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2021/06/11 Mingus, Charles Mingus At Carnegie Hall (2CD/deluxe) Jazz 603497844326 RHINO CD R2654167
Mingus, Charles Very Best Of Jazz 081227998820 RHINO CD R279988
2022/10/21 Mingus, Charles Minor Intrusions Jazz 630428068926 RENAISSANCE CD REN689
2021/06/18 Mingus, Charles Mingus At Carnegie Hall (3LP/indie exclusive) Jazz 081227890100 RUN OUT GROOVE LP ROGV00134
2015/02/10 Mingus, Charles Live in Europe 1975 (CD+DVD) Jazz 0698458063823 SALVO CD SALVOSVX038
2022/03/04 Mingus, Charles Oh Yeah (180g) Jazz 4260019716149 SPEAKERS CORNER LP SD1377
2019/11/01 Mingus, Charles Mingus At Antibes (2LP-180g) Jazz 4260019715838 SPEAKERS CORNER LP SD23001
2020/11/13 Mingus, Charles At Bremen 1964 And 1974 (4CD) Jazz 016728157025 SUNNYSIDE CD SSC1570
Mingus, Charles Charles Mingus In Paris: Complete America Session (2CD) Jazz 016728306522 SUNNYSIDE CD SSC3065
2018/06/22 Mingus, Charles Portraits Jazz 8056099001918 PORTRAITS CD TRAIT001
2002/11/19 Mingus, Charles Lionel Sessions Jazz 8026575056220 UNIVERSE CD UV056
2016/07/15 Mingus, Charles Mingus Ah Um (clear) Jazz 8032979642082 ERMITAGE LP VNL12208LP
2022/05/20 Mingus, Charles Blues & Roots (clear) Jazz 8032979645106 ERMITAGE LP VNL12510
2015/01/27 Mingus, Charles Tijuana Moods Mingus Ah Um (2LP) Jazz 8712177064427 VINYL PASSION LP VP80717
2018/07/13 Mingus, Charles East Coasting Jazz 634438136996 WAX LOVE LP WLV82102
2011/08/01 Mingus, Charles Blues & Roots (180g) Jazz 8436028698875 WAX TIME LP WT771713
2012/01/15 Mingus, Charles Presents Charles Mingus (180g/HQ Vinyl) Jazz 8436028699926 WAX TIME LP WT771730
2012/02/20 Mingus, Charles Pithecanthropus Erectus (180g/HQ Vinyl) Jazz 8436028699933 WAX TIME LP WT771731
2014/02/25 Mingus, Charles Mingus Revisited (180g/HQ) Jazz 8436542015028 WAX TIME LP WT771909
2014/12/02 Mingus, Charles Tijuana Moods (180g-bonus track) Jazz 8436542017015 WAX TIME LP WT771981
2016/07/01 Mingus, Charles Jazz Composers Workshop (180g-bonus track) Jazz 8436542017305 WAX TIME LP WT771994
2017/06/16 Mingus, Charles Mingus Ah Hum (180g HQ vinyl) Jazz 8436559462129 WAX TIME LP WT772174
2017/05/26 Mingus, Charles Oh Yeah (180g/+bonus track) Jazz 8436559462310 WAX TIME LP WT772184
2017/11/24 Mingus, Charles At the Bohemia (180g-bonus track) Jazz 8436559463447 WAX TIME LP WT772219
2017/12/15 Mingus, Charles Tonight at Noon (180g HQ vinyl/Ltd) Jazz 8436559463690 WAX TIME LP WT772227
2023/04/28 Mingus, Charles Town Hall Concert (clear vinyl) Jazz 8055515234398 DESTINATION MOON LP DMOO049LP
2023/09/29 Mingus, Charles Pre-Bird (Verve Acoustic Sounds Series) Jazz 602455092984 VERVE LP 5509298
2024/03/15 Mingus, Charles Incarnations (180g) Jazz 708857331215 CANDID LP CAN33121
2023/07/21 Mingus, Charles Mingus (remastered) Jazz 708857352128 CANDID CD CCD35212
2023/07/21 Mingus, Charles Mingus (180g-remastered) Jazz 708857352111 CANDID LP CLP35211
2023/08/18 Mingus, Charles Tijuana Moods (clear vinyl) Jazz 8055515234176 DESTINATION MOON LP DMOO038LP
2024/01/05 Mingus, Charles Mingus Takes Manhattan (4LP): The Complete Birdland Dates 1961-1962 Jazz 5051083188432 NEW LAND LP NEWLANDX004
2023/06/23 Mingus, Charles Changes: The Complete 1970's Atlantic Studio Recordings (8LP) Jazz 603497838370 RHINO LP R1695177
2023/06/23 Mingus, Charles Changes: The Complete 1970's Atlantic Studio Recording (7CD) Jazz 603497838363 RHINO CD R2695177
2024/03/15 Mingus, Charles Incarnations Jazz 708857331222 CANDID CD CAN33122
2024/04/19 Mingus, Charles Shadows (clear vinyl) Jazz 8055515235388 DESTINATION MOON LP DMOO059
2024/07/12 Mingus, Charles The Jazz Experiments of Charlie Mingus (180g) Jazz 4050538997613 BMG LP BMT899761
2019/03/01 Mingus, Charles Tijuana Moods (180g) Jazz 4260019714480 SPEAKERS CORNER LP LSP2533
2019/12/13 Mingus, Charles The Rare Albums Collection (4CD) Jazz 0823564031613 ENLIGHTENMENT SERIES CD EN4CD9173
2017/12/15 Mingus, Charles Fables of Faubus Jazz 8719039003341 FACTORY OF SOUNDS CD FOS2205079
2020/04/10 Mingus, Charles John Cassavetes' Shadows Soundtracks 5060672883368 ALTERNATIVE FOX LP FOX036LP
2005/08/23 Mingus, Charles And The Jazz Composers Workshop Jazz 8427328603911 FRESH SOUND CD FSRCD391
2009/02/10 Mingus, Charles Jazz Workshop 1957-1958 (2CD) Jazz 8427328605359 FRESH SOUND CD FSRCD535
2014/04/15 Mingus, Charles Mingus Moves - Jazz Best Collection Jazz 0081227959845 WARNER EUROPE CD 0081227959845
2009/01/20 Mingus, Charles A Night At Café Bohemia/The Pithecanthropus Erectus Session (2CD) Jazz 5013929852921 GIANT STEPS CD GSCR029
2022/02/12 Mingus, Charles The Jazz Experiments Of Charles Mingus Jazz 0689466687491 BETHLEHEM LP 0689466687491
2001/09/18 Mingus, Charles Pithecanthropus Erectus (180g) Jazz 4260019715517 SPEAKERS CORNER LP 1237
2001/10/30 Mingus, Charles The Clown (180g) Jazz 4260019715197 SPEAKERS CORNER LP 1260
2004/03/15 Mingus, Charles Mingus Fingers (2CD) Jazz 4022112219534 MODERN JAZZ ARCHIVES CD 221953
2016/10/14 Mingus, Charles Mingus Ah Um (180g) Jazz 8437012830844 JAZZ IMAGES LP 37013

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