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2017/10/13 Altarage Endinghent Metal 822603188011 SEASON OF MIST LP 82260318801
2017/10/13 Altarage Endinghent Metal 822603188028 SEASON OF MIST CD 82260318802
2019/01/25 Altarage The Approaching Roar Metal 822603189711 SEASON OF MIST LP 82260318971
2019/01/25 Altarage The Approaching Roar Metal 822603189728 SEASON OF MIST CD 82260318972
2021/04/23 Altarage Succumb Metal 822603194029 SEASON OF MIST CD 82260319402
2012/11/20 Attica Rage 88MPH Metal 5055664100011 OFF YER ROCKA CD OYR003
2013/06/18 Average White Band Times Squared (2LP/180g/gatefold/import) Rock/Pop 5055544206475 STORE FOR MUSIC LP SFMVC1219
2013/07/09 Average White Band AWB R&B 5014797139282 DEMON LP DEMREC01
2014/07/15 Average White Band All The Pieces: Complete Studio Recordings 1973-2003 R&B 5014797890954 EDSEL CD AWBOX01
Average White Band Person To Person/Warmer Communications (2CD) R&B 740155203238 EDSEL CD EDSD2032
2012/05/01 Average White Band Standing Room Only R&B 828768716427 SONY BMG U.S. CD 828768716427
Average White Band AWB Dance 081227158828 RHINO CD R271588
Average White Band Classic Cuts (2CD) Rock/Pop 636551417327 SNAPPER CD 138312
2007/11/06 Average White Band The Definitive Groove Collection (2CD) Soul 081227407728 RHINO CD 74077
2008/04/08 Average White Band Cut The Cake & Other Hits R&B 081227579623 FLASHBACK CD FLA75796
2008/04/22 Average White Band Pick Up The Pieces & Other Hits R&B 081227280529 FLASHBACK CD FLA72805
2018/12/21 Average White Band The Greatest Hits (180g-white vinyl) R&B 5014797898103 DEMON LP DEMREC316
2019/06/28 Average White Band Gold (3CD) R&B 654378063329 CRIMSON CD CRIMCD633
Average White Band Pickin' Up The Pieces: Best Of (1974-1980) Soul 081227105426 RHINO CD 71054
Average White Band Person To Person (2CD) Soul 081227127022 RHINO CD 71270
Average White Band Soul Searching Soul 081227127220 RHINO CD 71272
2020/02/07 Average White Band Show Your Hand (180g-clear vinyl) R&B 5014797901322 DEMON LP DEMREC570
2020/03/06 Average White Band Put It Where You Want It (180g-clear vinyl) R&B 5014797901346 DEMON LP DEMREC572
2020/03/06 Average White Band Soul Searching (180g-clear vinyl) R&B 5014797901360 DEMON LP DEMREC574
2020/03/06 Average White Band Person To Person (2LP-180g/clear vinyl) R&B 5014797901377 DEMON LP DEMREC575
2020/05/01 Average White Band Warmer Communications (180g-clear vinyl) R&B 5014797901391 DEMON LP DEMREC577
2020/05/01 Average White Band Feel No Fret (180g-clear vinyl) R&B 5014797901407 DEMON LP DEMREC578
2018/02/02 Average White Band Pick Of The Pieces: The Vinyl Collection (5LP-180g/white vinyl) R&B 5014797896673 DEMON LP AWBOXLP01
2018/01/20 Average White Band Access All Areas (picture disc) R&B 5014797892217 DEMON LP DEMREC82
2015/08/07 Average White Band Access All Areas (CD+DVD) Soul 5014797891999 EDSEL CD AAACDVD018
2016/07/29 Average White Band British Live Performance Series Rock/Pop 809289160425 RAINMAN CD 80928916042
2021/06/25 Average White Band Cover To Cover/Soul To Soul (180g/clear) R&B 5014797905542 DEMON LP DEMREC903
2020/08/21 Average White Band On The Strip: The Sunset Sessions (2LP180g/clear vinyl) R&B 5014797902930 DEMON LP DEMREC716
2020/08/21 Average White Band Cupid's In Fashion (180g-clear vinyl) R&B 5014797903289 DEMON LP DEMREC739
2020/08/21 Average White Band Anthology (5CD) R&B 740155726539 EDSEL CD EDSL0065
2020/09/18 Average White Band Aftershock (180g-clear vinyl) R&B 5014797903296 DEMON LP DEMREC740
2020/09/18 Average White Band Soul Tattoo (180g-clear vinyl) R&B 5014797903302 DEMON LP DEMREC741
2020/09/18 Average White Band Living In Colour (180g-clear vinyl) R&B 5014797903319 DEMON LP DEMREC742
2020/05/01 Average White Band & Ben E. King Benny And Us (180g-clear vinyl) R&B 5014797901384 DEMON LP DEMREC576
2018/10/05 Battlerage Dreams In Darkness Metal 8022167090788 METAL ON METAL CD MLML180782
2013/07/09 Bush, Stan & Barrage Stan Bush & Barrage Rock/Pop 827565058303 ROCK CANDY CD CANDY104CD
2019/05/01 C Average III Alternative 789856127016 K RECORDS LP KLP270LP
2021/07/09 Chora(s)san Time-Court Mirage Blues Alif Mam Lim (2LP) Experimental 0769791977273 BLANK FORMS LP BF012
2015/02/03 Courage Cloak Self Titled Metal n/a ESCAPE PLAN BLUEPRINT LP EPB003
2015/03/24 Courage My Love Becoming Rock/Pop 857854005169 INVOGUE CD 857854005169
2012/02/21 Courage My Love For Now (EP) Alternative/Rock 825646635245 WEA CD 2635245
2013/06/11 Courage My Love Becoming My love Rock/Pop 825646446636 WEA CD 2446636
2017/02/03 Courage My Love Synesthesia (green vinyl) Alternative 190296982194 WARNER MUSIC LP 1982194
2017/02/03 Courage My Love Synesthesia Alternative 825646179107 WARNER MUSIC CD 2179107
2015/12/18 Courage My Love Becoming Alternative 857854005381 INVOGUE LP 857854005381

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