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Street Date  Artist  Descending Title  Genre  Barcode  Label  Format Catalogue 
Anvil Plenty Of Power Metal 4028466102560 MASSACRE CD MASCD0256
2003/02/25 Anvil Still Going Strong Metal 4028466103307 MASSACRE CD MASCD0330
2009/06/30 Anvil Hard 'N' Heavy Metal 057362110021 ATTIC CD ATM1100
2009/06/30 Anvil Metal On Metal Metal 057362113022 ATTIC CD ATM1130
2009/06/30 Anvil Forged In Fire Metal 057362117020 ATTIC CD ATM1170
2009/06/30 Anvil Backwaxed Metal 057362010628 ATTIC CD ATM0106
2009/10/06 Anvil Past & Presence - Live In Concert (digi) Metal 5907785035409 METAL MIND CD MASSCDDG1322
2009/12/01 Anvil Back To Basics Metal 829571000826 ESCAPI CD ESICD011
2010/05/25 Anvil Pound For Pound Metal 4028466100979 MASSACRE CD MASSCD0097
2010/06/15 Anvil This Is Thirteen (Australian edition-3 bonus tracks) Metal 9341004005648 LIBERATION CD LIB80CD
2011/09/27 Anvil Monument Of Metal Rock/Pop 654436018827 THE END CD END601882
2012/08/14 Anvil Past And Present Rock/Pop 654436027621 THE END CD END602762
2012/08/14 Anvil Anthology Of Anvil Rock/Pop 654436027720 THE END CD END602772
2012/05/08 Anvil Speed Of Sound Rock/Pop 654436027225 THE END CD END602722
2012/08/14 Anvil Back To Basics Rock/Pop 654436027522 THE END CD END602752
2013/05/28 Anvil Hope In Hell Rock/Pop 654436031024 THE END CD END603102
2018/01/19 Anvil Pounding the Pavement Metal 886922850301 STEAMHAMMER CD SMHCD285030
2018/01/19 Anvil Pounding the Pavement (2LP/CD) Metal 886922850318 STEAMHAMMER LP SMHLP285031
2012/09/08 Anvil This Is Thirteen (re-release) Metal 0886922605529 STEAMHAMMER CD 260552
2013/05/23 Anvil Hope Is Hell (2LP) Metal 0886922652516 STEAMHAMMER LP 265251
2013/05/23 Anvil Hope in Hell Metal 0886922652523 STEAMHAMMER CD 265252
2011/06/16 Anvil Juggernaut of Justice (import) Metal 0693723095523 STEAMHAMMER CD 309552
2019/10/18 Anvil Backwaxed Metal 057362010604 ATTIC LP ATM0106LP
2019/10/18 Anvil Hard 'N' Heavy Metal 057362110045 ATTIC LP ATM1100LP
2019/10/18 Anvil Metal On Metal Metal 057362113060 ATTIC LP ATM1130LP
2019/10/18 Anvil Forged In Fire Metal 057362117068 ATTIC LP ATM1170LP
2020/02/21 Anvil Legal At Last Metal 884860300117 AFM LP AFMD7391
2020/02/21 Anvil Legal At Last Metal 884860300520 AFM CD AFMD7392
2020/02/21 Anvil Legal At Last (clear blue vinyl) Metal 884860305914 AFM LP AFMD73941
2011/09/27 Anvil Monument Of Metal: Very Best Of Metal 654436018827 THE END CD TE188
2011/05/10 Anvil Juggernaut of Justice Metal 654436019725 THE END CD TE197
2022/06/24 Anvil Impact Is Imminent (clear red) Metal 884860442312 AFM LP AFM8171
2022/06/24 Anvil Impact Is Imminent (indie exclusive-red & black marbled) Metal 884860442411 AFM LP AFM81712
2022/05/20 Anvil Impact Is Imminent (digi) Metal 884860435024 AFM CD AFM8179
2011/06/17 Anvil Juggernaut Of Justice (2LP) Metal 0693723095516 STEAMHAMMER LP 309551
2016/02/26 Anvil Anvil Is Anvil Metal 886922696824 STEAMHAMMER CD SMHCD269682
2017/01/13 Black Anvil As Was (2LP) Metal 781676735419 RELAPSE LP 78167673541
2017/01/13 Black Anvil As Was Metal 781676735426 RELAPSE CD 78167673542
2022/11/04 Black Anvil Regenesis Metal 822603157628 SEASON OF MIST CD 82260315762
2014/05/27 Black Anvil Hail Death Metal 781676723324 RELAPSE CD 78167672332
Black Anvil Time Insults The Mind Metal 781676706020 RELAPSE CD 78167670602
Black Anvil Triumvirate Metal 781676709021 RELAPSE CD 78167670902
2017/10/31 Manville, Mikey Nocturne Only (180g/Download) Rock/Pop n/a MANVILS MUSIC LP LP17MM112
2014/03/18 Manvils Expats EP Rock/Pop n/a MANVILS MUSIC 12"EP LP14MM111
Pink Anvil Halloween Party Alternative 689230003922 IPECAC CD IPC39
2010/04/20 Two Ton Anvil s/t Metal 658826003622 DARK STAR CD DSR0036CD

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