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Date Artiste Titre Genre Code barre Label Format Catalogue
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2021/04/30 Crumb Ice Melt Alternative 617308004373 CRUMB CASS CR003CASS
2021/04/30 Crumb Ice Melt Alternative 617308004380 CRUMB CD CR003CD
2021/04/30 Crumb Ice Melt (black vinyl) Alternative 617308002966 CRUMB LP CR003LP
2021/04/30 Crumb Ice Melt (opaque purple vinyl) Alternative 617308002973 CRUMB LP CR003LPC1
2021/07/17 Czarface 2021RSD2 - Czar Noir (incl. comic) Hip Hop 706091201516 SILVER AGE LP SIL017
2021/06/25 Dacus, Lucy Home Video Alternative 191401173629 MATADOR CD OLE1736CD
2021/06/25 Dacus, Lucy Home Video Alternative 191401173612 MATADOR LP OLE1736LP
2021/06/25 Dacus, Lucy Home Video (clear) Alternative 191401173698 MATADOR LP OLE1736LPE
2021/07/17 Dinner Party 2021RSD2 - Dinner Party: Dessert Hip Hop 194690394942 SOUNDS OF CRENSHAW LP SOCW601
2021/07/17 EarthGang 2021RSD2 - Strays With Rabies Hip Hop 194690394911 SPILLAGE VILLAGE LP SPLG600
2021/06/11 Elfman, Danny Big Mess Alternative 045778781126 ANTI CD 87811
2021/06/11 Elfman, Danny Big Mess (2LP-coloured vinyl) Alternative 045778781195 ANTI LP 87811
2021/07/17 Fleet Foxes 2021RSD2 - Can I Believe You (gold) Alternative 045778844470 ANTI 7" 88444
2021/03/19 Fleet Foxes Shore Alternative 045778844425 ANTI CD 88444
2021/03/19 Fleet Foxes Shore (2LP) Alternative 045778844418 ANTI LP 88444
2021/07/17 From First To Last 2021RSD2 - Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Bodycount (colour) Rock/Pop 045778783007 EPITAPH LP 87830
2021/07/17 KMD 2021RSD2 - Mr. Hood (2LP-coloured vinyl) Hip Hop 664425273816 GET ON DOWN LP GET52738
2020/10/09 Lattimore, Mary Silver Ladders Ambient 804297837017 GHOSTLY INTERNATIONAL LP GI370
2021/04/23 Lattimore, Mary Silver Ladders (metallic silver) Experimental 804297837079 GHOSTLY INTERNATIONAL LP GI370LPC5
2021/06/04 Phair, Liz Soberish Alternative 5060516096077 CHRYSALIS CD BRC15
2021/06/04 Phair, Liz Soberish (black vinyl) Alternative 5060516096435 CHRYSALIS LP BRV15
2021/06/04 Phair, Liz Soberish (indie exclusive-milky clear vinyl) Alternative 5060516096763 CHRYSALIS LP BRVV15
2021/06/11 Shins Oh, Inverted World (20th anniversary remaster) Alternative 098787141542 SUB POP CASS SP1415
2021/06/11 Shins Oh, Inverted World (20th anniversary remaster) Alternative 098787141528 SUB POP CD SP1415
2021/06/11 Shins Oh, Inverted World (20th anniversary remaster) Alternative 098787141511 SUB POP LP SP1415
2021/06/11 Shins Oh, Inverted World (20th anniversary remaster-LOSER edition) Alternative 098787141504 SUB POP LP SP1415LOSER
2021/06/25 Spellling The Turning Wheel Alternative 843563138816 SACRED BONES CASS SBR243
2021/06/25 Spellling The Turning Wheel Alternative 843563136287 SACRED BONES CD SBR243
