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2013/12/17 After The Burial Wolves Within Metal 817424013345 SUMERIAN CD SRI401334
2016/02/19 After The Burial Dig Deep Metal 817424015479 SUMERIAN CD SRI401547
2010/11/23 After The Burial In Dreams Metal 894587001389 SUMERIAN CD SRI700138
2009/09/15 After The Burial Rareform Metal 894587002126 SUMERIAN CD SRI700212
2012/04/24 Burial Street Halo/Kindred Dubstep 4523132117201 BEATINK CD BRC320CD
2022/05/06 Burial A Day On The Town (white vinyl) Punk 8055515232837 RADIATION LP RRS163
2024/02/09 Burial Dreamfear/Boy Sent From Above Electronic 191404140116 XL RECORDINGS 12"EP XL1401T
2007/11/06 Burial Untrue Dubstep 5024545486520 HYPERDUB CD HDB002
2011/04/05 Burial Street Halo EP Dubstep 823566485926 HYPERDUB 12"EP HDB013
2012/03/27 Burial Kindred EP Dubstep 5055300330352 HYPERDUB 12"EP HDB059
2012/12/18 Burial One/Two (Truant/Rough Sleeper) Dubstep 5055300368942 HYPERDUB 12"EP HDB069
2012/12/18 Burial One/Two (Truant/Rough Sleeper) Dubstep 5055300368959 HYPERDUB CD HDB069CD
2013/12/10 Burial Rival Dealer EP Dubstep 5055300373618 HYPERDUB 12"EP HDB080
2013/12/10 Burial Rival Dealer EP Dubstep 5055300373625 HYPERDUB CD HDB080CD
2016/11/30 Burial Young Death/Nightmarket Dubstep 5055300386526 HYPERDUB 12"EP HDB100
2017/05/26 Burial Subtemple/Beachfires Dubstep 5055300386793 HYPERDUB 10" HDB108
2017/09/22 Burial Rodent Dubstep 5055869558495 HYPERDUB 10" HDB113
2019/06/14 Burial Claustro/State Forest (180g) Dubstep 5055869558952 HYPERDUB 12"EP HDB120
2021/05/21 Burial Chemz/Dolphinz Dubstep 5056321637413 HYPERDUB 12"EP HDB134
2023/01/27 Burial Streetlands EP Dubstep 5056321638120 HYPERDUB 12"EP HDB150
2006/06/27 Burial Burial Dubstep 5024545413021 HYPERDUB CD HDBCD001
2019/12/06 Burial Tunes 2011-2019 (2CD) Dubstep 5055869593564 HYPERDUB CD HDBCD048
2022/01/28 Burial Antidawn EP Dubstep 5056321637697 HYPERDUB CD HDBCD050
2016/04/08 Burial Burial (2LP-180g w/download) Dubstep 5024545413014 HYPERDUB LP HDBLP001
2016/04/08 Burial Untrue (2LP w/download) Dubstep 5024545486513 HYPERDUB LP HDBLP002
2022/01/28 Burial Antidawn EP Dubstep 5056321637680 HYPERDUB LP HDBLP050
2014/10/07 Burial A Day On The Town (Ltd) Punk 8435008882938 BANG LP 15874
2020/12/11 Burial & Four Tet & Thom Yorke Her Revolution/His Rope Electronic 191404110614 XL RECORDINGS 12"EP XL1106T
2015/01/20 Burial (Netherlands) Relinguished Souls (Ltd) Metal 8717853800726 VIC RECORDS LP VICLP067
2012/05/22 Burial Hex Book Of Delusions Experimental 823566507529 COLD SPRING CD CSR166CD
2016/12/16 Burial Hex Throne Experimental 641871744848 COLD SPRING CD CSR232CD
2022/03/04 Burial Hex Gauze Experimental 0641871745821 COLD SPRING CD CSR301CD
2023/09/29 Burial Hex In Hiding Experimental 0641871746163 COLD SPRING CD CSR328CD
2008/03/11 Burial Hex Initiations Experimental 828887022225 AURORA BOREALIS CD ABX022
2011/11/08 Burial Hex/Iron Fist Of The Sun Actaeon/Grown Under English Ice (ltd) Industrial 823566506522 COLD SPRING LP CSR153LP
2011/12/09 Burial Hordes War, Revenge and Total Annihilation Metal 4000168051889 PULVERISED CD 4000168051889
2009/04/07 Burial Hordes Devotion To Unholy Creed Metal n/a PULVERISED CD ASH050
2018/07/20 Burial Invocation Abiogenesis Metal 5055300397928 ME SACO UN OJO LP MSUO90LP
2019/10/18 Burial Remains Trinity Of Deception Metal 694026556636 TRANSCENDING OBSCURITY CD 69402655663
2012/03/27 Burial, The Lights and Perfections Metal 803847111225 FACEDOWN CD FCD1122
2021/10/22 Burial/Blackdown/Heatmap Shock Power Of Love EP Electronic 5056321639417 KEYSOUND 12"EP LDN083
Burial/Skin Deep A Day On The Town/More Than Skin Deep Alternative/Punk 5025703108124 STEP ONE CD STEPCD081
2020/09/04 Faceless Burial Speciation Metal 5056321631831 ME SACO UN OJO LP MSUO121LP
2022/11/18 Faceless Burial At The Foothills Of Deliration Metal 5056321634382 ME SACO UN OJO LP MSUO155LP
2020/08/07 Faceless Burial Speciation Metal 767870663604 DARK DESCENT CD DDR252
2023/01/20 Faceless Burial At The Foothills Of Deliration Metal 795154137121 DARK DESCENT CD DDR301CD
2023/01/20 Faceless Burial At The Foothills Of Deliration Metal n/a DARK DESCENT CASS DDR301MC
2018/02/23 Faceless Burial Grotesque Miscreation Metal 827166502021 BLOOD HARVEST CD 82716650202
2018/10/05 Kode9 & Burial FabricLive 100 Electronic 802560020029 FABRIC CD FABRIC200CD
2018/11/02 Kode9 & Burial FabricLive 100 (4LP) Electronic 802560020012 FABRIC LP FABRIC200LP

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