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Street Date  Artist  Descending Title  Genre  Barcode  Label  Format Catalogue 
2019/09/13 Lumineers III Alternative 803020195127 DUALTONE CD DUA01951
2012/04/03 Lumineers The Lumineers Rock/Pop 803020160828 DUALTONE CD DUA1608
2012/07/01 Lumineers The Lumineers Alternative 803020160811 DUALTONE LP DUA16081
Lumineers Cleopatra Alternative 803020173828 DUALTONE CD DUA1738
Lumineers Cleopatra Alternative 803020173811 DUALTONE LP DUA1738
2019/09/13 Lumineers III Alternative 803020195110 DUALTONE LP DUA19511
2022/01/14 Lumineers Brightside Rock/Pop 803020224940 DUALTONE CASS DUA2249
2022/01/14 Lumineers Brightside Rock/Pop 803020224926 DUALTONE CD DUA2249
2022/01/14 Lumineers Brightside Rock/Pop 803020224919 DUALTONE LP DUA2249
2022/12/09 Lumineers The Lumineers (2LP-180g/10th anniversary edition) Rock/Pop 803020238213 DUALTONE LP DUA2382
2016/08/04 Lumineers Cleopatra Alternative 0602547693259 DECCA INTERNATIONAL CD 0602547693259
2012/08/27 Lumineers The Lumineers Alternative 0602537125890 DECCA INTERNATIONAL CD 3712589
2017/06/23 Lumineers Cleopatra (2LP deluxe edition/grey vinyl) Alternative 803020174917 DUALTONE LP 803020174917

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