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Street Date  Artist  Descending Title  Genre  Barcode  Label  Format Catalogue 
2004/05/04 Pixies Wave Of Mutilation: Best Of The Pixies Alternative 652637240627 4AD CD CAD2406CD
2004/08/25 Pixies Surfer Rosa Alternative 652637080315 4AD LP CAD803
2004/08/25 Pixies Doolittle Alternative 652637090512 4AD LP CAD905
Pixies Bossanova Alternative 652637010022 4AD CD GAD0010CD
Pixies Trompe Le Monde Alternative 652637101423 4AD CD GAD1014CD
Pixies Complete 'B' Sides Alternative 652637210323 4AD CD GAD2103CD
Pixies Surfer Rosa Alternative 652637803020 4AD CD GAD8030CD
Pixies Doolittle Alternative 652637090529 4AD CD GAD905CD
2004/08/25 Pixies Come On Pilgrim Alternative 652637070910 4AD LP MAD709
Pixies Come On Pilgrim Alternative 652637070927 4AD CD MAD709CD
2005/11/15 Pixies Live At Voodoo Fest 2004 (2CD) Alternative n/a IT'S A MYSTERY CD PIXIES04
2005/10/04 Pixies Sell Out Alternative 603497041824 RHINO DVD R2970418
2004/05/04 Pixies s/t Alternative 652637240702 4AD DVD VAD2407DVD
2008/09/23 Pixies Bossanova (180g) Alternative 652637001013 4AD LP CAD0010
2008/09/23 Pixies Trompe Le Monde (180g) Alternative 652637101416 4AD LP CAD1014
2009/11/10 Pixies Minotaur Alternative 725543001221 ARTIST IN RESIDENCE BOX AST3
2009/11/10 Pixies Minotaur (vinyl edition) Alternative 725543001320 ARTIST IN RESIDENCE BOX AST4
2010/08/24 Pixies Club Date & Acoustic (Blu-ray) Alternative 801213336494 EAGLE VISION DVD 333649
2011/01/11 Pixies Wave of Mutilation: Best of Pixies (2LP) Alternative 652637240610 4AD LP CAD2406LP
2008/02/01 Pixies Acoustic: Live In Newport Music Video 801213017294 EAGLE ROCK DVD 301729
2008/02/01 Pixies Club Date: Live At The Paradise Boston Music Video 801213004690 EAGLE ROCK DVD 301529
2012/02/10 Pixies Surfer Rosa (Hybrid SACD) Rock/Pop 821797203265 MOBILE FIDELITY SACD CMFSA2032
2012/02/10 Pixies Doolittle (Hybrid SACD) Rock/Pop 821797203364 MOBILE FIDELITY SACD CMFSA2033
2012/02/10 Pixies Bossanova (Hybrid SACD) Rock/Pop 821797203562 MOBILE FIDELITY SACD CMFSA2035
2013/09/17 Pixies Trompe Le Monde (hybrid SACD) Alternative 821797206662 MOBILE FIDELITY SACD MFSL2066
2014/04/19 Pixies 2014RSD - Indie Cindy (2LP) Alternative 843798004849 SONY LP 84379800484
2014/04/29 Pixies Indie Cindy Alternative 843798004832 PIAS CD 84379800483
2014/04/29 Pixies Indie Cindy (2LP) Alternative 843798004856 PIAS AMERICA LP 84379800485
2015/01/21 Pixies Doolittle 25: B-Sides, Peel Sessions and Demos (3LP/180g) Alternative 652637342512 4AD LP CAD3425LP
2014/12/02 Pixies Doolittle 25: B-Sides, Peel Sessions and Demos (3CD) Alternative 652637342529 4AD CD CAD3425CD
2015/06/30 Pixies Everything Is Fine (1987) Alternative 5060174958403 F.M. IN CONCERT SERIES CD FMIC038
2015/09/25 Pixies Velouria: Live At Hollywood Palladium, 12/21/91 Alternative 889397950262 BRR CD BRR5026
2016/09/30 Pixies Head Carrier Alternative 5414939941115 PIAS AMERICA CD 541493994111
2016/09/30 Pixies Head Carrier (w/extra slipmat) Alternative 5414939942990 PIAS LP 541493994299
2016/10/14 Pixies Head Carrier Alternative 5414939941122 PIAS AMERICA LP 541493994112
2016/12/09 Pixies Doolittle (Pure Audio Blu-Ray) Alternative 652637090505 4AD BLURAY GAD905BD
2017/01/27 Pixies Live at Hollywood Palladium Hollywood 12/21/91 Alternative 0889397521073 DOL LP DOR2107H
2017/05/05 Pixies The Boston Broadcast 1987 Alternative 0803341505520 PARACHUTE LP PARA027LP
2017/07/21 Pixies Boston 1987 Alternative 9700000134613 BAD JOKER LP BOSS52041
2018/09/28 Pixies Come On Pilgrim.. I'ts Surfer Rosa (3CD/hardbook wallet case) Alternative 191400008427 4AD CD 4AD0084CD
2018/09/28 Pixies Come On Pilgrim.. I'ts Surfer Rosa (3LP/deluxe/gold vinyl/download card) Alternative 191400008410 4AD LP 4AD0084LP
2019/09/13 Pixies Beneath the Eyrie Alternative 4050538513943 INFECTIOUS CD INF851394
2019/09/13 Pixies Beneath the Eyrie (CD + book) Alternative 4050538513950 INFECTIOUS CD INF851395
2019/09/13 Pixies Beneath the Eyrie Alternative 4050538513974 INFECTIOUS LP INF851397
2019/09/13 Pixies Beneath The Eyrie (indie excl.) Alternative 4050538513981 INFECTIOUS LP INF851398
2019/11/01 Pixies In Heaven: Live At The Emerson College 1987 - FM Broadcast Rock/Pop 0634438832737 WAX RADIO LP WLVR028
2014/04/08 Pixies Indie Cingy (2LP) Rock/Pop 5051083078528 PIAS AMERICA LP PIAA6000001
2014/04/29 Pixies Indie Cindy Rock/Pop 5051083078504 PIAS AMERICA CD PIAA6002
2020/04/24 Pixies Broadcast Archives (3CD) Alternative 0823564032429 BROADCAST ARCHIVE CD BSCD6124
2020/08/07 Pixies Bossanova (30th Anniversary/Red vinyl) Alternative 191400026513 4AD LP 4AD0265LPX

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