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Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman [Lice (EP)]

October 14 street date. Both Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman are regarded as top tier lyricists known for pushing the envelope of creativity in their writing, while covering a wide range of topics and moods. However, sometimes things are inherently simple. Take for example, the origin of their collaboration, born from a mutual appreciation for each other as artists which became fully realized when Aesop Rock invited Homeboy Sandman to join him on tour in 2015. Traveling the country together, they built a connection beyond the music, resulting in a friendship that led to recording a few songs together, and before they knew it, there was an infestation. "Lice". Initially released in 2015 as a free direct download, followed by an extremely limited vinyl pressing sold exclusively on tour, Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman's "Lice" is finally available to fans everywhere. The first in a series of EP releases, "Lice" featured production from DJ Spinna, Optiks, Blockhead, Alex "Apex" Gale. and Mike Shinoda. The original cover art was designed by renowned illustrator Jeremy Fish.
Besnard Lakes [The Besnard Lakes Are the Prayers For the Death Of Fame]

October 21 street date. After teasing out two psychedelic transmissions, The Besnard Lakes have announced a new limited edition 12" EP - "The Besnard Lakes are the Prayers for the Death of Fame". With some of the material composed during the songwriting for the band's epic 2021 double LP, this companion EP acts as a spiritual sister to that masterwork. For some, the EP format implies a shorter, perhaps less-developed idea. The Besnard Lakes embrace the medium with a triptych that sprawls languorously across 28 minutes of cosmic majesty, culminating with the empyrean ‘Silver Shadows’.
Black Lips [Apocalypse Love (black)]

October 21 street date. The Black Lips return with their 10th studio effort ‘Apocalypse Love’. Scorched with their trademark menace, it cryogenically mutates all recognised musical bases; it spins yarns about vintage Soviet synths, Benzedrine stupors, coup d'etats, stolen valor and certified destruction, all set against a black setting sun. Since the turn of the decade the band have transformed from austere country pioneers into a set of Lynchian surrealists, hellbent on recalibrating the history of rock 'n' roll. ‘Apocalypse Love’ is an album that emanates from a dive bar jukebox in the back of your mind; with a playlist that bends between tub thumping doom-glam, Plastic Ono singalongs, cocktail-shaken space age pop, Morricone reverberations and lo-fi outsider acoustic-punk, with mariachi horns, theremins, drum machines and harmonies filtering through the infectious melodies. As the band venture into their third decade, ‘Apocalypse Love’ is proof that The Black Lips show no sign of slowing down. Classic black vinyl with lyric insert and download card.
Bonny Light Horseman [Rolling Golden Holy]

October 7 street date. Bonny Light Horseman's self-titled debut was a folk masterclass, reimagining centuries-old standards with effortless grace and wonder. Those Grammy-nominated, list-topping recordings not only suggested renewed possibilities for aging songbooks but also marked the arrival of a trio fully capable of reorienting the wider folk landscape. Still, if it felt at all like the work of some short-lived supergroup or a one-off diversion (it never was), "Rolling Golden Holy" rebuffs the notion with preternatural beauty and charm, and imagination. These songs, all originals, follow the paths of the traditional tunes the band cherishes to new frontiers, the sounds and situations of history given the gravity and shape of now. These songs continually suggest and embody an unspoken continuum between traditional and modern folk. The band thrives in rendering fresh wisdom and insight from old models, whether scraps of ancient songs or the spark of entwined voices. Theirs is a space created for sharing, learning, singing, and playing as one.
Carpenter, John/Cody Carpenter/Daniel Davies [Firestarter O.S.T. (black)]

October 14 street date. The horror master John Carpenter is back with his Halloween franchise collaborators Daniel Davies and Cody Carpenter for their infectious new soundtrack to the 2022 adaptation of Stephen King's "Firestarter". This marks the first official soundtrack that the team has composed together outside of the "Halloween" franchise and their inspiration and evolution as a creative team is on full display. The "Firestarter" soundtrack utilizes some of the best elements of Carpenter's famous musical repertoire and charts exciting new territory. The tracks range from fist pumping sci-fi anthems to slow reverb drenched piano ballads and each utilizes a variety of sonic applications. Skulking beats, skittering synths, crushing guitars and an ever-lurking echo come together to create an album that is atmospheric and also deeply melodic, cohesive and eclectic.
DeMarco, Mac [2 (2LP-10 year anniversary edition)]