2021/06/25 Spellling The Turning Wheel (2LP-black vinyl) Alternative 843563136256 SACRED BONES LP SBR243
2021/06/25 Spellling The Turning Wheel (2LP-hot orange vinyl) Alternative 843563136263 SACRED BONES LP SBR243LPC1
2021/06/18 Sweeney, Matt & Bonnie Prince Billy Superwolves Alternative 781484112143 DRAG CITY CASS DC1121
2021/06/18 Sweeney, Matt & Bonnie Prince Billy Superwolves Alternative 781484112129 DRAG CITY CD DC1121
2021/06/18 Sweeney, Matt & Bonnie Prince Billy Superwolves Alternative 781484112112 DRAG CITY LP DC1121
2021/05/21 Yaeji What We Drew (blue 1 year anniversary) Electronic 191404900512 XL RECORDINGS LP XL1061LP3
2021/05/28 Bachelor Dommin' Sun Alternative 644110042941 POLYVINYL CASS PRC429
2021/05/28 Bachelor Dommin' Sun Alternative 644110042927 POLYVINYL CD PRC429
2021/05/28 Bachelor Dommin' Sun (coloured) Alternative 644110042910 POLYVINYL LP PRC429
2021/04/30 Come Closer Pretty Garbage Alternative 810017646333 PIRATES PRESS LP PPR289
2021/05/07 Khruangbin Dearest Alfred/Father Bird, Mother Bird (remixes) (green label) Alternative 656605155517 DEAD OCEANS 12"EP DOC255
2021/05/21 Little Giant Drug Prismcast (green vinyl) Alternative 6583817113001 SPV LP 1150491
2021/05/28 Maserati Inventions For The New Season (20th anniversary edition) Alternative 656605312026 TEMPORARY RESIDENCE CD TRR120
2021/05/28 Maserati Maserati VII Alternative 656605319629 TEMPORARY RESIDENCE CD TRR196
2021/05/28 Maserati Maserati VII (2LP) Alternative 656605319612 TEMPORARY RESIDENCE LP TRR196
2021/05/28 Maserati Passages Alternative 656605314921 TEMPORARY RESIDENCE CD TRR149
2021/05/28 Maserati Passages Alternative 656605314914 TEMPORARY RESIDENCE LP TRR149
2019/05/01 Maserati Rehumanizer Alternative 656605325729 TEMPORARY RESIDENCE CD TRR257CD
2021/05/28 Maserati Rehumanizer Alternative 656605325712 TEMPORARY RESIDENCE LP TRR257LP
2021/05/14 Pale Lips After Dark Alternative 732068312268 RUM BAR CD RUM098
2021/04/30 Papir Stundum (2LP-coloured vinyl) Alternative 5055300349330 EL PARAISO LP EPR007LPC
2021/05/14 Skinshape Skinshape Alternative 0804076045527 LEWIS CD LEWIS1102
2021/05/14 Skinshape Skinshape Alternative 0804076045510 LEWIS LP LEWIS1102
2021/05/14 Watts Shady Rock & Rollers Alternative 732068312367 RUM BAR CD RUM096
2021/05/21 Absolute Power Absolute Power (clear vinyl) Metal 6583817130039 SPV LP 1150511
2021/05/07 Bonfire Roots (2LP-purple vinyl) Metal 884860380010 AFM LP AFM77411
2021/05/21 Born To Murder The World The Infinite Mirror Of Millennial Narcissism Metal 6583817130022 SPV LP 1150501
2021/05/07 Clarke, Gilby The Gospel Truth Rock/Pop 884860369121 GOLDEN ROBOT CD GOLDRR098
2021/05/28 Clutch Songs Of Much Gravity 1993-2001 (4CD) Alternative 5013929925205 HEAR NO EVIL CD QHNEBOX152
2021/05/28 Djabe & Steve Hackett The Journey Continues (2CD+DVD) Rock/Progressive 5013929479036 ANTENNA CD EANTCD31090
