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2018/10/05 A Forest Of Stars A Shadowplay For Yesterdays (2LP yellow vinyl) Metal 884388405004 PROPHECY LP PPCY501
2018/10/05 A Forest Of Stars Beware The Sword You Cannot See (2LP red vinyl) Metal 884388405806 PROPHECY LP PPCY581
2018/09/28 A Forest Of Stars Grave Mounds And Grave Mistakes Metal 884388407527 PROPHECY CD PPCY75WF2
2018/09/28 A Forest Of Stars Grave Mounds And Grave Mistakes (2CD) Metal 884388407534 PROPHECY CD PPCY75LUWF2
2018/09/28 A Forest Of Stars Grave Mounds And Grave Mistakes (180g) Metal 884388407510 PROPHECY LP PPCY75WF1
2016/10/28 Afro Cuban All-Stars A Toda Cuba Le Gusta World 0769233004727 WORLD CIRCUIT CD WOC300472
2016/10/28 Afro Cuban All-Stars A Toda Cuba Le Gusta World 5056032314801 WORLD CIRCUIT LP WOC231480
Afro-Cuban All Stars A Toda Cuba Le... World 075597947625 NONESUCH CD 279476
Afro-Cuban All Stars Distinto, Diferente World 075597950120 NONESUCH CD 279501
2002/08/27 All Stars feat. Venuti, Kessell, Burrell European Concert Jazz 000000000000 UNIQUE JAZZ LP UJ028
2018/04/20 Armstrong, Louis & His All-Stars Hello Dolly (gatefold) Jazz 889397219826 DOL LP DOL982HG
2019/11/29 Armstrong, Louis & His All-Stars 2019RSD2 - Live In 1956 Jazz 711574884919 ORG MUSIC LP 711574884919
2017/12/15 Armstrong, Louis & His All-Stars Jazz Is Back In Grand Rapids (2LP) Jazz 711574827213 ORG MUSIC LP ORGM2097
2014/09/02 Armstrong, Lous & the All Stars Complete Newport 1956 & 1958 (4LP/180g) Jazz 725543764713 MOSAIC LP MOS3007
2010/10/26 Asmara All Stars Eritrea s Got Soul (180g) World 4047179479714 OUT HERE LP OH016LP
Beatnik Filmstars Off White Noize 000000000000 MERGE 7" MRG122
1998/08/11 Beatnik Filmstars Boss Disque Alternative 036172944521 MERGE CD MRG145
Beatnik Filmstars In Hospitalable 036172942527 MERGE CD MRG125
2013/06/11 Bed Of Stars I Fell In Love In The City EP Pop/Easy Listening 039911014028 FROSTBYTE CD FRBEE140
2006/01/30 Belle Stars Sing Of The Time - Belle Stars Live Rock/Pop 5013929930858 CHERRY RED DVD CRDVD108N
2019/09/27 Belle Stars The Belle Stars (180g-transparent red vinyl) Alternative 5014797900097 DEMON LP DEMREC466
2019/09/27 Belle Stars The Belle Stars (3CD+DVD) Alternative 740155724733 EDSEL CD EDSL0047
2017/09/29 Blue Note All-Stars Our Point of View Jazz 602557774917 BLUE NOTE CD B002709202
2018/10/05 Blue Stars Social End Product / I Can Take It Rock/Pop 8435008873097 MUNSTER 7" MR7309
2006/05/02 Brooklyn Allstars He Touched Me Gospel 620638043424 TRUE NORTH CD TND434
2019/02/08 Brother Dan All Stars Lets Catch the Beat Reggae/Dub 8719262008700 MUSIC ON VINYL LP MOVLP2338
2008/09/30 Bullwackies All-Stars Black World Reggae/Dub 827670158127 WACKIE'S CD WACK1040
2017/10/20 Busters All Stars Skinhead Luv-A-Fair Ska 4250933600297 MAD BUTCHER LP BBC007
2010/12/22 Chinese Stars Heaven On Speed Dial (w/download) Alternative n/a ANCHOR BRAIN LP ABRN001
2007/04/10 Chinese Stars Listen To Your Left Brain Alternative 647216608615 SKIN GRAFT CD GR86
2020/09/26 Clinton, George & P-Funk All Stars Make My Funk The P-Funk (180g/color vinyl) Funk 5060672880251 TRADING PLACES LP TDP54025LP
2005/09/20 Clinton, George & P-Funk All Stars How Late Do U Have 2BB4UR Absent?(2CD) Soul 882137001026 C KUNSPYRUHZY CD TCK00102
2010/11/02 Clinton, George & The P-Funk All Stars T.A.P.O.A.F.O.M. Soul 5013929883529 SUPERBIRD CD SBIRD0035CD
2011/08/30 Cobra Starship Night Shades Alternative 075678826313 FUELED BY RAMEN CD 2528046
2022/07/01 Cobra Starship Hot Mess (silver/ltd edition reissue) Alternative/Dance 075678645648 FUELED BY RAMEN LP 1645947
2009/01/27 Cobra Starship Kiss My Sass (purple vinyl) Alternative 075678969126 FUELED BY RAMEN LP FBR517147
Condolini, Conte'S All-Stars Little Band Big Jazz Jazz 8427328616294 FRESH SOUND CD FSRCD1629
2015/07/24 Cowan, Colin & Elastic Stars Eye of Winter (Ltd) Folk n/a KINGFISHER BLUEZ LP KFB6013
D&D All Stars Hot Shit, Hot Shit RMX, instr. Hip Hop n/a D&D 12"EP DD031862
D&D All Stars 1,2 Pass It Remix Hip Hop n/a D&D 12"EP DD52395
2017/03/10 Davis, Miles and The Lighthouse All-Stars At Last! (180g) Jazz 8592735005952 CORNBREAD LP CRNBR16028
2018/09/28 Deep Torkel & His Rock N Roll Stars I Love Dead People (4LP color vinyl+2CD+DVD) Rock/Pop 7320470233368 ERIK AXL SUND LP EAXL31
2008/08/19 Delicious Vinyl All-Stars Rmxxology Hip Hop 610447546926 DELICIOUS VINYL CD DV75469
2018/06/15 Django Festival AllStars Attitude Manouche Jazz 192641050480 INGROOVES CD RMA005
2019/05/01 Doiron, Julie & The Wooden Stars Julie Doiron And The Wooden Stars Alternative 656605205717 JAGJAGUWAR LP JAG057LP
2019/05/10 Doiron, Julie & the Wooden Stars Julie Doiron And The Wooden Stars Alternative 656605205724 JAGJAGUWAR CD JAG057CD
2006/07/04 Easy Star All-Stars Dub Side Of The Moon Live Reggae/Dub 657481200193 EASY STAR DVD ES2001
2007/11/13 Easy Star All-Stars Radiodread (2LP-green/gold vinyl) Reggae/Dub 647481101414 EASY STAR LP ES1014
2016/08/12 Easy Star All-Stars Radiodread (Sp. Ed.) Reggae/Dub 657481105528 MRI CD 65748110552
2006/08/15 Easy Star All-Stars Radiodread Reggae/Dub 657481101421 EASY STAR CD ES1014

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