October 14 street date. Retrospective double LP collection including both "2" and "2 Demos" as well as an 8 page booklet including new liner notes written by Mac DeMarco. "2", DeMarco's debut full length, was released in 2012 and cleaned up the songwriter's warped take on soft rock and brought it to a broader audience. Given DeMarco's affinity for keeping things lo-fi - "2" was the first time he'd bothered to record demos - it's revealing to hear these songs in their most embryonic form. The performances here are a little looser and the sound a little hazier than on the actual LP, lending an atmosphere of dreamy vulnerability, especially to ballads like "Annie" and the Lennon-esque "Sherrill".
Dry Cleaning [Stumpwork (white)]

October 21 street date. White vinyl edition. South-London based 4-piece Dry Cleaning present their sophomore record, "Stumpwork". Buoyed by the success of its predecessor "New Long Leg", they returned to rural Wales in late 2021 to partner once again with producer John Parish and engineer Joe Jones. Though it was the same studio and team, imposter syndrome and anxiety was replaced by freedom and openness to explore beyond an already rangy sonic palette. A new confidence in their creative vision was found. "Stumpwork" is inspired by a plethora of events, concepts, and political debacles, be they represented in the icy mess of ambient elements reflecting a certain existential despair, or the surprising warmth in celebrating the lives of loved ones lost through the previous year. Surrealist lyrics are as ever at the forefront - but there is a sensitivity now to the themes of family, money, politics, self-deprecation, and sensuality. Across the album's 11 tracks, Dry Cleaning have crafted an ambitious and deeply rewarding work that marks them out as one of the most intelligent and exciting current UK acts.
Frankie Cosmos [Inner World Peace (LOSER edition-clear)]

October 21 street date. Third Sub Pop album by acclaimed indie-pop group Frankie Cosmos. The album was produced by Frankie Cosmos, Nate Mendelsohn, and Katie Von Schleicher at Figure 8 Recording in Brooklyn. Since their previous album, 2019's "Close It Quietly", Frankie Cosmos found a fan in Lizzo, whose praise for Frankie Cosmos on TikTok brought the band to a whole new audience, and led to a huge jump in streaming. "Inner World Peace" is a collection of Greta Kline's songs changed and sculpted by their time together. While Kline's musical taste at the time of recording was leaning toward aughts indie rock she'd loved as a teenager, keyboardist Lauren Martin and drummer Luke Pyenson cite "droning, meditation, repetition, clarity and intentionality", as well as 70s folk and pop as a reference for how they approached their parts. Bassist/guitarist Alex Bailey says that at the time he referred to it as their "ambient" or "psych" album. Somewhere between those textural elements and Kline's penchant for concise pop, "Inner World Peace" finds its balance.
Hanorah [Perennial (180g)]

October 14 street date. “The album itself is about repetition, cycles, the same subjects, themes and issues coming back around as if on schedule. Recurring dreams and experiences, and the growth they bring about. The songs were collected over a pretty long period of time, and I am still surprised by the fact that a song like Candle Wax that I wrote 7 years ago before I could really play any instrument ended up fitting on the same album as a song like If Life Were A Movie, which I conceived entirely by myself, about the same subject! The point of view has changed, and it's been interesting to witness and notice that, thanks to Joey actually! He noticed the connection. The themes have to do with love, destruction, family, work, mental health, self-sabotage, self-discovery, identity, and trauma recovery. I sought a contrast of a smooth, airy mood, and other times it's more choppy and rhythmic. The more I change, the more I stay the same. Instead of fighting and judging it, or seeking to be something else, this album seeks to water the grass it's standing on.” - Hanorah Hanley
Hives [Barely Legal (Anniversary/colour)]

Please note new street date: September 30. "Barely Legal" is the debut-album from The Hives! A teenage symphony from a band who from day one knew what energy, attitude and real punk rock was all about. The record shot thru the punk community like a runaway locomotive, with faster-than-fast blistering punk that had the punks cheering and raising bottles and cans, but left most of the mainstream going "oh, well, what?". Reissued on blood red vinyl to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the release.
Invictus [Unstoppable (black)]