2021/05/21 Frank, Herman Two For A Lie Metal 884860376419 AFM LP AFM7781
2021/05/21 Frank, Herman Two For A Lie (digi) Metal 884860376723 AFM CD AFM7789
2021/05/14 Grave Miasma Abyss Of Wrathful Deities Metal 733102720728 DARK DESCENT CD DDR261
2021/05/14 Grave Miasma Abyss Of Wrathful Deities Metal 733102720711 DARK DESCENT LP DDR261
2021/04/23 Noeta Elm Metal 884388731226 PROPHECY CD PRO312
2021/04/23 Noeta Elm (180g-black vinyl) Metal 884388731219 PROPHECY LP PRO312LP
2021/04/23 Noeta Elm (180g-gold vinyl) Metal 884388731202 PROPHECY LP PRO312LPGR
2021/05/07 Redemption Frozen In The Moment: Live In Atlanta (CD+DVD) Metal 884860357326 AFM CD AFM7862
2021/05/07 Redemption This Mortal Coil Metal 884860357227 AFM CD AFM7852
2021/05/21 Thundermother Heat Wave (2CD deluxe edition) Rock/Pop 884860372824 AFM CD AFM76791
2021/05/21 Thundermother Heat Wave (2LP deluxe edition-mint coloured) Rock/Pop 884860373616 AFM LP AFM76717
2021/05/21 Thundermother Heat Wave (2LP deluxe edition-pink vinyl) Rock/Pop 884860373418 AFM LP AFM767110
2021/05/21 Tramp, Mike Everything Is Alright Rock/Pop 5700907268910 TARGET CD 1186492
2021/05/21 Tramp, Mike Everything Is Alright Rock/Pop 5700907268927 TARGET LP 1186491
2021/05/28 Atlantic Starr Always: The Warner-Reprise Recordings (1987-1991) (3CD) R&B 5013929089808 SOUL MUSIC CD QSMCR5198BX
2021/05/14 Fry, Mark Dreaming With Alice Rock/Pop 659457520823 NOW-AGAIN RESERVE EDITION CD NA5208
2021/05/14 Fry, Mark Dreaming With Alice Rock/Pop 659457520816 NOW-AGAIN RESERVE EDITION LP NA5208
2021/05/28 Gibson, Barry's Local Heroes Some Of Our Shadows Are Missing (3CD): Complete Recordings Rock/Pop 5013929784406 LEMON CD CDLEMT244
2021/05/21 Glitter Band Complete Singles Collection (3CD) Rock/Pop 5013929058002 7T'S CD GLAMT180
2021/05/28 Gramm, Lou Questions And Answers (3CD): The Atlantic Anthology 1987-1989 Rock/Pop 5013929924925 HEAR NO EVIL CD QHNECD149T
2021/05/28 Hardin & York Can't Keep A Good Man Down (6CD): The Anthology Rock/Progressive 5013929188907 GRAPEFRUIT CD CRSEGBOX089
2021/05/28 Patto Give It All Away: The Albums 1970-1973 (4CD) Rock/Pop 5013929476288 ESOTERIC CD ECLEC42762
2021/05/28 Toyah The Blue Meaning (2CD+DVD) Rock/Pop 5013929183131 CHERRY RED CD CDTRED831
2021/05/28 Toyah The Blue Meaning (neon pink) Rock/Pop 5013929183117 CHERRY RED LP BRED831
2021/05/21 Tractor/The Way We Live A Candle For Judith (2LP-50th anniversary edition/green) Rock/Pop 0811702018824 OZIT DANDELION LP OZITDANLP6001
2021/05/21 V/A A Revolution In Sound (4CD): Pop Culture And The Classical Avante-Garde Classical 5013929335738 EL CD ACME357CDX
2021/05/28 V/A Beyond The Pale Horizon (3CD): British Progressive Pop Sounds Of 1972 Rock/Pop 5013929189102 GRAPEFRUIT CD CRSEGBOX091
2012/01/31 Waters, Muddy After The Rain Blues 664425404227 GET ON DOWN CD GET54042
