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Chromeo Me And My Man (12") Electronica 5033197266701 V2 FRANCE 12"EP 5033197266701
Chromeo She's in Control (2LP) Electronica 5033197263113 V2 FRANCE 12"EP 5033197263113
2016/04/18 Chromeo Business Casual Alternative 060270124820 LAST GANG CD LGE01248
2016/04/18 Chromeo Business Casual (2CD) Alternative 060270126824 LAST GANG CD LGE01268
2016/04/18 Chromeo White Women Alternative 060270152526 LAST GANG CD LGE05252
2016/04/18 Chromeo She's in Control Alternative 060270080829 LAST GANG CD LGE08082
2018/06/15 Chromeo Head Over Heals Electronic 634164998431 LAST GANG CD LGECD01895
2018/08/24 Chromeo Head Over Heals (2LP/deluxe) Electronic 075678657771 BIG BEAT LP 075678657771
2018/09/28 Chromeo Head Over Heels (yellow vinyl) Electronic 634164998417 LAST GANG LP LGELP01895
2020/03/27 Chromeo She's In Control Electronic 634164964511 LAST GANG LP LGELP49645
2020/10/24 Chromeo 2020RSD3 - Needy Girl Electronic 634164965129 LAST GANG LP LGELP49651
2022/06/03 Chromeo Date Night: Chromeo Live! (3LP-blue oceania) Electronic 634164969417 LAST GANG LP LGELP49694

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