratosphere (black vinyl) Alternative 825764608619 NUMERO LP NUM1286
2019/06/14 Duster Stratosphere (cream coloured vinyl) Alternative 825764608626 NUMERO LP NUM1286LPC1
2019/06/14 Duster Contemporary Movement (black vinyl) Alternative 825764608718 NUMERO LP NUM1287LP
2019/06/14 Duster Contemporary Movement (opaque orange vinyl) Alternative 825764608725 NUMERO LP NUM1287LPC1
1999/11/02 Duster 1975 Alternative 796818007521 UP RECORDS CDS UP075
2000/07/18 Duster Contemporary Movement Alternative 796818009129 UP RECORDS CD UP091
2018/07/27 Dustern Ouden Rock/Pop 669439610459 DOOM STEW CD DOOS10072
2019/04/05 Infamous Stringdusters Rise Sun (color vinyl) Folk 745558857934 TAPE TIME LP TPTI420051
2019/04/05 Infamous Stringdusters Rise Sun Folk 745558857927 TAPE TIME CD TPTI420052
2010/04/20 Infamous Stringdusters Things That Fly Bluegrass 015891405926 EMI CD 015891405926
2008/08/01 Infamous Stringdusters Fork In The Road Country 015891402123 WELK CD 015891402123
2008/08/01 Infamous Stringdusters Infamous Stringdusters Country 015891404325 WELK CD 015891404325
2012/10/16 Infamous Stringdusters Silver Sky (Dlx Ed.) Bluegrass 662102115619 HIGH COUNTRY LP 662102115619
2012/10/16 Infamous Stringdusters Siver Sky/We'll Do It Live (2CD) Bluegrass 662102115527 SCI FIDELITY CD 662102115527
2012/10/16 Infamous Stringdusters We'll Do It Live (2LP/gatefold) Bluegrass 662102115718 HIGH COUNTRY LP 662102115718
2013/04/16 Infamous Stringdusters Silver Sky Country 662102115527 RED INK CD 66210211552
2014/04/01 Infamous Stringdusters Let It Go Country 748252906403 HIGH COUNTRY CD 74825290640
2016/09/09 James, Elmore & His Broomdusters Slide Order of the Blues (2CD) The Singles 1952-1962 Blues 604988307221 JASMINE CD JASMCD3072
2016/09/12 James, Elmore & His Broomdusters Blues After Hours (180g HQ vinyl/+4 bonus tracks) Blues 8436544170558 VINYL LOVERS LP 6785455

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