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2010/09/20 Alvin, Phil & The Sun Ra Arkestra Un Sung Songs (cut-out) Rock/Pop n/a SLASH LP 25481
2011/02/01 Baraka, Amiri (Leroi Jones) & The Sun Ra Myth S.A. A Black Mass Jazz 618426102521 SONBOY CD SONBOY001CD
2017/01/13 Fredfades & Sun Raw The Maxi-Single/Mobbin' for a Hobby Hip Hop n/a KINGUNDERGROUND 7" KU033
2011/09/13 Sun Ra The Mike Huckaby Reel-To-Reel Edits (12") Jazz n/a KS ART YARD SERIES 12"EP KSAYMH02EP
2015/05/12 Sun Ra The Heliocentric Worlds Of Sun Ra (3cd) Jazz 825481040624 ESP-DISK CD ESPDISK4062CD
2015/06/16 Sun Ra The Heliocentric Worlds Of Sun Ra, Vol. 1 (180g) Jazz 825481011143 ESP-DISK LP ESPDISK1014LP
2015/06/16 Sun Ra The Heliocentric Worlds Of Sun Ra, Vol. 2 (180g) Jazz 825481011174 ESP-DISK LP ESPDISK1017LP
2013/11/12 Sun Ra The Lost Arkestra Series Part 2 Jazz n/a KS ART YARD SERIES 10" KSAY0FF2EP
2017/02/17 Sun Ra The Magic City (180g/+ 2 bonus tracks) Jazz 8436563180699 PAN AM LP 9152289
2005/11/21 Sun Ra Strange Worlds (2CD) Jazz 0883717400086 ATOM CD ATOM2036
2012/01/17 Sun Ra Sun Song (180g) Jazz 8712618900413 6 SPICES LP 6S229004
2015/09/11 Sun Ra Supersonic Jazz Jazz 5052571061817 POPPY LP POPPY030LP
2012/06/12 Sun Ra Universe In Blue (180g) Jazz n/a SATURN LP 200H
2001/10/30 Sun Ra Visits Planet Earth Jazz n/a SATURN LP SATURN956
2005/07/19 Sun Ra When Sun Comes Out (180g) Jazz n/a SATURN LP SATURN2066H
Sun Ra The Night Of The Purple Moon 000000000000 SATURN LP 522
2005/07/19 Sun Ra The Night Of The Purple Moon (180g) Jazz n/a SATURN LP SATURN522H
Sun Ra The Nubians Of Plutonia 000000000000 SATURN LP 406
2008/04/15 Sun Ra The Nubians Of Plutonia (180g) Jazz n/a SATURN LP 406H
2010/11/30 Sun Ra The Outer Darkness Jazz 731253036712 NORTON LP ED367
2011/05/10 Sun Ra The Soul Vibrations Of Man (180g) Jazz n/a SATURN LP SATURN771H
2010/11/30 Sun Ra The Sub-Dwellers Jazz 73253036613 NORTON LP ED366
2018/04/21 Sun Ra 2018RSD - Pine Street Theatre, October 28th, 1988 (2LP + concert poster) Jazz 751937438212 JACKPOT LP 751937438212
2018/04/21 Sun Ra 2018RSD - Standards Jazz 711574838912 ORG MUSIC LP 711574838912
2018/11/23 Sun Ra 2018RSD2 - Crystal Spears Jazz 090771808219 MODERN HARMONIC LP 090771808219
2014/04/29 Sun Ra Angels & Demons at Play (HQ vinyl/bonus track) Jazz 8436542015158 WAX TIME LP WT771917
2017/09/01 Sun Ra Angels And Demons At Play (180g) Jazz 8592735006188 CORNBREAD LP CRNBR16039
2005/06/21 Sun Ra Angels And Demons At Play (180g) Jazz n/a SATURN LP SATURN407H
2010/08/10 Sun Ra Beyond The Purple Star Zone/ Oblique Parallax Jazz 752725028325 RER CD ARTYARDCD005
2016/07/15 Sun Ra Blue York Jazz 8033706211359 JEANNE DIELMAN LP JD115
2015/08/07 Sun Ra Calling Planet Earth Jazz 711574709618 ORG MUSIC LP 711574709618
2015/05/12 Sun Ra College Tour, Vol. 1: (2CD) The Complete Nothing Is.. Jazz 825481040600 ESP-DISK CD ESPDISK4060CD
2002/05/24 Sun Ra Concert For The Comet Kohoutek Jazz 825481030335 ESP-DISK CD ESP3033
2001/09/18 Sun Ra Cosmic Tones For Mental Therapy Jazz n/a SATURN LP SATURN408
2014/09/02 Sun Ra Cosmic Tones For Mental Therapy Art Forms Of Diemsions Jazz 5052571056516 POPPY LP POPPY025LP
2007/11/27 Sun Ra Dance Of The Living Image (2CD) Jazz 0716205030420 TRANSPARENCY CD TRANS304
2017/10/06 Sun Ra Discipline 27-11 (180g) Jazz n/a SATURN LP 538H
2017/10/20 Sun Ra Discipline 27-II Jazz 608887586565 CORBETT VS. DEMPSEY CD CVSD039CD
2016/03/18 Sun Ra Early And Rare Jazz 9700000089272 BAD JOKER LP BOSS51998
2014/06/23 Sun Ra Futuristic Sounds of (2CD) Jazz 5060143495458 NOT NOW CD NOT2CD545
2018/05/18 Sun Ra God Is More Than Love Will Ever Be Jazz 881626514726 COSMIC MYTH RECORDS CD CMR003
2006/10/03 Sun Ra Heliocentric Worlds, Vol. 2 (pocket sleeve) Jazz 646315995527 ESP CD ESPCD5005
2009/11/10 Sun Ra Interplanetary Melodies Jazz 731253035210 NORTON LP ED352
2009/11/10 Sun Ra Interplanetary Melodies Jazz 731253035227 NORTON CD CED352
2001/04/23 Sun Ra It Is Forbidden Jazz 095081302921 TOTAL ENERGY CD NER3029
2016/03/11 Sun Ra It's After the End of the World Jazz 4029759097440 MPS CD 4029759097440
2018/06/29 Sun Ra Janus (black vinyl) Jazz 711574835713 ORG MUSIC LP 711574835713
2019/07/26 Sun Ra Jazz In Silhouette (180g) Jazz 5060397601575 NOT NOW LP CATLP157
2012/02/07 Sun Ra Jazz In Silouette (180g) Jazz n/a SATURN LP SATURN5786H
2011/03/01 Sun Ra Jazz Session Jazz 0716205031892 TRANSPARENCY DVD TRANS318

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