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Seeger, Pete Complete Carnegie Hall Concert, June 8, 1963 (2CD) Folk 074644531220 COLUMBIA CD C2K45312
1999/11/24 Seeger, Pete Concert/Folk Songs & Ballads Folk 090431560822 COLLECTABLES CD COL5608
1991/06/03 Seeger, Pete The Complete Carnegie Hall Concert Pop/Easy Listening 074644531220 COLUMBIA CD WC2K45312
2007/01/16 Seeger, Pete Folk Music Of The World Folk 090431086728 COLLECTABLES CD COL0867
Seeger, Pete American Industrial Ballads (2CD) Folk 5060143492181 NOT NOW CD NOT2CD218
2008/11/18 Seeger, Pete American Folk Anthology (3CD) Folk 5060143490200 NOT NOW CD NOT3CD020
Seeger, Pete The Pete Seeger Sampler American Folk 093070204324 FOLKWAYS CD FW02043
Seeger, Pete Washboard Band - Country Dance Music Blues 093070220126 FOLKWAYS CD FW02201
Seeger, Pete American Ballads Folk 093070231924 FOLKWAYS CD FW02319
Seeger, Pete American Favorite Ballads, Vol. 1 Folk 093070232020 FOLKWAYS CD FW02320
Seeger, Pete American Favorite Ballads, Vol. 2 Folk 093070232129 FOLKWAYS CD FW02321
Seeger, Pete American Favorite Ballads, Vol. 3 Folk 093070232228 FOLKWAYS CD FW02322
Seeger, Pete American Favorite Ballads, Vol. 4 Folk 093070232327 FOLKWAYS CD FW02323
Seeger, Pete Pete Seeger and Sonny Terry at Carnegie Hall Blues 093070241220 FOLKWAYS CD FW02412
Seeger, Pete Nonesuch and Other Folk Tunes Folk 093070243927 FOLKWAYS CD FW02439
Seeger, Pete American Favorite Ballads, Vol. 5: Tunes And Songs As Sung By Pete Seeger Folk 093070244528 FOLKWAYS CD FW02445
Seeger, Pete Pete Seeger at the Village Gate with Memphis Slim and Willie Dixon Blues 093070245020 FOLKWAYS CD FW02450
Seeger, Pete Pete Seeger at the Village Gate with Memphis Slim and Willie Dixon, Vol. Blues 093070245129 FOLKWAYS CD FW02451
Seeger, Pete With Voices Together We Sing Folk 093070245228 FOLKWAYS CD FW02452
Seeger, Pete Love Songs for Friends and Foes Folk 093070245327 FOLKWAYS CD FW02453
Seeger, Pete Rainbow Quest Folk 093070245426 FOLKWAYS CD FW02454
Seeger, Pete Sing Out With Pete! Folk 093070245525 FOLKWAYS CD FW02455
Seeger, Pete Broadsides - Songs and Ballads American Folk 093070245624 FOLKWAYS CD FW02456
Seeger, Pete Gazette, Vol. 1 Folk 093070250123 FOLKWAYS CD FW02501
Seeger, Pete Gazette, Vol. 2 Folk 093070250222 FOLKWAYS CD FW02502
Seeger, Pete Sing Out!: Hootenanny with Pete Seeger and the Hooteneers American Folk 093070251328 FOLKWAYS CD FW02513
Seeger, Pete Indian Summer: Original Soundtrack American Folk 093070385122 FOLKWAYS CD FW03851
Seeger, Pete Frontier Ballads Historical Songs 093070500327 FOLKWAYS CD FW05003
Seeger, Pete Champlain Valley Songs Folk 093070521025 FOLKWAYS CD FW05210
Seeger, Pete Songs of Struggle and Protest, 1930-50 American Folk 093070523326 FOLKWAYS CD FW05233
Seeger, Pete Fifty Sail on Newburgh Bay Folk 093070525726 FOLKWAYS CD FW05257
Seeger, Pete Broadside Ballads, Vol. 2 American Folk 093070530225 FOLKWAYS CD FW05302
Seeger, Pete Songs of the Spanish Civil War, Vol. 1: Songs of the Lincoln Brigade, Six S Folk 093070543621 FOLKWAYS CD FW05436
Seeger, Pete Pete Seeger Sings and Answers Questions American Folk 093070570221 FOLKWAYS CD FW05702
Seeger, Pete Zhitkov's How I Hunted the Little Fellows Childrens 093070752726 FOLKWAYS CD FW07527
Seeger, Pete American Play Parties Childrens 093070760424 FOLKWAYS CD FW07604
Seeger, Pete How to Play a 5-String Banjo (instruction) Documentary 093070830325 FOLKWAYS CD FW08303
Seeger, Pete Folksinger's Guitar Guide, Vol. 1: An Instruction Record American Folk 093070835429 FOLKWAYS CD FW08354
Seeger, Pete 12-String Guitar as Played by Lead Belly Blues 093070837126 FOLKWAYS CD FW08371
Seeger, Pete Pete Seeger Sings Woody Guthrie American Folk 093073100227 FOLKWAYS CD FW31002
Seeger, Pete Wimoweh and Other Songs of Freedom and Protest American Folk 093073101828 FOLKWAYS CD FW31018
Seeger, Pete Pete Seeger Sings Lead Belly Blues 093073102221 FOLKWAYS CD FW31022
Seeger, Pete Banks of Marble and Other Songs Folk 093073104027 FOLKWAYS CD FW31040
Seeger, Pete Nativity: Sholem Asch's Story of the Birth of Jesus American Folk 093073500126 FOLKWAYS CD FW35001
Seeger, Pete God Bless the Grass Folk 093073723228 FOLKWAYS CD FW37232
1993/04/01 Seeger, Pete Darling Corey & Goofing-Off Suite Folk 093074001820 SMITHSONIAN CD SFWCD40018
1989/10/01 Seeger, Pete Traditional Christmas Carols Christmas 093074002421 SMITHSONIAN CD SFWCD40024
1992/07/13 Seeger, Pete Singalong (2Cd) Folk 093074002728 SMITHSONIAN CD SFWCD40027
1992/07/13 Seeger, Pete American Industrial Ballads Folk 093074005828 SMITHSONIAN CD SFWCD40058
1998/05/19 Seeger, Pete If I Had A Hammer - Songs Of Hope And Struggle Folk 093074009628 SMITHSONIAN CD SFWCD40096

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