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Street Date  Artist  Descending Title  Genre  Barcode  Label  Format Catalogue 
2015/05/19 Turnover Peripheral Vision Alternative 811774021821 RUN FOR COVER CD RFC122
2017/09/01 Turnover Good Nature (deluxe 60 page hardbound book/vinyl) Alternative 811774027519 RUN FOR COVER LP RFC161
2019/11/01 Turnover Altogether Alternative 811408033466 RUN FOR COVER CD RFC200
2019/11/01 Turnover Altogether (purple vinyl) Alternative 811408033473 RUN FOR COVER LP RFC200LPC1
2019/11/29 Turnover Good Nature (neon yellow) Alternative 811774027502 RUN FOR COVER LP RFC161LPC1
2019/11/29 Turnover Good Nature Alternative 811774027526 RUN FOR COVER CD RFC161
2021/05/21 Turnover Altogether (yellow cloud) Alternative 811408033497 RUN FOR COVER LP RFC200LPC3
2022/03/18 Turnover Magnolia (white with green splatter) Alternative 811408039161 RUN FOR COVER LP RFC077LPC4
2022/03/18 Turnover Good Nature (evergreen) Alternative 811408039017 RUN FOR COVER LP RFC161LPC6
2022/05/06 Turnover Peripheral Vision (clear orange) Alternative 811408039123 RUN FOR COVER LP RFC122LPC10
2022/11/04 Turnover Myself In The Way Alternative 810097912540 RUN FOR COVER CD RFC251
2022/11/04 Turnover Myself In The Way (cream coloured) Alternative 810097912489 RUN FOR COVER LP RFC251LPC8

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