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2000/11/14 Aquabats Myths, Legends & Other Amazing Adventures Vol. 2 Ska 801190117123 FEARLESS CD F046
2011/01/18 Aquabats Hi-Five Soup! Alternative/Rock 714753014626 FEARLESS CD FRL301462
2020/09/04 Aquabats Kooky Spooky In Stereo Punk 760137375128 GLOOPY RECORDS CD GLOOP004
2020/11/13 Bats Foothills Alternative 754083958580 FLYING NUN CD FN593
2020/11/13 Bats Foothills Alternative 754083958566 FLYING NUN LP FN593
2019/05/01 Bats The Deep Set Alternative 942190360024 FLYING NUN CD FN568CD
2019/05/01 Bats The Bats Volume 1 (3CD) Alternative 825646374465 FLYING NUN CD FNCTB001CD
2014/06/17 Bats The Law Of Things (2LP) Alternative 0825646344659 FLYING NUN LP FNCT008LP
2014/06/17 Bats Compiletely Bats (2LP) Alternative 0825646344635 FLYING NUN LP FNCT006LP
Bats Courage 000000000000 FLYING NUN CDS FN261
Bats Afternoon In Bed 000000000000 FLYING NUN CDS FN341
2008/08/05 Bats At The National Grid Alternative n/a LITTLE TEDDY LP BITE046
2009/06/02 Bats The Guilty Office Alternative 823566058120 YESBOYICECREAM CD YBI12CD
2002/04/01 Bats & Mice Believe It Mammals Alternative 711574462728 LOVITT CD LOV27
2004/05/31 Bats & Mice A Person Carrying EP Alternative 643859841020 LOVITT CD LOV41
2007/11/27 Bats & Mice s/t EP Alternative 711574432226 LOVITT CD LOV22
2010/09/20 Bats & Mice Back In Bat Alternative n/a LOVITT 7" LOV63
2011/01/01 Bats & Mice Believe It Mammals Alternative n/a LOVITT LP LOV27
2015/10/16 Bats Out! Flying Blind (Ltd/Red w/download) Punk 819162019863 PIRATES PRESS 7" PIR141
2019/08/30 Batsashvili, Mariam Liszt/Chopin Classical 0190295427863 WARNER CLASSICS CD 0190295427863
2015/03/10 Cancer Bats Searching For Zero Metal 821826009165 NEW DAMAGE RECORDS CD NDR0016
2015/03/17 Cancer Bats Searching For Zero Metal 821826009172 NEW DAMAGE RECORDS LP NDRV013
2018/06/01 Cancer Bats Spark That Moves Rock/Pop 821826023253 NEW DAMAGE RECORDS CD NDR0058
2012/10/30 Cape Of Bats Transylvania Metal n/a HOLY TERROR 7" HT777
2016/05/06 Cape Of Bats Violent Occultism Rock/Pop 683318952195 UNHOLY ANARCHY LP 68331895219
2002/06/24 Chromatics/Monitor Bats split Alternative/Punk 000000000000 GOLD STANDARD 7" GSL58
2015/02/24 Church Bats Foreign Land Rock/Pop n/a WINDIAN 7" WIN20052
2004/08/24 Die Monitr Batss/A.S.T. split Alternative 827091006274 DIM MAK 7" DM062
2005/11/08 Die Monitr Batss/Les Georges Leningrads Clean Up/Monster Claw Alternative 759656103770 5 RUE CHRISTINE 7" GER037
2018/05/25 Dillon & Batsauce On Their Way Hip Hop 084466704047 FULL PLATE LP FP010
2020/04/17 Dillon & Batsauce Self Medicated EP Hip Hop 844667044379 FULL PLATE LP FP012LP
2021/03/05 Fruit Bats The Pet Parade Alternative 673855075020 MERGE CD MRG750
2021/03/05 Fruit Bats The Pet Parade Alternative 673855075013 MERGE LP MRG750
2019/06/21 Fruit Bats Gold Past Life Alternative 673855067025 MERGE CD MRG670
2019/06/21 Fruit Bats Gold Past Life Alternative 673855067018 MERGE LP MRG670
2020/10/01 Fruit Bats Mouthfuls Alternative 098787061024 SUB POP CD SP610
2020/10/01 Fruit Bats Spelled In Bones Alternative 098787065428 SUB POP CD SP654
2020/10/01 Fruit Bats The Ruminant Band Alternative 098787083026 SUB POP CD SP830
2020/10/01 Fruit Bats Tripper Alternative 098787093520 SUB POP CD SP935
2020/12/01 Fruit Bats & Vetiver In Real Life (Live at Spacebomb Studios) Alternative 0810599022570 SPACEBOMB CD SB025CD
2020/12/01 Fruit Bats & Vetiver In Real Life (Live at Spacebomb Studios) (yellow vinyl) Alternative 810599022723 SPACEBOMB LP SB025LPC1
2015/09/18 Razorbats Camp Rock Punk 820103950503 SELF DESTRUCTO CD SDR22
2017/07/28 Razorbats This High EP Punk 614458349637 SELF DESTRUCTO CASS SDR30
2017/06/30 Sandy & the Wild Wombats Devoted To Rock 'n' Roll Rock/Pop 5397102175572 BEAR FAMILY CD BCD17557
2007/11/11 Wombats A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation Alternative 5051442458220 14TH FLOOR LP 5051442458220
2018/02/09 Wombats Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life Rock/Pop 5056167103486 KOBALT CD TWMB001CD
2008/06/24 Wombats Guide To Love Loss & Desperation Rock/Pop 016861791926 ROADRUNNER CD 1686179192
2015/05/05 Wombats Glitterbug (HQ Vinyl Coloured + Sticker) Rock/Pop 0825646157488 WARNER EUROPE LP 2564615748

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