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2019/08/23 Crobot Motherbrain (dark purple) Rock/Pop 819873019725 MASCOT LP 819873019725
2019/08/23 Crobot Motherbrain (pink/purple/marble) Rock/Pop 819873019732 MASCOT LP 819873019732
2019/08/23 Crobot Motherbrain Rock/Pop 819873019756 MASCOT CD 819873019756
2016/09/23 Crobot Welcome to Fat City Rock/Pop 888072387898 WIND UP CD WU38789
2016/09/25 Crobot Welcome to Fat City Rock/Pop 888072388161 WIND UP LP WU38816
2022/06/03 Crobot Feel This (transparent red) Rock/Pop 810020507188 MASCOT LP M76721
2022/06/03 Crobot Feel This Rock/Pop 810020507195 MASCOT CD M76722

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