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Street Date  Artist  Descending Title  Genre  Barcode  Label  Format Catalogue 
2018/12/07 Adult Karate Del Mar (clear vinyl) Electronic 612651020513 PLUG RESEARCH LP PLG205
2021/01/08 Audio Karate Space Camp (crystal clear vinyl) Punk 889466175619 KUNG FU LP KNGF1756
2022/11/25 Karate Time Expired (5LP-cacophony splatter) Alternative 825764115230 NUMERO LP NUM2152LPC2
2023/01/20 Karate Karate (wintergreen coloured) Alternative 825764190374 NUMERO LP NUM903LPC3
2023/01/27 Karate The Bed Is In The Ocean (lego tri-coloured vinyl) Alternative 825764190527 NUMERO LP NUM905LPC1
2023/05/05 Karate Unsolved Alternative 825764190688 NUMERO CASS NUM906
2023/05/05 Karate Unsolved (2LP-black vinyl) Alternative 825764190619 NUMERO LP NUM906
2023/05/05 Karate Unsolved (2LP-cornetto coloured) Alternative 825764190657 NUMERO LP NUM906LPC3
2023/09/15 Karate Complete Studio Recordings (8CD) Alternative 825764121521 NUMERO CD NUM215
2023/05/19 Karate Unsolved (2LP-angel's halo coloured) Alternative 825764190633 NUMERO LP NUM906LP2
2024/01/26 Karate Some Boots (black vinyl) Alternative 825764190718 NUMERO LP NUM907
2024/01/26 Karate Some Boots (transparent light blue & grey vinyl) Alternative 825764190732 NUMERO LP NUM907LPC2
2024/05/03 Karate Boogaloo Hold Your Horses R&B 674862662623 COLEMINE CD CLMN12058
2024/05/03 Karate Boogaloo Hold Your Horses (black vinyl) R&B 674862662265 COLEMINE LP CLMN12058
2024/05/03 Karate Boogaloo Hold Your Horses (green vinyl) R&B 674862662272 COLEMINE LP CLMN12058LPC1
2019/09/27 Karate Boogaloo KB's Mixtape No. 2 Funk 682670888197 HOPE STREET CD HS036
2019/09/27 Karate Boogaloo KB's Mixtape No. 2 Funk 682670888180 HOPE STREET LP HS036
2006/10/17 Karate High School Arcade Rock Rock/Pop 183248000021 EVO CD EVF0602
2007/09/04 Karate High School League Of Tomorrow Rock/Pop 183348000045 EVO CD EVR0703
2020/12/18 Ponder, Danielle & Karate Boogaloo Look Around b/w Little Bit 686162827305 HOPE STREET 7" HS039

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