2021/05/14 Waters, Muddy After The Rain Blues 664425404210 GET ON DOWN LP GET54042
2021/05/14 Shepp. Archie/Damu The Fudgemunk/Raw Poetic Ocean Bridges (2LP) Jazz 202020193339 REDEF CONCEPT LP RDF150
2021/04/30 Thatcher, Daniel Waterwheel Jazz 910797186101 SHIFTING PARADIGM CD SP161CD
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2021/05/28 Orgone Connection (white vinyl) R&B 674862655052 3 PALM LP TPR001LPC1
2021/05/21 Bill & The Belles Happy Again Folk 877746003202 DITTY BOOM CD DTTB21
2021/05/21 Frizzell, Lefty Saginaw Michigan/The Sad Side Of Love/Puttin' Out (2CD-16 bonus tracks) Country 5013929899933 MORELLO RECORDS CD MRLL99D
2021/04/23 West, Eli Tapered Point Of Stone Folk 786032638359 TENDER AND MILD CD TAMCD060
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2021/05/28 Hide Interior Terror (bile coloured) Electronic 011586671317 DAIS LP DAIS171LPC2
2021/05/28 Hide Interior Terror (black vinyl) Electronic 011586671324 DAIS LP DAIS171
2021/05/21 KMRU Logue (clear vinyl) Ambient 5065002174024 INJAZERO LP INJA014
 Exclusive >> RAP/HIP HOP >>
2021/05/14 38 Spesh & Flee Lord Loyalty + Trust II Hip Hop 706091201530 AIR VINYL LP AV041LP
2021/05/28 81355 This Time I'll Be Of Use Hip Hop 617308003437 37D03D CD 37D021
2021/05/28 81355 This Time I'll Be Of Use Hip Hop 617308003475 37D03D LP 37D021
2015/02/17 Allbee, Liz / Beins, Burkhard Mensch Mensch Mensch (180g/Ltd) Experimental n/a ALT. VINYL LP AV054
2021/05/14 AZ S.O.S.A. (Save Our Streets AZ) Hip Hop 587432011212 QUIET MONEY LP QM112
2021/05/14 Benny The Butcher The Plugs I Met 2 Hip Hop 195497493197 NEXT CD NXT114
2021/05/14 ElCamino Block Work Hip Hop 706091202124 AIR VINYL CD AV054
2021/05/28 Jones, Jim & Harry Fraud The Fraud Department Hip Hop 194690416385 THE FRAUD DEPARTMENT CD ERE627
2021/05/21 Dakota Days All Rivers Experimental 8030482002201 PONDEROSA LP PDRA14
2021/05/28 Loscil Clara Electronic 796441823123 KRANKY CD KRANK231
2021/05/28 Loscil Clara (2LP) Electronic 796441823116 KRANKY LP KRANK231
2021/05/28 Residents Gingerbread Man Experimental 5013929361713 NEW RALPH LP NRTLP017
2021/05/28 Residents Gingerbread Man (3CD pREServed edition) Experimental 5013929361737 NEW RALPH CD NRT017
2021/05/28 Way, Darryl Destinations 2 Rock/Progressive 5060854809902 SPIRIT OF UNICORN CD SOUM003CD
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2021/06/12 Astatke, Mulatu 2021RSD1 - Mochilla Presents Timeless: Mulatu Astatke (2LP) African/Afrofunk 706091201486 MOCHILLA LP MOLP2107
2021/06/12 High Pulp 2021RSD1 - Mutual Attraction Vol. 2 (green) Funk 824833035769 KINGUNDERGROUND LP KU088
2021/06/12 Renaldo & The Loaf 2021RSD1 - Long Time Coming: Live In Vienna (2LP-coloured) Alternative 860000923330 BLOCGLOBAL LP BGMERR0002
2021/06/12 Round Robin And Brimstone 2021RSD1 - Round Robin And Brimstone Soul 780661009818 LUV 'N' HAIGHT LP LH098
