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Little Texas Big Time Country 093624527626 WARNER CD 1245276
2007/05/15 Little Texas Very Best Of - Live and Loud Country 898093001000 MONTAGE CD MMG300100
2007/06/12 Little Texas Missing Years Country 898093001017 MMG CD MMG300101
2015/04/14 Little Texas Young For A Long Time Country 741157218923 CLEOPATRA CD CLPCD2189
2022/08/12 Little Texas First Time For Everything/Big Time/Kick A Little/Little Texas (2CD) Country 5013929800540 MORELLO RECORDS CD QMRLL105D
2023/06/02 Paris Texas Boy Anonymous Hip Hop 196292363555 SELF RELEASE LP 19629236355
2023/05/26 Robertson, Texas Jim Country, Gospel and Cowboy Favourites Country 604988379624 JASMINE CD JASMCD3796
2018/05/25 Sense of Reason/Texas Scratch League Collab ChronILLogical EP Breaks 814867026994 TEXAS SCRATCH LEAGUE 10" TSL014
2015/03/03 Sons Of Texas Baptized In the Rio Rock/Pop 793018360326 RAZOR & TIE CD 79301836032
2017/09/22 Sons Of Texas Forged By Fortitude Metal 888072035256 RAZOR & TIE CD RZR00303
2015/02/17 Texas Texas 25 Rock/Pop 5051083086578 PIAS AMERICA LP 505108308657
2015/02/17 Texas Texas 25 Rock/Pop 5051083086691 PIAS AMERICA CD 505108308669
2012/07/10 Texas Say What You Want Rock/Pop 0600753390917 SPECTRUM CD 5339091
2012/11/06 Texas White On Blonde/Carefull What You Wish (2CD) Rock/Pop 0600753186626 UNIVERSAL CD 5318662
1997/04/22 Texas White On Blonde Rock/Pop 731453431522 MERCURY CD 3145343152
2013/08/06 Texas Ricks Road Rock/Pop 0731451825224 MERCURY CD 5182522
2013/08/06 Texas The Conversation (2CD-full live concert bonus disc) Rock/Pop 5414939403729 AIS CD 5414939403729
2013/08/06 Texas The Conversation Rock/Pop 5414939399329 PIAS CD PIASR350CD
2013/08/06 Texas Greatest Hits Rock/Pop 731454826228 MERCURY CD 5482622
2017/04/21 Texas Jump on Board Rock/Pop 190296971914 BMG CD BGU697191
2017/04/21 Texas Jump on Board Rock/Pop 190296971921 BMG LP BGU697192
2013/05/21 Texas Conversartion Rock/Pop 5414939399411 PIAS HOLLAND LP U350010
2021/05/28 Texas Hi (hardbound book/deluxe) Rock/Pop 4050538666069 BMG CD BGU866606
2021/05/28 Texas Hi (white) Rock/Pop 4050538666076 BMG LP BGU866607
Texas Southside Rock/Pop 042283817128 VERVE CD 8381712
1997/06/01 Texas Mothers Heaven Rock/Pop 042284857826 UNIVERSAL CD 8485782
2023/06/16 Texas The Very Best Of 1989-2023 (2CD) Rock/Pop 5400863119850 PIAS AMERICA CD PIASR5167CD
2023/06/16 Texas The Very Best Of 1989-2023 (2LP-gold vinyl) Rock/Pop 5400863119836 PIAS AMERICA LP PIASR5167LP
2023/04/21 Texas Hippie Coalition The Name Lives On Metal 634164668525 MNRK RECORDS CD MNKCD46685
2023/04/21 Texas Hippie Coalition The Name Lives On (white marble coloured) Metal 634164668617 MNRK RECORDS LP MNKLP46686
2016/04/22 Texas Hippie Coalition Dark Side of Black Rock/Pop 852623004497 CARVED CD 2623004497
2012/08/14 Texas Hippie Coalition Peacemaker Rock/Pop 852623004008 CARVID CD 852623004008
2014/10/07 Texas Hippie Coalition Ride On Rock/Pop 852623004374 CAROLINE CD 2623004374
2019/06/14 Texas Hippie Coalition High In the Saddle Rock/Pop 634164606923 EONE CD 0634164606923
2019/06/14 Texas Hippie Coalition High In The Saddle Metal 0634164607012 EONE LP 0634164607012
2020/11/06 Texas In July Texas In July (ltd gold vinyl) Metal 794558022019 EQUAL VISION LP EVR220
2012/10/09 Texas In July Texas In July Rock/Pop 794558022026 EQUAL VISION CD EVR2202
2014/09/16 Texas In July Bloodwork Metal 794558027625 EQUAL VISION CD 79455802762
2012/05/07 Texas In July One Reality Alternative 794558019224 EQUAL VISION CD EVR1922
Texas Is the Reason Do You Know Who You Are? Alternative 098796005125 REVELATION CD REV51
2015/07/07 Texas Is The Reason Do You Know Who You Are? (2LP-coloured vinyl) Alternative 098796015117 REVELATION LP REV151
2023/07/07 Texas King Capsize (ltd yellow vinyl) Rock/Pop 823675248511 KNOWN ACCOMPLICE LP KALP015
2010/01/19 Texas Ruby Teardrops In My Heart Country 5013929982222 RIGHTEOUS CD PSALM2322
2006/10/03 Texas Sapphires Valley So Steep Country 733792629622 STAG CD STAG010
2017/09/08 Texas Scratch League Louie Needles and the Search for the Secret Snare Drum Breaks n/a TEXAS SCRATCH LEAGUE LP TSL013
2004/03/22 Texas Terri Bomb Your Lips --- My Ass! Alternative/Punk n/a TKO LP TKO127
2004/07/05 Texas Thieves Killer on Craig's List Alternative/Punk 757181010525 DR. STRANGE CD DSR105
Texas Tornados Best Of Texas Tornados Rock/Pop 093624551126 REPRISE CD CDW45511
Texas Tornados s/t Rock/Pop 075992625128 REPRISE CD 1226251
Texas Tornados Los Texas Tornados (Spanish) Rock/Pop 075992647229 REPRISE CD 1226472

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