October 21 street date. Black vinyl edition, limited to 500 copies. The 11 songs on "Unstoppable", Invictus's debut for MNRK Heavy, offer an unflinching view of an unbreakable spirit, examined through the lens of ambitious, unapologetic heavy music. Forgoing extreme death metal traditions like blast beats in favour of forceful riffs and rhythms, Invictus shares more in common with essential slabs from Machine Head and Fear Factory. Lead vocalist Maurizio Lacono (Montreal's Kataklysm) reasons "it's a record about everyday struggle because I've always been a fighter. It's about the emotional impact of everything happening in our world, which inspired this anger in me and a need to express the importance of standing for what we know is true in our hearts. It's a hybrid between that and revisiting things from my childhood that built my character as a person".
Lambchop [The Bible (2LP)]

September 30 street date. Before he started work on what would become his 16th album, "The Bible", Lambchop's Kurt Wagner found himself at the proverbial crossroads. Nearing the end of Lambchop's third decade, Wagner felt musically isolated. Many of his old bandmates were either long gone or uninterested in touring anymore. He questioned whether making music even made sense. Wagner was actually considering getting a job at the grocery store down the road. "The Bible" is the sound of Wagner looking backwards and forwards, asking this and all the other big questions. He was up in the middle of the night during that first year of the plague, watching his new friend from Minneapolis, Andrew Broder, play a Wurlitzer on IG Live. He called Broder up. And then Wagner found himself in Minneapolis, in the sweltering summer of 2021, in a de-commissioned paint factory turned practice space. He had come up and entrusted himself this piano player, Broder, and Broder’s madman partner, Ryan Olson. This would be the first time Wagner let somebody else - people who weren’t even from Nashville - produce a Lambchop record. The music on "The Bible" is more unpredictable than it's ever been on a Lambchop record. Jazz careening into country, into disco, into funk, and back to country.
Libertines [Up the Bracket (2LP/20th Anniversary edition)]

October 21 street date. "Up The Bracket" arrived like a raging bull in a tired post-Britpop china shop and introduced the world to The Libertines, a new gang of London bohemians whose ragged tunes, red military tunics, opiated poetry and "live now pay never" lifestyle came to define the millennial angst of the early noughties. At the heart of the band is the blood bond bromance between Peter Doherty and Carl Barat, ably assisted by the rock solid rhythm twins John Hassall and Gary Powell. The Mick Jones (The Clash) produced album, a heady stew of indie rock, skiffle, blues, dub and English bucolic pop, was a huge shot in the arm to a largely redundant music scene and helped to inspire the rebirth of guitar music, going on to influence countless artists who followed in its wake. To celebrate the release of their astonishing debut album, The Libertines present the remastered 20th anniversary edition, including the "Up The Bracket" LP, along with a 9-track live at The 100 Club disc.
Moss, Jessica [Galaxy Heart (180g)]

October 7 street date. "Galaxy Heart" is Jessica Moss's fourth record for Constellation and the companion album to 2021's "Phosphenes". The album features guest appearances by Jim White (Xylouris White, Springtime, Dirty Three) and Thierry Amar (Godspeed You! Black Emperor). Jessica Moss is a violinist and composer based in Montréal. She uses amplified and processed violin and voice to create intricate works of expressive electronic, drone, experimental and post-classical Minimalism; her distinctive melodic sensibility often channels Klezmer, Balkan and Middle Eastern tropes, combined with an ear for the textural grit and timbral noise of post-punk, industrial and ambient metal. Moss played in cult agit-prop post-punk band Thee Silver Mt. Zion (2000-2015), has contributed to countless albums by the likes of Carla Bozulich, Vic Chesnutt and Matana Roberts, and most recently has guested on albums by Sarah Davachi and Big|Brave. She has released three solo albums on Constellation since 2017.
NNAMDÏ [Please Have A Seat (black)]