 Exclusive >> Releases for RECORD STORE DAY - July 17 >> 2021RSD2
2021/07/17 April March 2021RSD2 - In Cinerama Alternative 051497236960 UNE VIE LP UV001LP
2021/07/17 Arizona Amp And Alternator 2021RSD2 - Arizona Amp and Alternator (2LP-violet) Alternative 809236120717 FIRE LP FIRELP207
2021/07/17 Armisen, Fred 2021RSD2 - Parade Meeting EP (coloured) Alternative 711574899883 ORG MUSIC LP ORGM2204
2021/07/17 Black Spiders 2021RSD2 - Black Spiders Metal 5055869547758 DARK RIDERS LP DRLP21006
2021/07/17 Boosie Badazz/Mo3 2021RSD2 - Badazz MO3 Hip Hop 194690394997 BADAZZ MUSIC SYNDICATE LP BZZM604
2021/07/17 Bush 2021RSD2 - The Sea Of Memories (2LP-180g/blue & white) Rock/Pop 634164645212 EONE LP EOMLP46452
2021/07/17 Casher, Del 2021RSD2 - Italian Stallion O.S.T. Soundtracks 711574899227 ORG MUSIC LP ORGM2168
2021/07/17 Dream Syndicate 2021RSD2 - Out Of The Grey (deluxe edition) Alternative 809236161215 FIRE LP FIRELP612
2021/07/17 Falco, Tav 2021RSD2 - Club Car Zodiac (coloured) Alternative  711574899975 ORG MUSIC LP ORGM2209
2021/07/17 Jones, Willie 2021RSD2 - Right Now Country 194690399220 THE PENTHOUSE LP TPEN606
2021/07/17 Kling Klang 2021RSD2 - Esthetik Of Destruction Alternative 5055869547659 TENEMENT LP TR1F4LP
2021/07/17 Lillingtons 2021RSD2 - The Backchannel Broadcast (coloured vinyl) Punk 187223064115 RED SCARE LP CCCP641
2021/07/17 Moore, R. Stevie 2021RSD2 - On Earth (2LP-black with pink splatter) Alternative 810017647194 EARTH LIBRARIES LP EL155
2021/07/17 O'Donnell, Johnny feat. Van Dyke Parks 2021RSD2 - Cats/Funny Face (coloured) Rock/Pop 711574899968 ORG MUSIC 7" ORGM2208
2021/07/17 Ortiz, Paul y La Orquesta Son 2021RSD2 - Los Que Son (splatter) Latin 822720782611 NATURE SOUNDS LP NSD826
2021/07/17 Shades Of Culture 2021RSD2 - A Little About Us (2LP) Hip Hop 722056194525 RETURN TO ANALOG LP RTA092
2021/07/17 Smith, TV & Richard Strange 2021RSD2 - 1978 Alternative 5055869547741 MOLECULAR SCREAM LP MS0002LP
2021/07/17 Smoke DZA 2021RSD2 - Rugby Thompson (2LP-smoke coloured) Hip Hop 822720740413 HIGH TIMES LP HTR404RSD
2021/07/17 soundtrack 2021RSD2 - Dead By Daylight (white fog) Soundtracks 722056195324 RETURN TO ANALOG LP RTA096
2021/07/17 Squirrel Nut Zippers 2021RSD2 - Lost Songs Of Doc Spouchon Alternative 195269026684 SOUTHERN BROADCASTING LP 195269026684
2020/09/25 Squirrel Nut Zippers Lost Songs of Doc Spouchon 616948917272 SOUTHERN BROADCASTING CD 195269026684
2021/07/17 St. Paul & The Broken Bones 2021RSD2 - Half The City Live (2LP) Alternative 616948917548 ST. PAUL LP 616948917548
2021/07/17 Stooges 2021RSD2 - Whisky-A-Go-Go (2LP-splatter) Rock/Pop 5060446072318 EASY ACTION LP EARS172
2021/07/17 Styles P 2021RSD2 - Float (2LP-green splatter) Hip Hop 822720740710 HIGH TIMES LP HTR407
2021/02/05 Styles P Float Hip Hop 822720740727 HIGH TIMES CD HTR407
