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Street Date  Artist  Descending Title  Genre  Barcode  Label  Format Catalogue 
2018/07/20 A.G. (Andre The Giant / D.I.T.C.) The Taste of Ambrosia Hip Hop 852678019415 SLICE OF SPICE CD SOSR017
2018/07/20 A.G. (Andre The Giant / D.I.T.C.) The Taste of Ambrosia Hip Hop 852678019422 SLICE OF SPICE LP SOSR017
2018/07/20 A.G. (Andre The Giant / D.I.T.C.) The Taste of Ambrosia (red vinyl) Hip Hop 852678019507 SLICE OF SPICE LP SOSR017CLR
2018/07/20 Ac/Dc Danger Keep Out! (red vinyl) Rock/Pop 5060420346558 CODA LP CRNVNY002
2018/07/20 Adolescents Cropduster Punk 4260435271031 CONCRETE JUNGLE CD CJR1027103
2018/07/20 Adolescents Cropduster (180g/red vinyl) Punk 4260435271062 CONCRETE JUNGLE LP CJR1027106
2018/07/20 Aghiani, Nima REMS Electronic 5055300398239 PTP CASS PTP2009
2018/07/20 Agony Scene Tormentor Metal 711297364323 COOKING VINYL CD 71129736432
2018/07/20 Airbag Mondo Cretino (colored) Rock/Pop 8436035005888 WILD PUNK LP WPRLP01322004
2018/07/20 Airbag Quien Mato a Airbag? Rock/Pop 8436035005864 WILD PUNK LP WPRLP02722005
2018/07/20 Alborosie Unbreakable - Alborosie Meets the Wailers United Reggae/Dub 054645265126 GREENSLEEVES CD 52651
2018/07/20 Alcapone, Dennis Investigator Rock Reggae/Dub 0637913897528 RADIATION ROOTS LP RROO327
2018/07/20 Alcapone, Dennis Investigator Rock Reggae/Dub 0637913731945 RADIATION ROOTS CD RROO327CD
2018/07/20 Allman, Duane The Archives (3CD) Rock/Pop 0823564817309 BROADCAST ARCHIVE CD BSCD6078
2018/07/20 Amorphis The Karelian Isthmus Single LP Reissue Metal 781676741311 RELAPSE LP 78167674131
2018/07/20 Amorphis Tales From The Thousand Lakes Single LP Reissue Metal 781676741410 RELAPSE LP 78167674141
2018/07/20 Ampline Passion Relapse Alternative 605491102327 SOFA BURN LP SBR029
2018/07/20 Arapacis Deja Doom Metal 620953610028 BLACKHOUSE CD BH99998
2018/07/20 Arawak Accade a Library n/a GOLDEN PAVILION LP GP1032LP
2018/07/20 Arawak Accade a (ltd orange & blue marbled vinyl) Library n/a GOLDEN PAVILION LP GP1032LPLTD
2018/07/20 Baez, Joan House of the Rising Sun Folk 5055551161781 LASERLIGHT DIGITAL CD N16178
2018/07/20 Balvin, J Bruuttal Latin 801213080991 EAGLE ROCK DVD EV308099
2018/07/20 Bamboos Night Time People Soul 4050538396225 BMG AUSTRALIA CD 96225
2018/07/20 Bamboos Night Time People (2LP) Soul 4050538396249 BMG AUSTRALIA LP 96249
2018/07/20 Bamboos Night Time People (2LP/indie shop version) Soul 4050538398557 BMG AUSTRALIA LP 98557
2018/07/20 Bassey, Shirley the Golden Voice Of (2CD) Pop/Easy Listening 5060143497056 NOT NOW CD NOT2CD2705
2018/07/20 Beatles Faces (2 piece slipmat set) Accessories 5055339788834 UK IMPORT OTHER SM040
2018/07/20 Beatles Apple Logo (2 piece slipmat set) Accessories 5055339788841 UK IMPORT OTHER SM041
2018/07/20 Beatles John Paul George Ringo (2 piece slipmat set) Accessories 5055339788858 UK IMPORT OTHER SM042
2018/07/20 Beatles Turntable (2 piece slipmat set) Accessories 5055339788865 UK IMPORT OTHER SM043
2018/07/20 Beatles I Love the Beatles (2 piece slipmat set) Accessories 5055339788872 UK IMPORT OTHER SM044
2018/07/20 Beatles Sgt. Pepper Drum (2 piece slipmat set) Accessories 5055339788889 UK IMPORT OTHER SM045
2018/07/20 Beatles Abbey Road Crossing (2 piece slipmat set) Accessories 5055339788896 UK IMPORT OTHER SM046
2018/07/20 Beatles Abbey Road Silhouette (2 piece slipmat set) Accessories 5055339788902 UK IMPORT OTHER SM047
2018/07/20 Beck, Jeff & The Yardbirds I Ain't Done No Wrong Rock/Pop 5022221006994 REPLAY LP RPLP6994
2018/07/20 Benni The Return Electronic 647603401423 GONER CD 153GONE
2018/07/20 Benni The Return Electronic 647603401416 GONER LP 153GONE
2018/07/20 Bernstein, Leonard West Side Story Soundtracks 8436563182174 DEL RAY LP DR10026
2018/07/20 Berry, Chuck St. Louis To Liverpool (gatefold) Rock/Pop 0889397310240 DOL LP DOL1024HG
2018/07/20 Berry, Chuck Original EP Collection No. 1 (white vinyl) Rock/Pop 5036408202925 REEL TO REEL 10" CHUCKEP1
2018/07/20 Berry, Chuck Berry Is On Top (180 Gram Audiophile Translucent Red Vinyl/Limited Annivers Rock/Pop 829421914358 FRIDAY MUSIC LP 82942191435
2018/07/20 Big Pun Capital Punishment (2LP 20th anni pic disc) Hip Hop 190758502717 LOUD LP 19075850271
2018/07/20 Black Helium Primitive Fuck Hard Rock 666017325019 RIOT SEASON LP REPOSELP068
2018/07/20 Black Lodge Bitter Blood Electronic 5060384613710 WARP LP DISC1
2018/07/20 Black, Cilla Surround Yourself With Cilla/It Makes Me Feel Good (2CD) Pop/Easy Listening 5013929847927 SFE CD WSFE069D
2018/07/20 Black, Cilla Cilla All Mixed Up/Beginnings-Revisited (2CD) Pop/Easy Listening 5013929848122 SFE CD WSFE071D
2018/07/20 Blacklab Under the Strawberry Moon Rock/Pop 5055869505727 NEW HEAVY SOUNDS CD NHSCD024
2018/07/20 Blacklab Under the Strawberry Moon Rock/Pop 5055869505710 NEW HEAVY SOUNDS LP NHSLP024
2018/07/20 Bleu Forest Ichiban Rock/Pop n/a GOLDEN PAVILION LP GPMUSIC04LP
2018/07/20 Bleu Forest Ichiban (ltd orange & blue marbled vinyl) Rock/Pop n/a GOLDEN PAVILION LP GPMUSIC04LPLTD

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