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2007/08/21 Caribou Andorra Alternative 673855030821 MERGE CD MRG308
2007/08/21 Caribou Andorra Alternative 673855030814 MERGE LP MRG308
2007/07/10 Caribou Melody Day Alternative 673855031224 MERGE CDS MRG312
2010/04/20 Caribou Swim Alternative 673855034829 MERGE CD MRG348
2010/04/20 Caribou Swim (2LP) Alternative 673855034812 MERGE LP MRG348
2014/10/07 Caribou Our Love Alternative 673855048826 MERGE CD MRG488
2014/10/07 Caribou Our Love Alternative 673855048819 MERGE LP MRG488
2023/05/19 Caribou Our Love (Peak Vinyl indie shop edition/pink) Alternative 673855048802 MERGE LP MRG488PEAK
2020/02/28 Caribou Suddenly Alternative 673855070827 MERGE CD MRG708
2020/02/28 Caribou Suddenly Alternative 673855070810 MERGE LP MRG708
2020/08/07 Caribou Never Come Back (Four Tet/MorganGeist remixes) Alternative 673855074818 MERGE 12"EP MRG748
2020/08/07 Caribou Never Come Back/Sister (Floating Points remixes) Alternative 673855074917 MERGE 12"EP MRG749
2014/10/21 Caribou Up In Flames Alternative 0843190000920 LEAF CD BAY26
2014/10/21 Caribou The Milk of Human Kindness Alternative 0843190000159 LEAF CD BAY42
2013/07/23 Four Tet / Caribou split 12" Electronic 9991710068576 TEXT 12"EP 9991710068576

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