2021/07/17 V/A 2021RSD2 - Mochilla Presents Timeless: Suite For Ma Dukes (2LP) Hip Hop 706091201493 MOCHILLA LP MOLP2108
2021/07/17 Vitamin String Quartet 2021RSD2 - VSQ Performs My Chemical Romance (red vinyl) Instrumental 027297908314 VITAMIN LP VIT9083
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2021/04/23 Jive Turkeys BA/Chickenfoot (opaque brown vinyl) R&B 674862655731 COLEMINE 7" CLMN103C1
 Imports & Distributed Titles >> Releases for RECORD STORE DAY - July 17 >> 2021RSD2
2021/07/17 Canned Heat 2021RSD2 - Living The Blues (2LP-coloured vinyl) Rock/Pop 3700477830922 LMLR LP LLM783092
2021/07/17 Hall, Daryl & John Oates 2021RSD2 - Voices (translucent ultra clear) Rock/Pop 3700477833770 LMLR LP LLM783770
2021/07/17 Kaukonen, Jorma & John Hurlbut 2021RSD2 - The River Flows Vol. 2 Rock/Pop 819514012009 FUR PEACE RANCH LP FPRR1200
2021/07/17 O.A.R. 2021RSD2 - Stories Of A Stranger (2LP-coloured vinyl) Rock/Pop 888072229457 CRAFT LP 888072229457
2021/07/17 Summer, Donna 2021RSD2 - Bad Girls (2LP-coloured vinyl) R&B 3700477831998 LMLR LP LLM783199
2021/07/17 Tesla 2021RSD2 - Mechanical Resonance (translucent blue) Metal 3700477833145 LMLR LP LLM783314
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2021/05/21 Anti Cimex Victims Of A Bomb Raid: 1982-1984 Hardcore 0803341533936 BACK ON BLACK LP BOBV899LP
2021/05/07 Anti-Flag The Bright Lights Of America (2LP-180g/red vinyl) Punk 8719262016064 MUSIC ON VINYL LP MOVLP1502C
2021/05/07 Back-On Flip Sound (2CD) Rock/Pop 0803341541856 JPU CD JPU070
2021/04/30 Beachy Head Beachy Head (coloured vinyl) Alternative 643157449515 GRAVEFACE LP GRAVE168
2021/05/21 Cro-Mags Alpha Omega Hardcore 0803341533912 BACK ON BLACK LP BOBV897LP
2021/05/21 Cro-Mags Near Death Experience Hardcore 0803341533905 BACK ON BLACK LP BOBV896LP
2021/05/21 Fightmilk Contender (coloured vinyl) Alternative 5060853700491 RECKLESS YES RECORDS LP RY087
2021/06/04 One Eye Closed Adam And Eve Rock/Pop 5065004055062 JPU CD JPU073
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2021/05/21 Avantasia The Wicked Symphony (2LP) Metal 0803343175660 BACK ON BLACK LP BOBV555LP
2021/05/28 Crystal Lake Watch Me Burn (orange/yellow) Metal 727361560713 SHARPTONE 7" STN5607
2021/06/11 Death Dealers Files Of Atrocity (red) Metal 0803341519510 BACK ON BLACK LP BOBV815LPLTD
2021/05/21 Di'anno, Paul's Battlezone Children Of Madness (red) Metal 0803343270501 BACK ON BLACK LP BOBV800LPLTD
2021/05/21 Di'anno, Paul's Battlezone Fighting Back (clear) Metal 0803343270518 BACK ON BLACK LP BOBV801LPLTD
2021/05/07 Hall, Todd Michael Sonic Healing Rock/Pop 638647811521 RAT PAK RECORDS CD RPAK603331
2021/05/07 Hall, Todd Michael Sonic Healing Rock/Pop 638647811620 RAT PAK RECORDS LP RPAK603333
2021/05/07 Kari-Band With Friends - Live At Streaming (2CD) Rock/Progressive 0803341541924 JPU CD JPU069
