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2010/02/09 Bardo Pond Bufo Alvarius (bonus track) Alternative 0809236113726 FIRE CD FIRECD137
2010/12/14 Bardo Pond Just Once (Acoustic) Alternative 809236118318 FIRE 7" BLAZE183
2015/04/18 Bardo Pond 2015RSD - Is There A Heaven EP Alternative 809236142030 FIRE 12"EP BLAZE420
2015/06/30 Bardo Pond Record Store Day Trilogy (3CD) Alternative 809236141323 FIRE CD FIRECD413
2003/08/07 Bardo Pond On The Eclipse Rock/Pop 885686931196 ATP CD FLG693112
2016/04/16 Bardo Pond Acid Guru Pond (2LP) Alternative 809236143419 FIRE LP FIRELP434
2017/03/24 Bardo Pond Under the Pines Alternative 809236147622 FIRE CD FIRECD476
2018/02/02 Bardo Pond Volume 8 (indie exclusive-purple vinyl) Alternative 809236151636 FIRE LP FAME516LP
2018/02/02 Bardo Pond Volume 8 Alternative 809236151629 FIRE CD FIRECD516
2018/02/02 Bardo Pond Volume 8 Alternative 809236151612 FIRE LP FIRELP516
2018/10/25 Bardo Pond Selections: Volumes I-IV Rock/Pop 666017120423 ATP CD FLG712042
2018/10/25 Bardo Pond Ticket Crystals Rock/Pop 666017141824 ATP CD FLG714182
2019/02/01 Bardo Pond Bardo Pond (re-issue of 2010 release) Alternative 0809236115744 FIRE CD FIRECD157X
2019/02/01 Bardo Pond Bardo Pond (2LP/re-issue of 2010 release) Alternative 0809236115775 FIRE LP FIRELP157X
2019/04/13 Bardo Pond Big Laughing Jym (purple) Alternative 0809236154514 FIRE LP FIRELP545
2020/10/24 Bardo Pond 2020RSD3 - On The Ellipse (2LP-purple vinyl) Alternative 0809236159014 FIRE LP FIRELP590
2021/12/10 Bardo Pond Amanita (2LP/purple) Alternative 191401176415 MATADOR LP OLE1764LP
2022/04/23 Bardo Pond 2022RSD1 - Bufo Alverius (2LP-white) Alternative 809236113771 FIRE LP FIRELP137X
Bardo Pond Bufo Alvarius Alternative 000000000000 DRUNKEN FISH CD DFR15
2007/06/12 Bardo Pond & Pre On Everyone/Big Dique Alternative n/a FIRE 12"EP BLAZE10149
2017/04/22 Curanderos (Bardo Pond) Curanderos Alternative 809236147912 FIRE LP FIRELP479
2017/08/11 Curanderos (Bardo Pond) Curanderos Alternative 809236147929 FIRE CD FIRECD479

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