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2013/03/19 Charles, Ray Modern Sounds In Country & Western Music, Vol. 1 & 2 R&B 604988026023 JASMINE CD JASCD260
2013/09/03 Charles, Ray Mess Around/I Got a Woman (7") R&B n/a ATLANTIC 7" RB102EP
2013/09/24 Charles, Ray Ray Charles Forever (Dlx Ed. CD+DVD) R&B 888072348271 CONCORD CD CRE3482700
2013/10/01 Charles, Ray Ultimate Collection (3CD) R&B 5060342021274 NOT NOW CD NOT3CD127
2008/08/09 Charles, Ray The Intro Collection (3CD) Rock/Pop 0698458542625 INTRO CD INTROTCD26
2013/12/17 Charles, Ray Ultimate Collection (2LP clear vinyl) R&B 5060143491917 NOT NOW LP NOT2LP191
2014/02/04 Charles, Ray The Genius After Hours (hybrid SACD) Soul 821797207362 MOBILE FIDELITY SACD CMFSA2073
2011/01/03 Charles, Ray Six Classic Albums (3CD) R&B 8712177057917 DELUXE CD DEL800129
2013/09/05 Charles, Ray Genius + Soul = Jazz/My Kind of Jazz R&B 8712177062188 REMEMBER CD RMB75188
2014/09/30 Charles, Ray Genius Loves Company 10th Anniversary Soul 888072355309 CONCORD CD CRE35530
2015/02/10 Charles, Ray Genius Loves Company (10th Anniv 2LP) Jazz 888072362130 CONCORD LP CRE3621301
2015/03/17 Charles, Ray At Newport (180g HQ vinyl) Jazz 0889397557713 DOL LP DOL771H
2015/06/30 Charles, Ray Dedicated To You (180g HQ vinyl) R&B 0889397557621 DOL LP DOL762H
2014/06/23 Charles, Ray R&B Master Works (2LP +CD w/download) R&B 5024952740024 DELTA LP DELM002
2015/09/04 Charles, Ray Genius Sings the Blues (3CD) Blues 5060342022097 NOT NOW CD NOT3CD209
2016/02/12 Charles, Ray Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music Vol. 2 (180g) R&B 8436539313007 PAN AM LP 9152251
2014/04/07 Charles, Ray The Essential Collection (2CD+DVD) R&B 0698458031624 METRO SOUND & VISION CD METRSV016
2016/07/29 Charles, Ray Atlantic Studio Albums In Mono (7LP) R&B 081227944568 RHINO LP R1555478
2014/09/23 Charles, Ray Playlist: Very Best Of Ray Charles R&B 888751510029 SONY BMG U.S. CD SBMK5151002
2016/09/30 Charles, Ray Let the Good Times Roll (import) Jazz 5055551790219 DELTA LP 5055551790219
2006/04/25 Charles, Ray Essentials R&B 666496442429 BIG EYE CD BGEY4424
2008/05/27 Charles, Ray Genius Anthology (Dlx) R&B 741157252422 CLEOPATRA CD CLE2524
2010/05/04 Charles, Ray Genius Anthology R&B 741157905229 CLEOPATRA CD CLE9052
2016/09/19 Charles, Ray Very Best of Soul 88875151002 PLAYLIST CD 88875151002
2016/09/12 Charles, Ray In Person (180g HQ vinyl/+2 bonus tracks) R&B 8436544170527 VINYL LOVERS LP 6785452
2016/12/09 Charles, Ray 60 Essential Recordings (3CD) R&B 805520131353 BIG 3 CD BT3135
2017/01/27 Charles, Ray Genius + Soul = Jazz (180g) Jazz 8437016248270 JAZZ IMAGES LP 37046
2017/03/03 Charles, Ray Four Classic Albums (2CD) Jazz 5022810323327 AVID JAZZ CD AMSC1233
2017/04/07 Charles, Ray An Introduction To R&B 081227938772 FLASHBACK CD RHFL5598232
2017/06/09 Charles, Ray What'd I Say (picture disc) Soul 0889397670160 DOL LP DOL906HP
2017/11/03 Charles, Ray Four Classic Albums (2CD) Jazz 5022810327622 AVID JAZZ CD AMSC1276
2017/10/20 Charles, Ray At Newport (gatefold) Soul 889397217716 DOL LP DOL771HG
2018/02/02 Charles, Ray The Genius Of Ray Charles (gatefold) R&B 0889397217068 DOL LP DOL706HG
2018/02/02 Charles, Ray Modern Sounds In Country Music (gatefold) Soul 0889397218690 DOL LP DOL869HG
2018/02/15 Charles, Ray Heart And Soul (2CD) R&B 0805520090247 PRIMO CD PRMCD6024
2018/03/02 Charles, Ray 100 Hits (4CD) R&B 5060324800194 NOT NOW CD NOT4CD019
2018/03/26 Charles, Ray Greatest Hits Soul 8436563181740 DEL RAY LP DR10014
2018/05/11 Charles, Ray What'd I Say (180g/pink vinyl) R&B 5060348582373 NOT NOW LP NOTLP237
2018/06/22 Charles, Ray Eighteen Classic Albums (10CD/clamshell) Jazz 5036408200723 REEL TO REEL CD RTRCDB2
2018/09/21 Charles, Ray Modern Sounds In Country & Western Music (180g-William Claxton photo series R&B 8436569191590 JAZZ IMAGES LP 37093
2018/09/21 Charles, Ray Modern Sounds in Country Western Music Vol.1 & 2 Jazz 8436569192634 JAZZ IMAGES CD 38046
2018/08/10 Charles, Ray The Singles (3CD) Complete 1954-1962 R&B 8436569190753 NEW CONTINENT CD 648039
2018/12/21 Charles, Ray What'd I'd Say (180g-red vinyl/2 bonus tracks) R&B 8436559465281 WAXTIME IN COLOR LP 950651
2018/11/02 Charles, Ray Ballad In Blue (gatefold) Soul 0889397219758 DOL LP DOL975HG
2018/11/02 Charles, Ray Timeless Classic Albums (5CD) Soul 0889397000363 DOL CD DOLCD0225
2018/11/02 Charles, Ray Timeless Classic Albums Vol. 2 (5CD) Soul 0889397000462 DOL CD DOLCD0325
2018/11/23 Charles, Ray Pure Genius: The Complete Atlantic Recordings (7CD) R&B 0081227973506 WARNER EUROPE CD 0081227973506
2019/02/22 Charles, Ray Great Ray Charles (mono) Soul 081227944537 RHINO LP R1555955
2019/02/22 Charles, Ray Genius of Ray Charles (mono) Soul 081227944490 RHINO LP R1555957
2019/02/22 Charles, Ray The Genius After Hours (mono) Soul 081227944476 RHINO LP R1555959

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