2021/04/30 Odal Welten Mutter Metal 4260393743069 EISENWALD CD EISEN177
2021/05/21 Sacrilege Ambulance Station Squat London 1985/1st And 2nd Demos Metal 0803341519626 BACK ON BLACK CD BOBV820CD
2021/05/21 Sacrilege Turn Back Trilobite Metal 0803341519664 BACK ON BLACK CD BOBV822CD
2021/05/21 Sacrilege Within The Prophecy Metal 0803341519640 BACK ON BLACK CD BOBV821CD
2021/05/14 Toxik World Circus (light green vinyl) Metal 8719262017634 MUSIC ON VINYL LP MOVLP2824C
2021/05/14 Trucker Diablo The Tail End Of The Hurricane Rock/Pop 3341348053394 BAD REPUTATION CD BAD210502
2021/04/30 Ungfell Es Grauet Metal 4260393742949 EISENWALD CD EISEN175
 Imports & Distributed Titles >> REISSUES/CLASSICS/OLDIES/LIVE/COMPS >>
2021/05/21 Blues Brothers Briefcase Full Of Blues Rock/Pop 8718627233054 MUSIC ON CD CD MOCCD14055
2021/05/21 Brood, Herman & His Wild Romance Shpritsz (180g-yellow vinyl) Rock/Pop 8719262019508 MUSIC ON VINYL LP MOVLP090Y
2021/05/14 Earle, Steve El Corazon Rock/Pop 8718627233085 MUSIC ON CD CD MOCCD14058
2021/05/21 Faith, Adam For You Rock/Pop 5056083201440 GREYSCALE CD GYSC195
2021/05/14 FLAMIN' GROOVIES Jumpin' In The Night (180g-translucent green vinyl) Rock/Pop 8719262017610 MUSIC ON VINYL LP MOVLP2822C
2021/05/28 Guy, Buddy Feels Like Rain (180g) Blues 8719262015968 MUSIC ON VINYL LP MOVLP2764
2021/05/14 Guy, Buddy & Junior Wells Last Time Around: Live At Legends (180g) Blues 8719262015975 MUSIC ON VINYL LP MOVLP2765
2021/05/21 Mayall, John & The Bluesbreakers Silver Tones: The Best Of Rock/Pop 8718627233115 MUSIC ON CD CD MOCCD14061
2021/05/07 Memphis Slim 1964 Live Blues 5060331752387 RHYTHM AND BLUES CD RANDB070CD
2021/05/28 Penn, Dan Do Right Man (180g-gold vinyl) Rock/Pop 8719262019324 MUSIC ON VINYL LP MOVLP740C
2021/05/14 Shocking Blue 3rd Album (180g-turqouise vinyl/6 bonus tracks) Rock/Pop 8719262018839 MUSIC ON VINYL LP MOVLP172C
2021/04/30 V/A Alan Lomax's American Patchwork (2LP) Folk n/a MISSISSIPPI LP MRI127
2021/05/07 Witherspoon, Jimmy/Dick Morrissey Quartet Live In London 1966 R&B 5060331752349 RHYTHM AND BLUES CD RANDB066CD
 Imports & Distributed Titles >> COUNTRY/FOLK/GOSPEL/AMERICANA >>
2021/05/07 Collins, Judy White Bird: Anthology Of Favorites Folk 889466225420 CLEOPATRA CD CLE2254
 Imports & Distributed Titles >> INTERNATIONAL/WORLD/REGGAE >>
2021/05/28 Dekker, Desmond & The Specials King Of Kings (180g-orange vinyl) Ska 8719262015043 MUSIC ON VINYL LP MOVLP2722C
2021/05/21 Perry, Lee Scratch Cloak & Dagger (180g) Reggae/Dub 8719262019164 MUSIC ON VINYL LP MOVLP2649
2021/05/21 Staple, Neville Ska Au Go Go Ska 889466230226 CLEOPATRA CD CLE23020
2021/05/21 Staple, Neville Ska Au Go Go (coloured vinyl) Ska 889466230219 CLEOPATRA LP CLE2302
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2021/05/21 soundtrack Daughters Of Darkness (180g-red vinyl+blue vinyl 7-inch) Soundtracks 8719262019317 MUSIC ON VINYL LP MOVATM288C
