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2020/05/29 caroline Dark Blue Alternative 191402012514 ROUGH TRADE 12"EP RT0125T
2019/05/01 Caroline Where's My Love Alternative 656605308821 TEMPORARY RESIDENCE CDS TRR088
2019/05/01 Caroline Murmurs Alternative 656605309729 TEMPORARY RESIDENCE CD TRR097CD
2019/05/01 Caroline Sunrise Alternative 656605310121 TEMPORARY RESIDENCE CDS TRR101
2011/01/25 Caroline Verdugo Hills Alternative 656605315614 TEMPORARY RESIDENCE LP TRR1561
2011/01/25 Caroline Verdugo Hills Alternative 656605315621 TEMPORARY RESIDENCE CD TRR1562
2019/05/01 Caroline Verdugo Hills Remixes Alternative 656605316710 TEMPORARY RESIDENCE LP TRR167LP
2021/06/25 Caroline Skydiving Onto the Library Roof Alternative 191402021912 ROUGH TRADE 12"EP RT0219TE
2022/02/25 caroline caroline Alternative 191402015027 ROUGH TRADE CD RT0150CD
2022/02/25 caroline caroline Alternative 191402015010 ROUGH TRADE LP RT0150LP
2019/07/05 Caroline K Don't Believe It's Over Electronic n/a MANNEQUIN 12"EP MNQ130EP
2021/07/17 Caroline K 2021RSD2 - Mirrorball (picture disc) Experimental n/a MANNEQUIN LP MNQ145
2019/05/01 Caroline Says 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong Alternative 616892490647 WESTERN VINYL CD WV160CD
2019/05/01 Caroline Says 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong Alternative 616892490548 WESTERN VINYL LP WV160LP
2019/05/01 Caroline Says No Fool Like An Old Fool Alternative 616892490746 WESTERN VINYL CD WV164CD
2019/05/01 Caroline Says No Fool Like An Old Fool Alternative 616892490845 WESTERN VINYL LP WV164LP
2019/05/01 Caroline Says No Fool Like An Old Fool (coloured vinyl) Alternative 616892561545 WESTERN VINYL LP WV164LPC1
2018/08/03 Carolines feat. Carell Mancuso s/t Rock/Pop 029667020671 ACE 7" LTDEP022
2011/05/03 Crawford, Caroline My Name Is Caroline Soul 667487200622 P&C CD PCD72006
2018/03/23 Davis, Caroline Heart Tonic Jazz 016728150620 SUNNYSIDE CD SYS15062
2019/09/27 Davis, Caroline Anthems Jazz 016728153829 SUNNYSIDE CD SYS15382
2018/04/27 Jones, Caroline Bare Feet Country 698268347014 MAILBOAT CD MBD3470
2019/11/01 Jones, Caroline Chasin' Me Country 698268347045 MAILBOAT CD MBD34704
2020/08/28 Jones, Caroline Chasin' Me Country 698268347052 MAILBOAT LP MBV34705
2009/01/27 Peyton, Caroline Mock Up (4 bonus tracks) Folk 825764300629 ASTERISK CD AST006
2009/01/27 Peyton, Caroline Intuition (7 bonus tracks) Folk 825764300728 ASTERISK CD AST007
2020/07/03 Polachek, Caroline Pang Alternative 195081115573 SELF-RELEASED LP 19508111557
2020/05/15 Polachek, Caroline Pang Alternative 194491558369 SELF-RELEASED CD CPCK369
2014/08/19 Rose, Caroline I will Not Be afraid Country 748252255839 THIRTY TIGERS CD 74825225583
2014/08/19 Rose, Caroline I Will Not Be Afraid Country 748252255730 THIRTY TIGERS LP 74825225573
2018/02/23 Rose, Caroline Loner Alternative 607396522910 NEW WEST LP NW5229
2020/07/24 Shaw, Caroline & Attacca Quartet Orange (2LP) Classical 075597921434 NONESUCH LP 1625263
2021/06/25 Shaw, Caroline & So Percussion Let The Soil Play Its Simple Part Classical 075597915914 NONESUCH LP 1654102
2019/05/24 Spence, Caroline Mint Condition Rock/Pop 888072090910 ROUNDER LP 1166100551
2019/05/17 Spence, Caroline Mint Condition Pop 888072090903 ROUNDER CD 1166100521
2019/08/09 Spence, Caroline Spades & Roses Rock/Pop 888072099067 ROUNDER LP 1166100571
2013/04/20 Tellier, Sebastien and Caroline Polacheck 2013RSD - In the Crew of Tea Time (7") Electronic 3516628223273 RECORD MAKERS 7" REC088EP

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