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1999/10/12 Denver, John The Wildlife Concert Country 074644971095 SONY WONDER DVD LVD49710
1991/11/15 Denver, John Take Me Home, Country Roads And Other Hits Pop/Easy Listening 061921216024 RCA VICTOR CD 21602R
1988/01/04 Denver, John One World Pop/Easy Listening 078635581126 RCA VICTOR CD PCD15811
2007/02/27 Denver, John Essential John Denver (2CD) Country 886970315326 RCA VICTOR CD 88697031532
2009/06/02 Denver, John 16 Biggest Hits (ECO slipcase) Country 886974131625 SONY CD 88697413162
2009/10/13 Denver, John Around The World (5DVD Set) Country 801213028498 EAGLE VISION DVD 302849
2009/10/13 Denver, John Rocky Mountain High: Live In Japan Country 801213705290 EAGLE VISION DVD 370529
2011/11/25 Denver, John Back Home Again Pop/Easy Listening 886976971625 SONY BMG U.S. CD SBMK769716
2011/11/25 Denver, John Rocky Mountain High Pop/Easy Listening 886976972622 SONY BMG U.S. CD SBMK769726
2012/01/17 Denver, John Super Hits Pop/Easy Listening 886977046025 SONY BMG U.S. CD SBMK770460
2012/07/10 Denver, John Original Album Classics (5CD) Rock/Pop 886919685220 SONY CD 88691968522
2012/04/30 Denver, John Farewell Andromeda Country 886972405124 SONY BMG U.S. CD 886972405124
2012/04/30 Denver, John Poems, Prayers & Promises Country 886976972127 SONY BMG U.S. CD 886976972127
2012/05/01 Denver, John Windsong Pop/Easy Listening 755174462320 SONY BMG U.S. CD 755174462320
2013/05/28 Denver, John The Real John Denver - Ultimate Collection (3CD) Country 0888837154826 SONY EUROPE CD 88883715482
2014/06/24 Denver, John From L.A. To Denver (2CD) Skip Weshner radio sessions 1970-71 Rock/Pop 5060174956645 TROUBADOUR CD 5060174956645
2014/11/04 Denver, John The John Denver Collection All Of My Memories (4CD) Rock/Pop 888837219327 SONY CD 88883721932
1995/10/20 Denver, John Back Home Again Pop/Easy Listening 078635519327 RCA VICTOR CD 51932R
2016/06/24 Denver, John Poems, Prayers & Promises (180g RCA orange vinyl) Folk 855657004419 NIGHT FEVER MUSIC LP 855657004419
2016/06/24 Denver, John Rocky Mountain High (180g blue vinyl) Folk 855657004518 NIGHT FEVER MUSIC LP 855657004518
2016/06/24 Denver, John Back Home Again (180g gold vinyl) Folk 855657004617 NIGHT FEVER MUSIC LP 855657004617
2011/12/06 Denver, John Best of Live Rock/Pop 886978821027 SONY BMG U.S. CD SBMK7882102
2016/09/19 Denver, John Very Best of Pop/Easy Listening 888751497825 PLAYLIST CD 88875149782
1997/07/29 Denver, John The Best Of John Denver Live Rock/Pop 886978820822 SONY BMG U.S. CD SBMK7882082
2015/05/12 Denver, John Greatest Hits Rock/Pop 888751057623 SONY BMG U.S. CD SSP14659402
2000/09/12 Denver, John VH1 Behind the Music: The John Denver Collection Rock/Pop 886976972820 SONY BMG U.S. CD SBMK7697282
2020/02/21 Denver, John Gold (3CD) Pop/Easy Listening 0654378066221 CRIMSON CD CRIMCD662
2020/08/28 Denver, John Country Roads Live In England 1986 Country 602507382841 EAGLE ROCK DVD EV738284
2018/10/12 Denver, John Leaving on a Jet Plane Rock/Pop 888072066861 VARESE CD VSD00013
2017/12/01 Denver, John The Windstar Greatest Hits Country 881034189608 WINDSTAR LP WIN0005V
2021/08/13 Denver, John Poems, Prayers & Promises Country 194398884011 LEGACY LP 19439888401
2022/03/11 Denver, John Live At Cedar Rapids (2CD) Folk 0805772642423 RETROWORLD CD FLOATD6424
2022/09/16 Denver, John Rocky Mountain High (50th anniversary edition-transparent blue) Folk 617308030068 WINDSTAR LP WIN019LPC1
2002/04/23 Denver, John Harbor Lights Concert (2CD) Folk 078636511320 RCA VICTOR CD 07863651132
1998/07/01 Denver, John The Rocky Mountain Collection Pop/Easy Listening 078636683720 RCA VICTOR CD 07863668372
2001/04/03 Denver, John An Evening With John Denver Rock/Pop 078636935324 RCA VICTOR CD 07863693532
2004/10/05 Denver, John Definitive All-Time Greatest Hits Country 828766076424 RCA VICTOR CD 82876607642
2004/10/19 Denver, John Annie's Song Rock/Pop 828766519228 BMG EUROPE CDS 82876651922
2005/09/20 Denver, John Rocky Mountain Christmas (30th Anniversary Edition) Christmas 828766863420 LEGACY CD 82876686342
2005/06/07 Denver, John Back Home Again Country 828766896428 RCA VICTOR CD 8287668964
2005/06/07 Denver, John John Denver's Greatest Hits Country 828766937626 RCA VICTOR CD 8287669376
2006/09/12 Denver, John 16 Biggest Hits Pop/Easy Listening 828768780527 RCA VICTOR CD 82876878052
2006/09/19 Denver, John Collections Country 828768847725 RCA VICTOR CD 82876884772
2019/11/08 Denver, John and The Muppets A Christmas Together Christmas 669910667859 WINDSTAR CD WIN001
2020/12/11 Denver, John and The Muppets A Christmas Together (translucent green) Christmas 638302585613 WINDSTAR LP WIN010LPC1

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