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Street Date  Artist  Descending Title  Genre  Barcode  Label  Format Catalogue 
Bauhaus In the Flat Field Alternative 652637001327 4AD CD GAD13CD
2013/02/12 Bauhaus Mask Alternative 607618206116 BEGGARS BANQUET LP BBQ2061LP
2013/02/12 Bauhaus In the Flat Field Alternative 652637290110 4AD LP CAD2901LP
2013/03/12 Bauhaus Gotham - Live in New York 1998 (NTSC/Region 0/19 tracks) Music Video 0782388016599 METROPOLIS DVD MET165
2018/10/26 Bauhaus Mask (Limited Edition Yellow Vinyl) Alternative 607618206109 BEGGARS BANQUET LP BBQLP2061X
2018/11/23 Bauhaus Press the Eject and Give Me the Tape (Limited Edition White Vinyl) Alternative 607618003838 BEGGARS BANQUET LP BBQLP38X
2018/10/26 Bauhaus In the Flat Field (Limited Edition Bronze Vinyl) Alternative 652637290103 4AD LP CAD2901LPX
2018/12/07 Bauhaus Burning from the Inside (Limited Edition Blue Sky Vinyl) Alternative 607618209803 BEGGARS BANQUET LP BBQ2098LPX
2018/12/07 Bauhaus Crackle - The Best Of (2LP/Limited Edition Ruby Vinyl) Alternative 607618201807 BEGGARS BANQUET LP BBQLP2018X
2018/11/23 Bauhaus The Bela Session (+bonus tracks) Rock/Pop 659457525712 LEAVING LP LR150LP
1988/08/01 Bauhaus The Sky's Gone Out Alternative 607618004224 BEGGARS BANQUET CD BBL42CD
2001/07/01 Bauhaus Crackle: Best Of Bauhaus (remaster) Alternative 607618201821 BEGGARS BANQUET CD BBL2018CD
1988/01/25 Bauhaus Mask Alternative 607618002923 BEGGARS BANQUET CD BBL29CD
1988/06/01 Bauhaus Press Eject And Give Me the Tape Alternative 607618003821 BEGGARS BANQUET CD BBL38CD
1988/09/01 Bauhaus Burning From the Inside Alternative 607618004521 BEGGARS BANQUET CD BBL45CD
1986/05/01 Bauhaus 1979-1983 Vol. 1 Alternative 607618006426 BEGGARS BANQUET CD BBL64CD1
2000/03/07 Bauhaus 1979-1983 Vol. 2 Alternative 607618406424 BEGGARS BANQUET CD BBL64CD2
2011/07/25 Bauhaus Crackle: Best Of (2LP) Alternative 607618201814 BEGGARS BANQUET LP BBQLP2018
2022/12/09 Bauhaus Burning from the Inside Alternative 607618209810 BEGGARS BANQUET LP BBQLP2098
2022/12/09 Bauhaus The Sky's Gone Out Alternative 607618209704 BEGGARS BANQUET LP BBQLP2097

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