2021/05/28 soundtrack The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2LP-180g/yellow vinyl) Soundtracks 8719262017962 MUSIC ON VINYL LP MOVATM056Y
2021/05/21 soundtrack The Place Beyond The Pines (180g-translucent green vinyl) Soundtracks 8719262018587 MUSIC ON VINYL LP MOVATM318C
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2021/05/07 Crowley, Aleister Black Magic (digi) Experimental 889466229329 CLEOPATRA CD CLE22930
2021/05/07 Crowley, Aleister Black Magic (purple vinyl) Experimental 889466229312 CLEOPATRA LP CLE2293
2021/05/14 Hooverphonic A New Stereophonic Spectacular (transparent blue vinyl) Alternative/Electro 8719262017788 MUSIC ON VINYL LP MOVLP365C
2021/05/14 Hooverphonic Best Of (2CD) Alternative/Electro 8718627232880 MUSIC ON CD CD MOCCD14025
2021/05/21 Merzbow/Prurient Black Crows Cyborg (black vinyl) Experimental 843563138212 HOSPITAL PRODUCTIONS LP HOS679LP
2021/05/21 Merzbow/Prurient Black Crows Cyborg (coloured vinyl) Experimental 843563138151 HOSPITAL PRODUCTIONS LP HOS679BLULP
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2021/05/07 Megadeth The Official Megadeth Colouring Book Books 9781838147037 ROCK N ROLL COLOURING BOOK 9781838147037
2021/05/14 Reading Material Shindig! 114: Nico cover Magazines n/a SILVERBACK PUBLISHING MAG SD114
2021/05/07 Thin Lizzy The Official Thin Lizzy Colouring Book Books 9781838147020 ROCK N ROLL COLOURING BOOK 9781838147020
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2021/05/14 Degiheugi Abstract Symposium Hip Hop 3516628342028 X-RAY PRODUCTION CD XRPCD210X-RAY
2021/05/14 Degiheugi Abstract Symposium (2LP) Hip Hop 3516628341915 X-RAY PRODUCTION LP XRPVY2102
2021/05/14 Degiheugi Bagatelle Hip Hop 3516628342622 X-RAY PRODUCTION CD XRPCD2105
2021/05/14 Degiheugi Bagatelle (2LP) Hip Hop 3516628342516 X-RAY PRODUCTION LP XRPVY2105
2021/05/14 Degiheugi Dancing Chords & Fireflies Hip Hop 3516628342226 X-RAY PRODUCTION CD XRPCD2103
2021/05/14 Degiheugi Dancing Chords & Fireflies (2LP) Hip Hop 3516628342110 X-RAY PRODUCTION LP XRPVY2103
2021/05/14 Degiheugi Endless Smile Hip Hop 3516628342424 X-RAY PRODUCTION CD XRPCD2104
2021/05/14 Degiheugi Endless Smile (2LP) Hip Hop 3516628342318 X-RAY PRODUCTION LP XRPVY2104
2021/05/14 Degiheugi The Broken Symphony Hip Hop 3516628341823 X-RAY PRODUCTION CD XRPCD2101
2021/05/14 Degiheugi The Broken Symphony (2LP) Hip Hop 3516628341717 X-RAY PRODUCTION LP XRPVY2101LP
2021/05/21 Ac/Dc Under The Covers Rock/Pop 0823564033921 LEFT FIELD MEDIA CD LFMCD659
2021/05/21 Cave, Nick Songs From A Diary (2LP) Alternative 0803343243000 PRIME VINYL LP PV007
2021/05/28 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Transmission Impossible (3CD) Rock/Progressive 0823564033983 EAT TO THE BEAT CD ETTB128
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