October 7 street date. As an artist, composer, producer, writer, and co-founder of Sooper Records, so much of NNAMDÏ's life is go/go/go, do/do/do, produce/produce/produce, with precious little time to stop. "Please Have a Seat" finds NNAMDÏ writing through calmer moments as he's been able to capture them; to sit down, pause, and write twelve songs. If there is comfort here among the common themes, it's the comfort in finding wisdom and gaining confidence. Pausing, but also knowing there maybe is no real pause, that every moment is one to grow as a human, to reflect or learn. In fact, "Please Have a Seat" is bookended by two songs about running, about finding those moments in motion, getting out of go-brain and into something deeper, more elemental. That these are pop songs to NNAMDÏ is telling; the hooks are there, melodies and chorus lines that make "Please Have a Seat" warm and inviting. But the articulations are nonlinear, and "Please Have a Seat" isn't a story or narrative collection so much as an incantation, a conjuring of elements with an almost synesthetic quality.
P.O.D. [When Angels & Serpents Dance (2LP-gold/3 bonus tracks)]

October 14 street date. Mascot Records is proud to announce the highly anticipated reissue of P.O.D.'s hit album, "'When Angels & Serpents Dance". Originally released in 2008, the album debuted at #9 on the Billboard 200 chart, selling over 34,000 copies in its first week, and well over 200,000 copies through its initial cycle. All the tracks on this reissue have been remixed and remastered, including 3 bonus tracks that weren't included in the original product run. Features guest appearances from Mike Muir (Suicidal Tendencies), Page Hamilton (Helmet), and The Marley Sisters.
Plains [I Walked With You A Ways]

October 14 street date. Hitting play on the debut album from Plains, the duo composed of Waxahatchee's Katie Crutchfield and Jess Williamson, we're immediately teleported into a world of Southern sunsets, wide open spaces, and the unapologetic nature of Country music. Plains began out of Crutchfield's and Williamson's mutual love for each other's music after trading albums ("Saint Cloud" and "Sorceress", respectively) in early 2020. Feeling that it was time to have a separate project that could reflect a different side of her creative inspirations, Katie felt that Jess was the perfect fit for a collaboration, and they set off to create "I Walked With You A Ways". The album was recorded in Durham, NC with collaborator and producer Brad Cook. The creative magic of only a few vocal takes, tracking with a band comprised of Spencer Tweedy and Phil Cook, gives the album a feel of fresh, on-the-spot conception. Crutchfield's sharp, honest edge of truth telling paired with Williamson's ability to paint the scene with candles, plains, sunsets, and small Texas towns is one of the strongest parts of this album.
Preoccupations [Arrangements (yellow)]

Please note new street date: October 28. Preoccupations return with "Arrangements", their fourth studio album. "Arrangements" finds the band restoring their roots with the singular, guitar-driven, dissonant yet anthemic washes of intricate noise that have brought them international acclaim since their basement beginnings. The record begins with the pounding metallic slash of guitar strings of "Fix Bayonets!" It's harsh and desolate at first, but builds into a thrilling synth sprint. The track - from its call-to-arms title and tense first guitar phrases to its whirlwind evolution - sets the stage for what is to come: a Preoccupations record that weaves their guitar-heavy origins with their newer synth-based work. The result is a record that is at once the band’s most intense, engaging, and playful work yet. With "Arrangements", Preoccupations finally and confidently inhabit the dystopia that they have been carefully creating from their musical genesis. In a room with taped up windows, with only a tiny pinprick of light beaming from the otherworld onto the far wall - upside down and blurred, yet recognizable enough to fill you with warm familiarity and nostalgia of unknown origins.
Promise Ring [Nothing Feels Good (25th Anniversary/colour)]

October 14 street date. 25th anniversary edition of this landmark album from The Promise Ring. If there was ever a straw that broke a camel's back, this was it. The kids had their say and, for once, they agreed on something. Everyone from SPIN Magazine to MTV's Matt Pinfield was marveling over this record. The Promise Ring themselves were catapulted from the tiny basement scene into the, erm, bigger basement and club scene. And then Jade Tree sold millions of records and never had to work again. Well, okay, that last part isn't true, but if there were any justice in this world, it would be.
set fire to flames [Sings Reign Rebuilder (2LP)]

