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2010/01/12 King Crimson In The Court Of The Crimson King (CD+DVDA-digi) Rock/Progressive 633367400123 PANEGYRIC CD KCSP1
2010/02/09 King Crimson Lizard (CD+DVDA-digi) Rock/Progressive 633367400321 PANEGYRIC CD KCSP3
2010/10/26 King Crimson In the Court of the Crimson King (200g) Rock/Progressive 633367911117 PANEGYRIC LP KCLP01
2011/04/05 King Crimson Islands (CD+DVDA-digi) Rock/Progressive 633367400420 PANEGYRIC CD KCSP4
2011/04/05 King Crimson In the Wake of Poseidon (CD+DVDA-digi) Rock/Progressive 633367400222 PANEGYRIC CD KCSP2
2011/04/05 King Crimson Red (CD+DVDA-digi) Rock/Progressive 633367400727 PANEGYRIC CD KCSP7
2011/10/11 King Crimson In the Wake of Poseidon (200g) Rock/Progressive 633367910219 PANEGYRIC LP KCLP02
2012/11/13 King Crimson Larks' Tongues In Aspic (40th Ann. 2CD/DVD/Ltd) Rock/Progressive 633367400529 PANEGYRIC CD 633367400529
2012/11/13 King Crimson Lizard (200g/HQ vinyl w/download) Rock/Progressive 633367910318 PANEGYRIC LP KCLP3
2012/11/13 King Crimson Discipline (CD+DVD 40th Ann. Ed.) Rock/Progressive 633367400826 PANEGYRIC CD 63336740082
2012/11/13 King Crimson Earthbound (30th anniversary edition) Rock/Progressive 0633367051127 PANEGYRIC CD DGM0511
2012/11/13 King Crimson Elektrik Rock/Progressive 633367051929 PANEGYRIC CD DGM0519
2012/11/13 King Crimson The Great Deceiver Vol. 2: Live 1973-1974 (2CD) Rock/Progressive 0633367500526 PANEGYRIC CD 63336750052
2012/11/13 King Crimson Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With Rock/Progressive 0633367051721 PANEGYRIC CD DGM0517
2012/11/13 King Crimson In The Court Of The Crimson King (30th anniversary edition) Rock/Progressive 0633367050120 PANEGYRIC CD DGM0501
2012/11/13 King Crimson Islands (30th anniversary edition) Rock/Progressive 0633367050427 PANEGYRIC CD DGM0504
2012/11/13 King Crimson Level Five Rock/Progressive 633367051820 PANEGYRIC CD DGM0518
2012/11/13 King Crimson Larks' Tongues In Aspic (13CD box) Rock/Pop 0633367197320 PANEGYRIC BOX 633367197320
2012/11/13 King Crimson Larks' Tongues In Aspic (2CD) Rock/Progressive 633367501127 PANEGYRIC CD 633367501127
2012/11/13 King Crimson Red (30th anniversary edition) Rock/Progressive 0633367050724 PANEGYRIC CD DGM0507
2012/11/13 King Crimson Three Of A Perfect Pair (30th anniversary edition) Rock/Progressive 0633367051028 PANEGYRIC CD DGM0510
2012/11/13 King Crimson Discipline (30th anniversary edition) Rock/Progressive 0633367050823 PANEGYRIC CD DGM0508
2012/11/13 King Crimson The Great Deceiver: Live 1973-1974 (2CD) Rock/Progressive 0633367500427 PANEGYRIC CD DGM5004
2012/11/13 King Crimson The Power To Believe Rock/Progressive 0633367051523 PANEGYRIC CD DGM0515
2012/11/13 King Crimson Starless And Bible Black (40th Ann. Ed. 2CD) Rock/Progressive 633367400628 PANEGYRIC CD 63336740062
2012/11/13 King Crimson Thrak (30th Ann. Ed.) Rock/Progressive 0633367051325 PANEGYRIC CD DGM0513
2012/11/13 King Crimson USA (30th anniversary edition) Rock/Progressive 633367051226 PANEGYRIC CD DGM0512
2013/05/14 King Crimson Red (200g HQ vinyl) Rock/Progressive 633367910714 PANEGYRIC LP KCLP7
2013/09/24 King Crimson Larks Tongues in Aspic (200g HQ vinyl w/download) Rock/Progressive 633367910516 PANEGYRIC LP 63336791051
2013/11/19 King Crimson Red (2CD-30th anniversary edition) Rock/Progressive 0633367501226 PANEGYRIC CD DGMCD5012
2013/11/19 King Crimson USA (CD+DVD) Rock/Progressive 633367401229 PANEGYRIC CD KCSP12
2013/11/19 King Crimson Road to Red (24CD) Rock/Progressive 0633367197528 PANEGYRIC BOX KCCBX7
2014/10/07 King Crimson Islands (HQ 200g vinyl +MP3) Rock/Progressive 633367910417 PANEGYRIC LP KCLP4
2015/02/24 King Crimson Live at The Orpheum (200g vinyl/Super-heavy sleeve) Rock/Progressive 0633367784612 PANEGYRIC LP DGMLV1
2014/11/18 King Crimson The Elements Tour Box 2014 (2CD) Rock/Progressive 0633367784223 PANEGYRIC CD DGMCD677842
2015/04/28 King Crimson Live in Guildford November 13th 1972 Rock/Progressive 0633367785022 PANEGYRIC CD DGMCD677850
2015/04/28 King Crimson Live at The Marquee London August 10th 1971 (2CD) Rock/Progressive 0633367785121 PANEGYRIC CD DGMCD677851
2015/01/20 King Crimson Live At The Orpheum (2CD) Rock/Progressive 0633367784520 PANEGYRIC CD DGMCD677845
2015/10/30 King Crimson THRAK (16CD) Rock/Progressive 633367199522 PANEGYRIC CD DGMCD671995
2015/10/30 King Crimson USA Rock/Progressive 633367911216 PANEGYRIC LP DGMLP9112
2016/03/25 King Crimson Live in Toronto - November 20, 2015 (2CD) Rock/Progressive 0633367501325 PANEGYRIC CD DGMCD675013
2016/07/22 King Crimson The Many Faces Of King Crimson (3CD) Rock/Pop 7798093711585 MUSIC BROKERS CD MBB7231
2016/05/01 King Crimson Lizard (30th anniversary edition) Rock/Progressive 0633367050328 PANEGYRIC CD DGMCD670503
2016/05/01 King Crimson Larks' Tongues In Aspic (30th Ann. Ed.) Rock/Progressive 0633367050526 PANEGYRIC CD DGMCD670505
2016/05/01 King Crimson Beat (30th Ann. Ed.) Rock/Progressive 633367050922 PANEGYRIC CD DGMCD670509
2016/05/01 King Crimson ConstruKction Of Light Rock/Progressive 0633367051424 PANEGYRIC CD DGMCD670514
2016/05/01 King Crimson Cirkus: The Young Persons' Guide To King Crimson (2CD) Rock/Progressive 633367060327 PANEGYRIC CD DGMCD670603
2016/05/01 King Crimson Condensed 21st Century Guide To King Crimson (2CD) Rock/Progressive 0633367060426 PANEGYRIC CD DGMCD670604
2016/05/01 King Crimson 40th Anniversary Tour Box Rock/Progressive 633367080127 PANEGYRIC CD DGMCD670801
2016/05/01 King Crimson Collectable King Crimson Vol. 1 (2CD) Rock/Progressive 0633367500120 PANEGYRIC CD DGMCD675001

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