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2020/02/07 Abbado, Claudio Complete Deutsch Grammophon Recordings (58CD) Classical 028948377848 DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON CD 4837784
2020/02/07 Abruptum Evil Genius (coloured vinyl) Metal 0200000080907 BLACK LODGE LP BLOD027LP02
2020/02/07 Alien Nosejob Suddenly Everything Is Twice As Loud Alternative 5056321626998 DRUNKEN SAILOR LP DRUNKENSAILOR117
2020/02/07 Allison, Bernard Songs From The Road (CD+DVD) Blues 710347127628 RUF RECORDS CD RF12762
2020/02/07 Aplin, Gabrielle Dear Happy Alternative 5056167117674 AWAL LP NF40LP
2020/02/07 Avener Heaven Electronic 602508564413 CAPITOL CD 0856441
2020/02/07 Avenged Sevenfold Diamonds In the Rough (2LP) Rock/Pop 093624896548 WARNER LP 1622639
2020/02/07 Basia London Warsaw New York (2CD deluxe edition) Pop 5013929436183 CHERRY POP CD CRPOPD161
2020/02/07 Beach Slang The Deadbeat Bang Of Heart Rock/Pop 842812118197 BRIDGE NINE CD 2812118197
2020/02/07 Becker, Walter & Donald Fagan Brill Building Best Of: 1969-71 Rock/Pop 5022221015149 REPLAY LP RPLP5149
2020/02/07 Bentley, Dierks Riser Country 602577943997 HIP-O LP B003064601
2020/02/07 Bitter Springs The Odd Shower/Excretus In Completus EP (2CD) Alternative 076625972428 TINY GLOBAL PRODUCTIONS CD PICI0025CD
2020/02/07 Blanche, Julie Le grand spectacle French 044003214286 COYOTE CD COYOTE040
2020/02/07 Blancmange Nil By Mouth 2 Electronic 5060446123843 BLANC CHECK RECORDS CD BCR019CD
2020/02/07 Bley, Carla, Steve Swallow & Andy Sheppard Life Goes On Jazz 602508320637 ECM RECORDS CD B003160802
2020/02/07 Bley, Carla, Steve Swallow & Andy Sheppard Life Goes On Jazz 602508548260 ECM RECORDS LP B003160901
2020/02/07 BlutEngel Damokles Electronic 4260639460422 OUT OF LINE CD OUT1042
2020/02/07 Bombay Bicycle Club Everything Else Has Gone Wrong (2LP 45Rpm) Alternative 602508276019 ARTS & CRAFTS LP 2508276019
2020/02/07 Boris Akuma No Uta Alternative 813547020642 THIRD MAN CD THMR632
2020/02/07 Boris Feedbacker Alternative 813547020659 THIRD MAN CD THMR633
2020/02/07 Boris Love & Evol Alternative 813547028341 THIRD MAN CD THMR634
2020/02/07 Brokaw, Chris End of the Night Rock/Pop 769791975941 VIN DU SELECT QUALITITE LP VDSQ024LP
2020/02/07 Bruford, Bill Double Time (CD+DVD) Rock/Progressive 5060105492037 WINTERFOLD CD BBWSF012CDVD
2020/02/07 Burch, Molly Ballads (pink vinyl) Alternative 817949020453 CAPTURED TRACKS 7" CT314C1
2020/02/07 Burdon, Eric I Used To Be An Animal Rock/Pop 5022221015163 REPLAY LP RPLP5163
2020/02/07 Burns, Louise Portraits Rock/Pop 825396117954 604 RECORDS LP 2539611795
2020/02/07 C.O.W. Internet Electronic 673794255613 COMPOST LP CPT556LP
2020/02/07 Cadillac Three Country Fuzz Country 843930048120 BIG MACHINE RECORDS CD BMRC30300A
2020/02/07 Cadillac Three Country Fuzz Country 843930048137 BIG MACHINE RECORDS LP BMRC30300E
2020/02/07 Calibro 35 Momentum Funk 5050580726161 RECORD KICKS CD RXX074
2020/02/07 Calibro 35 Momentum Funk 5050580726185 RECORD KICKS LP RXX074
2020/02/07 Carioca Mysteries of the Amazon (Misterios Da Amazonia) Brazilian 0619843385788 ALTERCAT CD ALTCD008
2020/02/07 Carioca Mysteries of the Amazon (Misterios Da Amazonia) Brazilian 0619843385771 ALTERCAT LP ALT008
2020/02/07 Cash, Johnny Bootleg 3: Live Around The World (3LP-180g/transparent vinyl) Country 8719262011649 MUSIC ON VINYL LP MOVLP420C
2020/02/07 Cash, Johnny Bootleg 4: The Soul Of Truth (3LP-180g/transparent vinyl) Country 8719262011656 MUSIC ON VINYL LP MOVLP530C
2020/02/07 Cerrone DNA Dance 5060686503245 BECAUSE CD BEC650324
2020/02/07 Cerrone DNA (clear vinyl) Dance 5060686503252 BECAUSE LP BEC650325
2020/02/07 Chailly, Riccardo Cherubini Discoveries Classical 028948315918 DECCA CD 4831591
2020/02/07 Chapin, Harry The Bottom Line Archive Series (3CD) Folk 5055544229467 STORE FOR MUSIC CD SFMCD540
2020/02/07 Chenoweth, Kristin For the Girls Rock/Pop 888072142190 CRAFT LP CRE01190
2020/02/07 Cherry, Neneh Raw Like Sushi (3CD 30Th Anni) Rock/Pop 602577677977 UNIVERSAL CD 7767797
2020/02/07 Chubby And the Gang Speed Kills Alternative/Punk 5060446124055 STATIC SHOCK LP SSR073
2020/02/07 Citizen Cope One Lovely Day Rock/Pop 859713213289 RAINWATER CD 859713213289
2020/02/07 Citizen Cope The Rainwater LP Rock/Pop 859713213548 RAINWATER CD 859713213548
2020/02/07 City Of The Sun Chapters I & II Alternative 602508413513 VERVE LP B003152001
2020/02/07 Clark Sisters You Brought the Sunshine: Sound Of Gospel Recordings 1976-81 Gospel 029667085328 WESTBOUND CD CDSEWD159
2020/02/07 Clock Opera Carousel Rock/Pop 4062548003758 LEAGUE OF IMAGINARY NATIONS CD LIN004CD
2020/02/07 Clock Opera Carousel Rock/Pop 4062548003765 LEAGUE OF IMAGINARY NATIONS LP LIN004LP
2020/02/07 Coffin Daggers Eleki Album Rock/Pop 889466149320 CLEOPATRA CD CLE149302
2020/02/07 Coffin Daggers Eleki Album (red vinyl) Rock/Pop 889466149313 CLEOPATRA LP CLE14931

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