October 14 street date. Unavailable on vinyl for over 20 years, "Sings Reign Rebuilder" was the stunning 2001 debut LP from Set Fire To Flames. The sprawling, adventurous 13-piece Montreal collective included 7 members of Godspeed You Black Emperor! plus others from bands like A Silver Mt Zion, Fly Pan Am, and more. The sole reason FatCat's 130701 imprint was founded, the LP remains an incredible and unique document. It was recorded over a 5-day period in a rickety old house in a communal atmosphere of improvised creative activity, operating on no sleep, confinement and intoxication. It was brilliantly edited to mix post-rock guitar-scapes; extended passages of scratchy, freeform improv; concrete clatterings; atmospheric location recordings; stirring, chamber string arrangements; deep/sparse drones; and Kraut-like, heavily rhythmic workouts. Described on it's release by TimeOut as "one of the most broodingly beautiful, dramatically emotional, hauntingly evocative albums likely to ever scrape at your soul... This record will kill you"; and by Pitchfork as "a gripping testament to the power of emotional expression in music... a marvelously inventive and powerful album". Limited edition. Includes 24 page book.
Strange, Bartees [Farm To Table (indie shop edition/yellow)]

October 7 street date. "Farm to Table" is the second album from Washington D.C. resident Bartees Leon Cox Jr, known for the past two years as Bartees Strange. Where his 2020 debut record "Live Forever" introduced the experiences and places that shaped Bartees (Flagey Brussels, Mustang Oklahoma), "Farm to Table" zeros in on the people - specifically his family - and those closest to him on his journey so far. It also speaks to a deeper lore that says, don't forget where you came from, and this album is why. Across all 10 songs Bartees Strange is remembering where he came from, celebrating the past, moving towards the future, and fully appreciating the present. In support of this release Bartees is set to open for Metric on 7 of their late August East Coast Canadian dates, perform with The National in Calgary on August 7th, and perform his first ever Canadian headline date at Vancouver's Fox Cabaret, Dec. 10th.
Titus Andronicus [The Will To Live (2LP)]

September 30 street date. "The Will To Live" was produced by Titus Andronicus singer-songwriter Patrick Stickles and Canadian icon Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, Leonard Cohen, The Whole Nine Yards) at the latter's Hotel 2 Tango recording studio in Montreal. Drawing on maximalist rock epics from "Who's Next" to "Hysteria", Bilerman and Stickles have crafted the richest, densest, and hardest-hitting sound for Titus Andronicus yet. All at once, the record matches the sprawl and scope of the band's most celebrated work, while also honing their ambitious attack to greater effect than ever before. "The Will To Live" features sterling contributions from members of The Hold Steady, Arcade Fire, and The E Street Band, as well as duets with the aforementioned Betson, former Titus Andronicus drummer Eric Harm, and Josée Caron of the Canadian rock band Partner. Titus Andronicus have arrived at the peak of their creative powers.
Watson, Patrick [Better in the Shade]

October 7 street date. Patrick Watson is thrilled to announce "Better In The Shade", his seventh full-length studio album, set for release via Secret City Records worldwide. In Patrick's words, the new album "is about negotiating a world where you don't know what's real anymore. I really spent a lot of time reading to improve my lyrics for this record. I was very inspired by "Jesus' Son" by Denis Johnson, "The Waves" by Virginia Woolf, and "Fever Dream" by Samanta Schweblin. The lyrics are a collection of little thoughts that were pacing in my head. We worked hard on rebuilding the tones of our arrangements and we brought a bigger electronic component to the music. With the addition of modular synths, we were able to find a warmer and more touching approach to the electronics, that feel as acoustic as the rest of the instruments and move like liquid. Basically, I went back to school for the last two years to be able to bring something new ha-ha. Andrew Barr from the Barr Brothers joined us on drums for this record, it's a pleasure to play music with such a great musician".
Yeah Yeah Yeahs [Cool It Down (black)]

September 30 street date. It could only be called alchemy, the transformative magic that happens during the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' most tuned-in moments in the studio, when their unique chemistry sparks opens a portal, and out comes a song like "Maps" or "Zero" or the latest addition to their canon, "Spitting off the Edge of the World" (featuring Perfume Genius), an epic shot-to-the-heart of pure YYYs beauty and power. A thunderstorm of a return is what the legendary trio has in store for us on "Cool It Down", their fifth studio album and their first since 2013's "Mosquito". The eight-track collection, bound to be a landmark in their catalog, is an expert distillation of their best gifts that impels you to move, and cry, and listen closely.

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